3 Best Options for Weather Safe Metal Sign Materials


Metal signs are easily some of the most popular sign materials available today. They are durable, great for printing color, and make for high quality, long-lasting displays.

But depending on what you’re using the sign for, you may need to be careful about which metal you choose. Not every type of metal is suited for outdoor signs.

Some are easily prone to damage or may lead to wear and tear that affects the look of your sign over time.

What Makes a Metal Safe Weather Sign?

The most important feature of weather-safe metal signs is that it is resistant to rain damage. It rains and snows a great deal on the East Coast, and if a sign can’t withstand that witness it shouldn’t be outdoors. You should also try to locate a sign that is resistant to warping, and – if possible – a sign that will not overheat during the warmer New York summers.

Types of Weatherproof Metal Signs

With that in mind, the best options are the following:

  • Aluminum Signs
  • Stainless Steel Signs
  • Brass Signs

Aluminum signs are ideal. These signs are lightweight and cost-efficient. All signs have the potential to erode over time, but aluminum signs are highly resistant to damage from most major weather conditions, won’t rust, and can generally be easily cleaned.

Stainless steel signs are also an excellent choice. Known for their durability, stainless steel may be a bit more expensive than other types of signs, but has the ability to resist a great deal of damage from most weather conditions and is very long lasting. It is also resistant to blunt damage, more so than aluminum.

Finally, although a little less versatile than stainless steel and aluminum, brass is often a solid choice for many types of outdoor signs. They are especially useful for smaller designs, as well as door/room information and another labeling.

Other Sign Options

There are other types of metal signs you can consider, including cast iron and bronze (the latter of which can become more weather resistant when coated). There are also non-metal signs that are weather resistant, like several types of wood signs and vinyl banners.

No matter what type of sign you’re looking for, receive your customized and friendly service from Brooklyn Signs. We not only create signs of all shapes and sizes – we are also happy to help you make decisions about which sign option is best for you given your needs. Please contact us today at 718-252-7575 to get started.

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