A Guide – How to Personalize Your Signage with Brooklyn Signs

March 2, 2017

Signs come in all different shapes and sizes. At Brooklyn Signs, we carry hundreds of different types of signs in dozens of different Materials, with sizes that range from the very small (such as a door number) to the very large (such as a Truck Wrap or Banner).

Many of our signs come in common shapes and sizes. But the truth is that signs can all be custom made. Nearly any type of sign in any type of material can be shaped, printed, or altered to be 100% unique to you, helping ensure that your business really stands out in a city where you are surrounded by signs regularly competing for your attention.

What You Can Personalize in Your Sign

    • Shape


Signs do not have to always be square. You can have round signs, octagonal signs, or even signs in a custom shape – like a hamburger. Channel letters can have customized fonts, and neon signs can be shaped to display almost anything you hope to share.

    • Color(s)


Signs themselves can be in all different colors. Aluminum signs can be brushed or painted to appear in any color that suits your fancy. Vinyl signs can have almost any pantone color, as can plastic signs. Most signs can also be detail rich, making it possible to print faces, photos, and other details on signs that make them distinctly yours.

    • Material


Looking for an outdoor sign or an indoor sign? Do you want your sign to be weather resistant or is it only going to be indoors? How long do you want your sign to last? Sign materials can be almost entirely customized to meet your needs, and while there may be some limitations (for example, not all materials are weather safe), you can at least have your choice of materials from which to choose from.

    • Portable/Reusable


Use of the sign matters. That’s why it’s possible to make different signs depending on whether they are planning to be re-used, or if they are only going to be used once. For example, retractable banner stands are a great way to add bright color and style to a trade show, but a heavy metal sign may be more useful if the sign is unlikely to be removed.

Create a Custom Sign in NYC

There are countless opportunities to personalize your signs, and Brooklyn Signs is there to help you every step of the way. If you have a sign that you want created, or want tips on how to personalize it to match your business, vision, or personal branding, contact Brooklyn Signs today at 718-252-7575.

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