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FDNY Building Fire Safety Signs in NYC

Fire Safety Signs

In New York City, every building must be equipped with fire emergency signs to help occupants find the nearest exits in the event of a fire. While every property owner hopes that this sign is never necessary, the law still requires you have them clearly installed so that anyone in your building knows exactly what to do should something go wrong.

If any emergency should ever occur where people need to evacuate your building as soon as possible, eye-catching, conveniently-placed exit signs may end up saving lives.

Fire Safety Signs in Brooklyn

Since 1989, Brooklyn Signs has been creating and installing building signs all over NYC. While we create signs of all shapes and sizes, the safety signs we make are perhaps the most important. That's why we offer so many types to choose from and are always available to hear our customers' unique needs.

If you don't currently have emergency signs in your Brooklyn building, give us a call today and we'll begin the process of creating the type you need right away.

Types of Emergency Signs for Different Needs

Being a sign maker in NY means we have all kinds of different customers with all kinds of different needs. This holds true for their emergency signs. Just some of the options available to our Brooklyn customers include:

  • Automatic Sprinkler Signs
  • No Sprinkler Building Sign
  • Automatic Sprinkler Shut Off Sign
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Signs
  • Sandpipe Hose Sign
  • Standpipe Fire Dept. Sign
  • Fire Extinguisher Sign

No matter what kind of building you have and the types of emergency signage it needs, we're the sign company in NYC for you. We work with those not only in Brooklyn, but also in Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, and the rest of NY and parts of New Jersey, and we continue to offer some of the best fire safety signs available today.

Our Safety Signs Are FDNY Approved

Aside from their ability to save lives, the emergency signs we create are approved by FDNY building codes, so you never need to worry about the legal ramifications of improperly marking your building. We also offer fire sign installation services. This allows us to make sure that your home is fully equipped with the fire safety signs it needs to remain safe and operational.

At Brooklyn Signs, we also craft these signs to ensure they're going to last. We know how important it is for the safety of you and everyone in your property to have working signs that clearly indicate exits and emergency information, and so we build signs with high quality materials to keep your property safe. We can use aluminum or acrylic to meet your budgetary requirements, and we can provide you with feedback if you need some guidance about the best sign for your needs.

Custom Safety Signs in Brooklyn Are Just a Phone Call Away

Whether you want sprinkler signs, glow-in-the-dark signs, or some other version necessary to keep the occupants of your building safe, Brooklyn Signs is here to help. For nearly 30 years, we've been the sign maker in NYC that customers go to when they need high-quality options at an affordable price. Also, If you need these building management signs in a hurry, we can offer extremely fast turnaround times.

Give Brooklyn Signs a call at 718.252.7575 today and let us show you why we're the leading sign company in NYC .