No Smoking Signs

As an important fire safety sign, “No Smoking” signs remind building occupants that smoking and vaping is not allowed in communal areas and near hazardous materials. Building owners should install No Smoking signs in key areas to enforce local laws and regulations. Brooklyn Signs fabricates all types of No Smoking Signs, as well as other FDNY fire safety signs.

Custom No Smoking or Vaping Signs

Smoking in communal areas of properties in NYC violates the 2002 Smoke Free Air Act. In locations that might be near gas or other flammable materials, smoking can pose a significant fire risk as well. No Smoking signs keep building occupants from violating local legislation and help prevent accidents. Additional signage like fire exit signs and stair signs can further protect buildings and their owners, as well as comply with FDNY guidelines.

Brooklyn Signs has worked with residential and commercial building managers, property managers, and private homes in NYC and beyond to provide building signs that meet your legal and decorative needs. We offer No Smoking signs, FDNY signs, HPD signs, and more. Give us a call today at (718) 252-7575 to start your order.

Examples of Our No Smoking Signs

About Our No Smoking Signs in NYC

No Smoking signs advise people that smoking is not permitted in certain areas. These signs can be installed both indoors and outdoors, so the design specifications can vary based on how it will be used. For materials, these signs can be made of any of the following:

Indoor signs can be simple decals or printed graphics that can be installed on any clean, flat surface. Outdoor No Smoking signs must be more durable and weather resistant, so a rigid material works best. When printed with UV protected inks, an outdoor sign can last for years with proper maintenance.

In addition, we can also finish signs with a reflective coating for added visibility.

We offer common templates for No Smoking signs, or can provide custom designs and sizes based on your specific requirements or local safety regulations.

  • Fire Exit Signs- These signs indicate that a door is for emergency exits only and an alarm might sound if the door is opened.

  • Fire Evacuation Signs- In case of emergency, fire evacuation signs guide people in the building to a safe exit.

  • Stair Signs- Posted throughout a building and outside of stairwells, stair signs direct people towards secure routes out of the building without needing an elevator.

While many building signs are required by regulatory authorities like HPD and FDNY, installing the right signs can also help protect your building and occupants, as well as yourself, in case of emergency.

Benefits of No Smoking Signs

No smoking signs are a requirement in many buildings. Choosing Brooklyn Signs as the manufacturer of your building signs offers some of the following benefits:

Meets Local Building Ordinances

Our No Smoking and building signs meet the technical specifications set forth by all local regulatory agencies. We can help ensure your building or space is up to code.


For both indoor and outdoor No Smoking signs, we use long-lasting materials and ink. With proper maintenance, your signs will last for many years.


Over the years, we have invested in better technology and created more efficient processes. These tools and techniques have allowed us to cut costs and pass those savings to our customers.

When it comes to building signs, you want to work with a company that makes ordering and installation easy while providing quality products. For nearly 30 years, that company is Brooklyn Signs.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs

Fast Turnaround

If your No Smoking signs and building signs use standard templates, turnaround time can be as short as 1 to 3 business days. Custom signs can require additional time, but can always be completed with a rush order.


We have been manufacturing signs in NYC for close to thirty years. In addition to extensive knowledge of HPD, FDNY, and DOB guidelines, we have also perfected the fabrication process for hundreds of sign types. We can produce whatever sign you need quickly and professionally.

Full Service

Brooklyn Signs can design, fabricate, and install your building signs. We can even work with you on permits if local ordinances require filing.

Any of the signs we offer – or any you’d like us to create – are made from acrylic or aluminum. These materials are affordable and strong, which is important for outdoor signs that will need to contend with NYC weather. As building management signs you’re required by law to have, it’s also important that they don’t break easily because you’ll be expected to replace them right away. If you need us to install your signs for you, that is also a service we provide. We’ll make sure it is clearly visible as municipal codes demand, and held in place so that no one can easily take it without your consent.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for No Smoking Signs

Brooklyn Signs serves property managers in Brooklyn and throughout NYC and Jew Jersey. We are licensed and insured so you can expect top quality products and exceptional customer service. To get a free quote on your sign order, give us a call today.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

What is Your Return Policy?

Your satisfaction is our goal. While we cannot offer returns on most custom products, we will accept any returns when it is our error, and we have created something outside of scope. Any time we have made an error, we will accept a return and discuss the idea of creating a new sign in its place. If you ever receive a broken sign, or you find that a sign isn’t working properly (such as a neon sign), please let us know right away.

What Signs Are Best For Indoors?

All signs last longer when they are inside of your property. Some signs, like neon signs and foam board signs, are almost exclusively meant for indoors. However, metal signs, vinyl signs, aluminum signs, wood signs, and nearly all the signs listed above for outdoor signs also work great as indoor signs depending on your needs.

What Signs Are Best For Outdoors?

There are many different signs that are durable enough for the outdoors. Some of the best materials include wooden signs, aluminum signs, plastic signs, and PVC signs. Banners and vinyl signs can also be great outdoors, but may not be meant to provide you with a permanent sign solution as the weather can cause staining and wrinkles. Many types of lighted signs, such as channel letters and light box signs, are meant for the outdoors.

What Are “Wraps” and How Do They Work?

Wraps are pieces of thin, self-adhesive vinyl. They fit on flat surfaces, such as metal and glass. They can come in black and white or full color, and they pop from whatever surface they are affixed to. We create primarily vehicle wraps and window wraps, branding your property, cars, and trucks and making sure that they provide you with a rolling advertisement that is designed to last.

How Can I Care For My Signs So They Last Longer?

Every sign has its own unique needs. Small metal signs need only be wiped down when it is dusty, and can withstand heavy cleaners. Banners can only be cleaned with gentle soap and water, and can only be rolled up – never folded – or they will have permanent creases and possibly damage the lettering. It is best to ask us after you order your sign, and we’ll gladly give you the information you need to continue to care for your sign.

What Are Sign Rentals?

Creating a custom sign takes time and effort. But not everyone needs a custom sign. Often we’re contacted by those looking for everything from common and unique signs that they can use for a variety of projects – from filming movies to creating a theme at weddings, and more.That’s why we have many different sign rental options available. We have unique bathroom signs, “OPEN” signs, grand opening signs, adult signs (for themed events, plays, and movies) and more. We can’t guarantee that we have every sign in stock, but we do have a huge selection of sign rentals to choose from. Contact us to find out If we have a sign available, and what it would cost to create the sign if we don’t.

Do You Offer Design Services?

Yes. If you have an idea, but need someone to design the sign for you, we can help. We have expert design services with decades of expertise that can create beautiful custom signs that are specific to your needs. We also work with legal and regulatory signs, and can create signs that are easy to read and long lasting.