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Top 3 Types of Real Estate Signs That You Must Own

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Signs play a crucial role in the world of real estate. Whether you’re a private seller or a real estate agent and company, it’s important to make sure that you have custom real estate signs that capture attention, so that anyone driving by or in need of a home is able to quickly see what is available, and remember the company/individual that is marketing it.

Custom Real Estate Sign Options in NYC

With a little bit of creativity, nearly any type of sign can be used in real estate by those hoping to market and showcase properties. But there are certain types of real estate signs that are used most often by those working with properties. These include:

Perhaps the most nationally recognized real estate sign is the For Sale sign – a type of wooden banner sign that is placed in a property’s front yard. These signs are made with an inverted L shaped post, with a banner that hangs from the top post that includes the agent’s name, information, and phone number. Sometimes referred to as a Colonial Post, these yard signs can be customized with full color, added details, and more to make sure that your property gets noticed.

  • Directional Signs

It’s one thing to get a home noticed when someone is driving by the property. It’s another when they are a few blocks away, or nowhere near where your yard sign is visible. When you need to make sure people can find your property, consider a directional sign. These are signs that can be used to advertise open houses, point people in the directions of a home for sale from the street, and much more. Like all of our signs here at Brooklyn Sign, these can be customized for one time use, or generic so that you can reuse them whenever necessary.

  • Advertising Signs

Those two signs above are the most common signs used to market properties. But they are also not nearly the only real estate signs necessary by most agents and companies. At Brooklyn Signs, we create a variety of signs that can be used to advertise your business, so that people can find out more about you and the properties you have available. Examples include bench advertisements, billboard signs, window decals (for your office), and so much more.

Finding the Right Real Estate Sign in New York

There is no right or wrong type of real estate sign, so in theory, every sign could be used to advertise homes, attract buyers, market your firm, and much more. The above list represents some of the most common, but if you’re interested in learning more about the nearly infinite possibilities available, browse our website or contact Brooklyn Sign today at for orders.

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