Channel Letter Signs

Standing out in NYC can be a challenge. With so many signs and lights, it’s important to make sure your business isn’t missed. Channel letters are a perfect way to capture customer’s attention and help them find you, even in the dark of night. These lit signs showcase your company name or product both day and night and are a classic way to label your business, all with your custom lettering.

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All throughout New York City, companies are trying their best to get customer’s attention. The simplest way is to spell out your company name or what you offer in bold lettering. Neon letters, backlit letters, and more – these signs, known as “channel letters,” are custom design plastic, metal, and other letters that are designed to light up and be seen day or night.

All throughout New York City, these signs are seen on rooftops and across storefronts. Each channel letter is hand crafted with your branding and design elements, providing a unique representation for your business. At Brooklyn Signs, we have created custom signage for businesses throughout NYC and beyond and we know what stands out. Call us at (718) 252-7575 to discuss your signage ideas.

Types of Channel Letters

What Are Channel Letters?

Channel letters are one of the most recognizable signs across NYC. Lit using either neon or LEDs, these letters are visible during both day and night, and can be easily read from a distance. This makes them a popular choice for storefronts, restaurants, bars, bodegas, and retailers. Channel letter signs are customizable. Not only is each letter is handcrafted, but the exact designs can be cut in essentially any shape or typeface. The backs and sides are made from 0.40 inch aluminum sheeting which can be shaped into almost any design to create the return for each letter. The aluminum can also be cut to different thicknesses to customize the depth of the letters. For channel letters, we offer depths of:

  • 3″
  • 4″
  • 12″

Once the returns are shaped, lighting is installed internally and translucent acrylic faces are then attached to the front. The acrylic faces can be created in any color. Customizations to the fonts and color make it possible to create channel lettering that promotes your brand. In some cases, it is even possible to turn a logo into a channel letter sign.

To ensure your sign is easily visible and eye catching, we offer a variety of different effects for channel letters. These include:

  • Front-lit Channel Letters – Front-lit channel letters have aluminum returns on the backs and sides with acrylic faces. The acrylic faces are lit with LED lighting or neon signs to showcase the lettering.
  • Open Face Channel Letters – Reminiscent of an old school style, open face letters are made without the acrylic face, so the lighting tube is exposed. Typically, open face channel letters use neon for a classic look.
  • Halo Effect Lighted Letters – These channel letters use aluminum returns on the sides and facings, but have open backs. The light is projected on the wall behind the sign to create a distinctive halo effect.
  • Front and Back-Lit Letters – This effect combines front-lit channel letters with the halo effect. Using aluminum returns and acrylic faces, these channel letters have open backs. The light both illuminates the acrylic faces and reflects on the wall behind the sign.

While channel letters have historically been lit with neon, many businesses now use LED lighting to illuminate their signs. LEDs are energy efficient and long lasting, making for a durable and more cost-effective sign. For those businesses seeking a more retro look, neon is always an option.

When designing a channel letter sign, it is important to consider the size and space available for the sign, as well as the coloring and typeface. Channel letters are often read from a distance and you want to ensure that yours will be easily visible.

Benefits of Custom Lighted Channel Letters

Channel lighted letters are a classic option for storefronts. Many customers rely on these iconic signs to help them locate retailers and restaurants, and businesses find that they are useful for capturing attention from a distance, including at night across the New York City lighted skyline. Making a storefront stand out in the city can be challenging. Channel letters make sure your business is always visible for anyone walking by at all hours of the day in a way that is clear and memorable. Their other benefits include:

Eye Catching Appearance

The light and size of channel lighted signs means they can be seen day or night, rain or shine. When customized with different effects and your brand colors, channel lighted letters make a lasting impression that also help people remember your business.

Long Lasting and Energy Efficient

Especially with modern LED lighting, channel lighted signs can last for years without losing their brightness. These signs use a low voltage power supply, resulting in energy efficiency and lower costs.


Each channel letter is hand crafted, designed according to your exact specifications. They can be large, small, curvy or block lettering, and in almost any type of color (or multiple colors.


Why Choose Brooklyn Signs


We’ve been in the sign business in NYC for almost three decades. We have designed channel letters for Fortune 500 companies and mom/pop stores. We have designed and installed channel letters throughout all 5 boroughs, Long Island, Jersey City, and more.

Full Service

From design to installation to repair, we will work with you to help you with your channel letter designs. We can collaborate to create a sign that showcases your company and reflects your brand. Then we can install the sign at your location whether that be in New York or beyond.


With endless options and technicians in house, we can create almost any design that you can envision for your company. Shapes, colors, and effects are carefully crafted to match your branding.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for Channel Letters

Located in New York City, Brooklyn Signs knows the importance of standing out. In addition to channel letters, we offer hundreds of sign types for your business to thrive. We are here to assist you from the initial design to the final installation. We are licensed and insured so you can be sure of the quality. To get started with the design process, give us a call today.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

What are channel letter signs?

Channel letters signs are illuminated internally and then are handcrafted by using acrylic faces, aluminum sheets and metal coil. We have a wide range of colors available for acrylic faces.The LED that is installed in the letters is bought from famous LED makers like Sylvania Lighting and Sloans Led’s.

Can I use my logo to display on the Channel letter sign?

Yes, these channel letter signs can be customized to any form, be it a graphic, a letter or a number. They are also used to display logos. As they are illuminated signs they can even make your logo more attractive to the public.

What type of channel letters do you offer?

We offer many different types of channel letter signs that include, Halo Effect Lighted Letters, Front-lit Channel Letters, Front and Back-Lit Letters, Open Face Channel Letters and many more.

Do you Offer custom led color options?

Yes, we do offer different types of colours in LED. You can choose from a range of colors and select the color you like the best for your signs.

Do you also make non illuminated channel letter signs?

No, we do not offer non illuminated three dimensions channel letter signs. But we do offer a great variety of illuminated channel signs that can make your brand logo look eye-catching and very attractive.

What are the materials used in channel letter signs?

There are different materials used in channel letter signs that include, aluminum, steel, plastic, acrylic, LED, neon lights, metals, and many more.

How can I get started with my design and layout for the channel letter sign?

You can request a quote and a member of our team will contact you via email or through call and you can explain to them the type of sign that you want. If you’ll have any query with your design we can also get you in contact with our graphic designers who can assist you in this matter.

How can I Install my Channel letter sign?

These signs are very easy to install if you have the right tools. Typically they are mounted on the walls and the wiring for the lights is located behind the signs and connected to an energy source.

Do you offer Installation services?

Yes, we not only offer installation services, we also offer repair and maintenance services too. You can contact us to get these services.

Are neon signs better or LED signs?

Both the lights have their own perks but the main difference is that LED lights consume less energy than neon lights. The power supply for LED illumination is 120vAC that is converted to 12vDC, and the power that is going in each letter is 12v. Neon lights also come in tubes filled with inert gases and are vulnerable to damage whereas LAD are damage free.

What sizes of channel letter signs are available?

Channel letters come in different sizes and can be customized to whatever size you require. But the standard sizes for these signs are 18”, 15”, 21”, and 24” letter height and for the depth 3”, 4” and 12”.