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Carved signs provide a simple way to stand out from the competition, with custom designs and colors to fit any of your creative ideas. These wood signs reflect your devotion to detail and will attract current and prospective customers alike. From places of business to houses of worship to village entrances, engraved signs from Brooklyn Signs are certain to make an impression.

Your Local Carved Signs Makers Serving Brooklyn and Surroundings

Whether you need a sign out front to advertise your business location or a directional sign to point clients to the right building, a carved sign will quickly capture attention. Our engraved signs are as diverse as our customers. We can customize any sign to display your name, logo, or other design.

With several materials and many colors to choose from, Brooklyn Signs will be able to create the exact look that you want from your carved signage. We serve the New York City and parts of the New Jersey region and offers the highest quality signs in the area. Give us a call at any time at (718) 252-7575 for more information.

Personalized Carved Sign

Types of Carved Signs

Carved Sign Customization and Options

Carved signs can be customizable. We use a state of the art CNC router for most of our carved signs, which delivers crisp shapes into several different types of material. Currently, we are able to carve and engrave:

Our CNC machine can also cut into some other materials, but it depends on the sensitivity of the material to the strength of the CNC router.

When cut into the wood, the material choices are mostly dependent on the look you are trying to achieve. Wood tends to be one of the more common choices, given its association with carvings. We have access to any Benjamin Moore paint colors, which are used to fill in any wood carvings that we have made.

Our engraved wood signs are an especially common choice because they have a hand painted and hand carved look that is popular with many industries:

For wood signs, especially, we will also use woods that are weather-resistant given that these signs are primarily for outdoor/external use.

We also have HDU available. High-density urethane (HDU) is a synthetically engineered material that can be carved with even more precision than cedar or oak, while still providing that same custom appeal. HDU is even more resistant to rain and sunlight, compared with wooden signs that need to be weather treated from time to time.

Customization options for these signs are almost unlimited, in the sense that the CNC router is able to create thin cuts even in close proximity without necessarily damaging the material – although this may not be ideal for some types of wood and plastic. We have additional customization available, such as gold leaf and sandblasted signs.

Benefits of Carved Signs

Carved signs are a classic form of signage that has roots that extend well into history. These signs were used by small towns all over the United States, carved or engraved almost always into wood to provide the city and stores with an easily visible street sign. Carved signs have been popular for hundreds of years, and even though some of them have modernized they remain popular today.

Today’s carved signs are even better, as the machinery that we use makes it possible to carve on more materials and create finer, more perfect cuts. The benefits of these types of signs include:

Eye Catching

Classic Appearance

These signs can be perfectly given an “older” look, which is used by antique stores, churches, and cities due to the association with being quaint. But even the more modern carved signs have a classic appearance recognized by most people that see it.
long lasting

Long Lasting

These types of signs, in any material, are made for the outdoors. They resist almost all weather and are easy to clean and maintain as needed. They are also durable in a general sense, given their thickness and the materials involved (like HDU).


Using a CNC router, these signs can be cut to very specific shapes without any loss of quality. You can cut to shape logos, create depth, and give each one its own colors and character.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs


Licensed and Insured

We are fully licensed and insured, and we will partner with you to make sure that your sign has all the required permits as well. We carefully follow legislation on the sizes and placements of signs and will make sure you stay within all guidelines.

full service

Full Service

We provide sign design, sign fabrication, sign installation, and sign restoration. We can assist you with any type of carved sign, and we are happy to provide feedback in case other sign types may suit your needs



Our carved signs are highly affordable since the entire process is completed in house. We do not have to pay for outside design services or CNC machining, so we are able to keep our costs down and pass those saving on to our customers.

Craft Your Business Identity with Our Elegant Carved Signs

Located in the heart of New York City, Brooklyn signs knows signs better than anyone else in the area. With our design team and CNC operators working on-site here at our office, we are able to complete the sign fast – within a 4 to 6 week lead time, with rush options available. 

To get the design process started as soon as possible for your carved sign, contact Brooklyn Signs today at (718) 252-7575.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Carved signs are crafted in wood or other materials, providing an antique and distinctive appearance to your business. They can be used outdoors, hanging outside your business, or indoors as decorative or informational signs. Despite their traditional roots, carved signs are still popular and can sport a modern look.
Carved signs set your business apart from others, offering a unique antique aesthetic. They blend well with the environment and can endure for years if maintained properly.
Carved signs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The choice of where to use them is entirely up to you.
Carving involves shaping the material to create designs, while engraving entails cutting designs out of hard material. Engraving is typically done on thinner, lightweight material and on a smaller scale.
With proper care, carved signs can last up to 10 years or more. Signs made of HDU (High-Density Urethane) can last even longer.
Consider the surroundings, material suitability, and appropriate paint that would complement the environment when customizing your sign. We can certainly assist in selecting the design that best fits your needs.
Yes, our team of professional installers provides installation, maintenance, and repair services for our customers. Feel free to contact us for further queries.
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