HPD Signs

For property managers in NYC, HPD signs are an essential part of building maintenance. The NYC Housing Preservation and Development Program (HPD) has specific standards for building signage that building owners must meet to avoid fines and penalties. At Brooklyn Signs, we can provide the necessary HPD signs quickly and conveniently to keep your building up to code.

Required HPD Signs for Buildings and Apartments

In order to meet NYC building code, the New York City Housing Preservation and Development Program (HPD) requires registered dwellings in the city to display specific signs to meet the program’s requirements. Property owners with a property containing 3 or more residential units or those not residing in the managed property must display the required signs. These signs help tenants and emergency responders in the case of a disaster, as well as satisfy tenant rights requirements.

Brooklyn Signs has worked with many homes and commercial buildings registered as HPD properties and we can produce any of the required DOB signs. With our experience, we can make the process of ordering and installing signage at your property easy and convenient. Give us a call today at (718) 252-7575 to let us know what signs you need.

Different Types of HPD Signs

What Are HPD Signs

Different dwellings can require different NYC Building Department (DOB) signs, so it is important to work with HPD to determine which signs are needed for your building, as well as the requirements for each sign. Brooklyn Signs can also assist in determining your specific needs. The common HPD signs we offer include:
  • Smoke Detector Sign

This sign confirms the presence of a smoke detector in the building and should be placed near the mailboxes.

  • Carbon Monoxide Sign

Property owners place this sign to indicate that there is a carbon monoxide detector on the premises. This sign can be combined with the smoke detector sign

  • Gas Leak Notice Sign

A sign should inform tenants what to do in case of a gas leak in the building. A gas leak sign can be combined with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors signage.

  • Fire Safety Notice

In case of fire, this sign indicates a safe exit plan. It should be in an easy to find location.

  • Disaster Response Sign

For emergencies, a sign should indicate phone numbers and necessary information for tenants to contact.

  • Maximum Occupancy Sign

HPD buildings use a sign to indicate the maximum number of people who can be in the building at any time per fire code.

  • Floor Number Sign

A sign should visibly indicate the floor number on every floor for easy navigation.

  • HPD Building Serial Number Sign

Your HPD registration number must be on display at all times.

  • HPD Boiler Room Sign

This sign directs emergency works to the boiler room. It can be used in combination with the boiler room keys sign

  • Boiler Room Keys Sign

In case of emergency, this sign lets people know who holds the keys to the boiler room and their contact information.

  • Janitor Name Sign

HDP properties are required to have janitor or superintendent contact information readily available.

  • Housing Information Guide Sign

Some properties must display a sign letting tenants know how to review their rights.

  • Tenant Screening Notice Sign

To protect tenant rights, a notice outlines any screening processes and relevant contact information.

  • Interruption of Services Notice

If there will be a planned interruption in services, property managers are required to place a sign in advance.

  • Safe Constructions Bill of Rights

Building managers must post the Safe Construction Bill of Rights in qualifying properties.

  • NYC DOB Subdivision Sign

Properties may be required to display a NYC Department of Buildings subdivision sign to tenants.

In general, each of these signs must meet specific technical requirements, so customization is limited. We offer templates to ensure your signs are in compliance with HPD. We do offer the following options to create the right sign for your building:

HPD signs are commonly made from acrylic, aluminum composite, styrene, or PVC. Certain signs like Fire Safety Notices should be crafted from fireproof material.

  • Sizing

Depending on the sign, dimensions are usually 3” x 12”, 3” x 6”, 8.5” x 11”, and 10” x 11”. In some cases, custom sizing is available.

  • Colors

Signs are available in black, white, silver, and red.

  • Finishes

To match the appearance of your building, signs can be finished either matte or glossy.

These are standard characteristics for HPD signs. However, if your building must meet certain requirements, we can work with you to create the appropriate signage for compliancy with HPD. We’re also familiar with HPD law violations and required building signage in NYC to help us find you the signs you need.

Benefits of HPD Signs

The proper HPD signs are a requirement for many residential buildings in NYC and HPD will perform occasional checks to make sure signs are properly displayed in your property. Property managers missing signs can face fines. HPD signs from Brooklyn Signs make it easy keep your property up to code and offer the following benefits:

Meets HPD Standards

Our available templates meet requirements set for by HPD and NYC building codes and we can work with you on any specific technical requirements for your signs.

Easy to Install

These signs can be easily installed by the property manager or handyman. We can also add tape to the backs of your signs so they can be mounted on the wall without tools. If you do need help with installation, we are available to provide it.

Durable and High-Quality

To keep your signs looking nice and in compliance year over year, we use quality metal or acrylics. This means less effort on your part to ensure your signs are maintained and legible throughout their use.

When it comes to compliancy signs, convenience and quality are key. Brooklyn Signs makes it easy to order whichever building information signs and fire safety signs you need both online and over the phone.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs for HPD Signage


Located in the heart of Brooklyn in NYC, we have worked with many property managers of HPD buildings to provide the necessary signage. We are familiar with the requirements of the DOB and can assist you with your signage needs.

Fast Service

All of our fabrication is done in house by our technicians and on our machinery, allowing us to offer turnaround times in as little as 1 to 3 days.


Because of our efficiency and in house services, we are able to offer all of our signs at lower prices than other local companies.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for HPD Signs

Whatever your sign needs, Brooklyn Signs can work with you to create a sign that matches it and is built to last. We have created every type of HPD sign and worked with customers in NYC for decades. Our experience and commitment to quality is unmatched. In addition to HPD signs, we are able to craft any signage your building might need. Give us a call today to discuss your property, or to start your property management sign order.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

What are HPD Signs?

HDP signs are the signs that are required by the New York City Housing Preservation and Development program. They are required in order for the building to be in compliance with the NYC building code. There are different signs that are required by NYC HPD.

Why do I need HPD signs in my building?

HDP signs are required by the buildings that come under the New York House Preservation and Development program. They need to place these signs in the building that has owners living away from or they have given them out for rent. These signs are helpful in keeping the residence and the visitors same and helping them out in any case of emergency.

Is there any penalty of not having HPD signs?

Yes, HDP signs are required in the buildings and HPD occasionally checks for them in the buildings and if you have not placed them there you are required to pay heavy fines.

How many types of signs come under HPD Signs?

There are many different types of signs that come under HDP signs that include garbage collection sign, boiler room sign, HDP serial number sign, combined gas leakage notice, carbon monoxide notice, HDP smoke detector sign and many more.

What are these signs made from?

These signs are made of different materials that include acrylic, PVC, styrene, aluminum composite, and plastic.

What are the standard sizes?

The standard sizes for these signs are 3”x12'', 3”x6”, 8.5”x11”, and 10”x11”. But you can get them custom sized as you want.

Do you have templates for building signs?

Brooklyn Signs has been working with signs for 3 decades now and we have full knowledge on what type of signs are required where. You can contact us if you need any kind of help.

Do you offer installation services?

Yes, we do. Not only do we offer installation services our team of professional installers can easily install your sign for you where it is required. We also provide removal services too.