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Sidewalk Closed & Road Safety Signs to Avoid Accidents in NYC

Sidewalk Closed Signs Brooklyn

Sidewalk closed signs are an important feature of construction sites that encroach on public property. Without such signs, anyone from bikers to dog walkers to parents taking their kids for a walk are put in danger of passing through a construction zone or finding themselves walking along the street. In order to prevent avoidable accidents, buy a customized "Sidewalk Closed" sign from Brooklyn Signs.

Our Sidewalk Signs Comply with the DOB

The New York City Department of Buildings, or the NYC DOB, frequently adjusts its rules and regulations regarding sign usage in areas under construction. By keeping up with these frequent changes, Brooklyn Signs ensures that your construction site complies fully with current codes.

The general purpose of the DOB codes is to keep construction site signs as safe and navigable as possible. Brooklyn Signs provides sidewalk signs for sale to keep navigation of your site simple for passersby. We provide:

  • Range of Sizes – Depending on how far away passersby need to be to see the sign, we create signs that range in size anywhere from visible from across the crosswalk to visible from the end of the block.
  • Sidewalk Sign Graphics – The helpful graphics that can be included on your sidewalk signs may help non-English-speaking pedestrians and pedestrians who cannot read (such as young children) to understand and follow simple directions, such as stopping or walking in a certain direction.
  • Unique Arrow Arrangements – The arrow or arrows on your sidewalk sign can be arranged in a variety of ways for optimal clarity of meaning within your specific location.

While signs that are too small, too complex or visually unclear can lead to traffic holdups, frustrated, honking drivers and-- in the worst case—tragic accidents, effectively designed signs made by the professionals at Brooklyn Signs keep traffic flowing smoothly and without incident.

Why You Should Order Your Sidewalk Signs Today

When you order your sidewall signs from Brooklyn Signs, you are guaranteed a fast turnaround time on DOB-compliant signs made with high-grade, long-lasting materials at competitive prices. Our team of sign designers and manufacturers are happy to confer with you to determine the best style, size, height and content for the sign depending on where it will be located and what it will need to convey.

Call Brooklyn Signs today at (718) 252-7575 and begin the process of making your construction site safe and DOB-approved.