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Table Throws | Custom Logo Printed Table Runners in NYC

Table Throws

When you open a booth or table at some type of trade show, the goal isn’t just to get visitors to your booth. The goal is to create some type of brand recognition, even from those that never actually talk to you. You do that by making sure that you have branded material in plain sight, and one of the easiest ways to do that is with branded table throws from Brooklyn Signs.

What Are Table Throws?

Table throws are prints that cover the entirety of a table, laying on top much like a tablecloth. Table throws cover the legs of the table so that the table looks more like a rectangular booth, and comes in a variety of colors to be more welcoming and noticeable from both near and far.

Business logo printed tablecloths can vary in size, but given the size of most tables they tend to be quite large. That allows you to print your logo or information on these throws and get your business noticed by those walking by. Table throws also come in different styles, including:

  • Table Skirts
  • Table Runners
  • Custom Table Covers

Our branded table throws are also of the highest quality, so that you can display that level of professionalism that everything related to your business needs to display.

Using a Visual Image to Get Your Table Noticed

No trade show is complete without some type of display, but when you have a booth you’re often dealing with limited space. Using that space as wisely as possible is the key to making sure your booth gets noticed, and your brand gets out there.

Table throws use a simple piece of marketing real estate – a table – to display your brand in bright colors and noticeable flair. Rather than allowing your booth to look dull and uninviting, a table runner from Brooklyn Signs is the best way to make sure that your business appears approachable and attractive to anyone that comes by. Table throws are also useful for:

So even if you are not currently in any type of trade show, a table throw can be a great tool for your business.

Table Throws From Brooklyn Signs

There are simply no better affordable options for branding your business at a trade show or event than with a branded table throw from Brooklyn Signs. If you’re interested in learning more about our table throws and why they are the best option for you, contact us today at (718) 252-7575, and let one of our designers explain how our table throws are truly special.