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Sign Repair Services | Parking Lot Lights Maintenance Company NY

Sign Repair Services Brooklyn
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Even the highest quality sign can become damaged. Every day, signs are exposed to bad weather, electrical surges, grime, moisture, and much more. These elements can cause damage to your sign over time, and in some cases you may find that you are in need of sign repair. If you need a sign fixed or restored in New York City and much of NY and NJ, contact Brooklyn Signs Company today.

Our Sign Repair Services in Brooklyn 

Brooklyn Signs is an industry leader in sign repair company. With over 30 years of sign expertise, we are intimately familiar with signs of all styles, materials, and technologies, and we have both the tools and technology necessary to get your sign looking its absolute best.

If you have a problem with any type of sign, call us today to find out about our sign repair options. We work with many common signs and other hard to reach lighting, including:

We have a trucks that can reach as much as 70 feet in height, which allows us to handle some of the largest and most difficult signs available, or you can take your broken sign into our store and we'll see what we can do.

Our Sign Restoration Services

In addition to our sign repair services, we also offer sign restoration. If you have a classic sign that you need restored to its original beauty, Brooklyn Signs will take special care to make sure that it is handled carefully and given the attention that it deserves.

Additional Sign Services

Brooklyn Signs also handles sign violations by the NYC DOB, and can provide sign maintenance when needed. Our team works closely with fully licensed NYC sign hangers as well, so if you need a sign connected to a hard to reach place, we can make sure that your sign is placed on your property correctly.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today

Sign repair and maintenance is our specialty. Brooklyn Signs is able to travel to many areas in New York City, as well as many of the surrounding cities in New York and New Jersey. Our prices are affordable, and in some cases we can repair your sign in as little as one or two days.

If you would like to find out more about our sign repair services, call us today at 718.252.7575