HPD Signs Package

Property managers throughout NYC know the importance of signage in meeting local building codes. Displaying the proper signage helps protect tenants and property owners alike by sharing emergency information and building notices. In addition, failing to display the proper signage can result in hefty fees for property owners. Brooklyn Signs makes it easy to order the required signage with our HPD Signs Package.

Buy HPD Signs Package

The NYC Housing Preservation and Development Program (HPD) requires registered buildings to display the appropriate building signs, boiler room signs, and property management signs in compliance with building codes. For convenience, Brooklyn Signs offers an HPD signs standard package that includes the basic set of required signs, all available with a rush delivery.

Brooklyn Signs has been providing signage for residential and commercial buildings in NYC for decades and can work with you to create the signs needed for your property. To order your package of standard HPD signs, call us today at (718) 252-7575.

 HPD Signs Package 2020

Signs We Offer In Our HPD Package

Required by the NYC Housing Preservation and Development Program (HPD), these signs provide important safety and tenant rights information in residential buildings. Properties registered with the HPD must post the correct signage in compliance with NYC building codes, with signs like gas leak notice, smoke detector notice signs, landlord tenant signs, carbon monoxide signs, and more signs required by the DOB.

For new buildings or recently renovated properties, Brooklyn Signs offers a bundle of all required building signs. This package meets NYC law requirements and includes these signs with the following measurements:

  • Combined Notice Signs (8.5” x 11”)
  • Fire Escape Notice Signs ((6” x 6.5″)
  • Housing Information Guide (8.5” x 11”)
  • Superintendent Signs (6” x 2.5”)
  • Registration Number Signs (7” x 2.5”)
  • Key to Heating System Signs (7” x 3”)
  • Garbage Collections Signs (8” x 6”)
  • Inspection Frame (6” x 9”)

The signs in our HPD package can be made from either metal or plastic and can be customized with information for your building.

Additionally, if your property requires further HPD signs, we have templates available for every standard sign. Requirements can differ for each property, so it is essential to contact HPD to determine which signs are needed. At Brooklyn Signs, we are also familiar with the various requirements and can work with you to create a package that best meets your needs.

Benefits of an HPD Signs Package

For maximum convenience, property managers can order all required building signs. If you do have additional needs for property management signs, we are also able to provide hundreds of other types of signs to meet your needs. Ordering HPD signs from Brooklyn Signs offers the following benefits:

Meets HPD Requirements

Our standard package contains the basic signs needed for most buildings to meet the standards set forth by HPD.

Convenient and Fast

Our HPD sign packages can be turned around quickly and installed in a matter of minutes. Once we have the information needed for your signs, turn around time can be as few as 1 to 3 days so that you can have your building ready as soon as possible.

High-Quality and Durable

Whether your signs are crafted from metal or plastic, Brooklyn Signs uses the highest quality materials so your signs will continue to meet HPD standards with limited maintenance.


Why Choose Brooklyn Signs


In the heart of NYC, Brooklyn Signs has served the local community for over 30 years. We know the area and uniquely understand our customer’s needs, and are intimately familiar with HPD requirements as a result.


We have worked with many of the 200,000 homes in the HPD program and have extensive knowledge of HPD legislation. Though we always recommend contacting HPD to confirm sign specific requirements, we are also able to assist in making sure you have the correct signage for your property.


Our services are fast and efficient. By keeping our design and fabrication process entirely in house, we can keep our costs low and pass those savings on to our customers.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for an HPD Signs Package

Brooklyn Signs offers outstanding customer service and convenience to make ordering and installing your signs hassle free. Many companies offer HPD signs, but few can match our prices and quality. Our experience in working with HPD registered properties can give you the confidence that we will provide the necessary signs for your building. Give us a call today for a low cost quote.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Will I get penalized if I don’t install HPD signs in my building?

HPD signs are necessary for the buildings that are registered under HPD. These signs play a huge role in helping the visitors and residents walk through the building and find their destination and are especially helpful in case of any emergency. If you don’t install these signs you will be asked to pay hefty fines for this.

Which Signs are included in the HPD signs bundle?

There are many signs included that are included in the HPD signs bundle. They include Superintendent Signs, Combined Notice Signs, Fire Escape Notice Signs, Key to Heating System Signs, Garbage Collections Signs, Inspection Frame, and many more.

What are the types of building signs other HPD signs?

Buildings not only are required to put up HPD signs there are other signs that are also encouraged to be placed in the building that include fire safety signs, No parking signs, no smoking signs, egress map and many other safety signs.

Do I keep the signs in black color only?

It is not necessary to get your signs in black color. You can also get your signs in white, silver, or red. They come with different types of finishes that include matte as well as glossy.

How Long these signs last?

These signs are made of very durable materials so they can last for many years. But the expected life of these signs is 3 years or more. The life of the signs depends on the environment that they are placed in.

What material do you use to manufacture these signs?

The most common material that is typically used in the manufacture of these signs is aluminum, metal, plastic and many more.

Are they reusable?

These signs are reusable in the case if you want to transport them from one building to another but you still have to check with HPD authority if that is ok. But please contact us if you have any further query regarding these signs.

What are the sizes of these signs?

All of the signs come in different sizes. For example, the standard size for Combined Notice Signs is 8.5” x 11”, for Registration Number Signs is 7” x 2.5”, for Garbage Collections Signs is 8” x 6”, for Inspection Frame is 6” x 9”, and for Housing Information Guide is 8.5” x 11” etc.