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Commercial Rollup Awnings for Restaurants and Shops in Brooklyn

Retractable Awnings and Canopies for Storefront in Brooklyn

If you are looking to add visual flair to an otherwise nondescript store front or apartment building, an awning or canopy may be just the addition you have been searching for. These highly visible and customizable sign types can change the face of a building, while a professionally designed and executed awning or canopy such as those manufactured by Brooklyn Signs are guaranteed to change it for the better.

Why Our NY Customers Choose Canopies, Awnings and Vestibules?

The canopies and awnings our company offers are designed and constructed with our customer's desire for long-lasting, visually appealing signage in mind. We strive to accurately reflect your brand identity and to successfully catch the attention of your target market using creative lettering, patterns, colors and styles. Our customers choose our awning and canopy options because they are:

  • Retractable – Our retractable awnings can be extended during store hours and pulled closed at night, visually teaching your customers the store’s hours and helping them to time their visits accordingly. Every second business is going to get retractable awnings in NYC, as they‘re visually appealing addition to a storefront.
  • Visible at Night – Our backlit canopy option provides your establishment with the night-time visibility it needs to compete with other brightly lit New York establishments.
  • Shelter – Both canopies and awnings make it possible for your building to temporarily shield customers and potential customers from the elements, giving them a pleasant experience with your business even before they have stepped inside.
  • Weather Resistant – Our awnings and canopies are constructed from durable materials chosen for their ability to resist wear and tear from every type of weather—from bright sunlight to wind to rain to snow and hail.
  • Customizable Appearance – Customers work with our design team to decide upon the style, color and pattern they wish to use to visually convey their business’ identity.

We work with world-renowned companies to create our awning and canopy materials, including the widely recognized company Sunbrella.

Call Brooklyn Signs Today for Your Commercial Awning or Canopy

Choosing a sign style for your building is a challenging choice that poses many questions for our customers. At Brooklyn Signs, we are happy to provide quick estimates and sound advice based on over a decade of sign manufacturing experience in our efforts to help you create the new "face" of your business. Contact us at (718) 252-7575 to talk to us about optimizing your store front today.