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With so many people walking through NYC, your storefront sign needs to capture people’s attention. A blade sign is the perfect option. Blade signs can be hung or mounted outside your business to let people know where to find you no matter which direction they’re coming from. With a distinctive look all their own, you can customize these attractive signs to showcase your brand to passing customers.

Your Local Hand Painted Blade Signs Makers and Installers in NYC Area

A custom hanging sign outside a business is a special way to attract visitors. These signs can be quaint and welcoming or bold and eye-catching. With so many options for customizations, they can showcase your brand like few other signs, and they become both a tool to attract business and a way for others to remember your location.

Blade signs are popular with retail stores, restaurants, cafes and coffee shops, bars, and offices. At Brooklyn Signs, we offer a variety of blade signs from hand painted signs to lighted acrylic signs. Our storefront signs can be hung, bracket mounted, swinging, or stationary. We’re happy to work with you to design a sign that showcases your creative ideas. Give us a call at (718) 252-7575 to get started.

Wooden Blade Sign

Types of Blade Signs

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What Are Blade Signs?

Blade signs are a term that takes after the way they look like a blade as they project over a walkway, blade signs are mounted or hung from the side of a building. They are perpendicular to the building’s face, making them visible to traffic in both directions. 

Blade signs have been in use for hundreds of years and are one of the most popular signs to draw pedestrian attention to a storefront. While they are historically flat and rectangular, they can also be made in many different styles. Types of blade signs we offer include:

All of our blade signs are designed with your specific requirements in mind, and can be customized for size, depth, and more.

Benefits of Blade Signs

Our Blade signs offer a range of benefits for businesses, particularly in areas with high foot traffic or in crowded commercial districts. Brooklyn Signs also has more fabrication options, coloring choices, and even shape capabilities than most other sign companies, giving us the potential to create a sign for your business that is unlike those available elsewhere.
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High Visibility

Blade signs protrude perpendicularly from the building, making them visible from multiple angles and to pedestrians walking in either direction. This increases the chances of catching the attention of passersby and drawing them into the business.
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Double Sided Sign

Most blade signs are double-sided, maximizing their visibility and impact. This feature ensures that the business’s message is conveyed to people coming from both directions.

Custom Signage

Blade signs can be designed in various shapes, sizes, and styles, allowing businesses to create a sign that reflects their brand identity and stands out. This customization can include the use of different materials, colors, and lighting options.
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Space Efficient

These signs are ideal for businesses with limited frontage space. They don’t require a large area on the building’s facade, making them a practical choice for narrow streets or crowded urban areas.
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Effective Brand Reinforcement

By consistently displaying the brand’s logo, colors, and style, blade signs reinforce brand recognition and recall among the local population and regular passersby.

Illumination Features

With options for illumination, blade signs remain visible and effective even after dark, attracting potential customers during evening hours.

Custom Signs and Graphics Company!

At Brooklyn Signs, we specialize in creating custom blade signs that capture the essence of your brand while maximizing visibility in the bustling streets of New York City and New Jersey.

Our expert team understands the unique challenges and opportunities of these vibrant areas, and we tailor each sign to stand out in the urban landscape. Whether your business is nestled in a historic neighborhood or in the heart of a busy commercial district, our custom blade signs are designed to draw the attention of pedestrians and enhance your storefront’s presence.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs

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Extensive Options

Brooklyn Signs produces over one hundred different types of signs, so options for customization are endless. We have the materials, machinery, and skills to design almost any sign, and can recommend other sign types if needed.

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In addition to design, we also offer sign installation, sign removal, and sign repair/restoration services. Whether you’re looking to install a new sign or restore an existing one, we can work with you at any point in the process.

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Licensed and Insured

Brooklyn Signs is fully licensed. Having worked in NYC for decades, you can trust us to design and safely install your sign with our insured staff. We can even partner with you to obtain any necessary permits to hang your sign.

Attract More Customers with a Custom Blade Sign

We take pride in our local roots and our commitment to helping businesses in our community thrive.

By choosing us, you’re not just getting a sign; you’re gaining a partner who understands the local market and is dedicated to your success.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

A blade sign is projected on storefronts or surfaces perpendicular to traffic, a great way to attract customers.
Note down your requirements regarding color, material, style, etc. Find a style that fits those requirements best.
Wood, metal, and plastic are available for exterior use.
Yes, professional graphic designers can assist in creating the best sign for your business.
Yes, custom shapes and sizes are available, though the standard size for rectangular signs is 30″ to 50″.
You can screw it onto the storefront wall or install a special pole for hanging.
Use a soft brush with a dishwashing solution and lukewarm water, then dry it with a nonabrasive cloth.
The lifespan depends on material, weather conditions, and care. Properly cared for, they can last for years.
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