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Channel letter signs are your beacon in NYC’s bustling streets. Serving Brooklyn and all five boroughs, these signs ensure your business stands out day or night. Whether updating or launching, our stylish, effective channel letters light up your business, making it a standout in the city that never sleeps. Light up your name in the skyline!


Illuminate Your Business in NYC with Custom Channel Letter Signs

Light up your NYC business with custom channel letter signs. Perfect for all five boroughs, our signs make your shop shine bright in Brooklyn and beyond. They’re not just signs; they’re beacons drawing customers to your door. Easy to read and hard to miss, our signs are just what you need in the busy New York streets.

We know New York’s neighborhoods, from Brooklyn’s cool corners to the bustling streets across the boroughs. Our signs are built to stand out, day and night. Let’s light up your business with a sign that shows off your style and gets you noticed. It’s simple: good signs make for great business, and we’re here to help with every step.

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Types of Channel Letters

Channel Letter Store Front

What Are Channel Letters?

Channel letter signs are a popular type of exterior signage used by businesses across NYC for storefront and building identification. These signs are three-dimensional, individually crafted letters or graphics, usually made of metal or plastic. Here are some key features of channel letter signs:

  1. Three-Dimensional Design: Each letter is created as a separate, three-dimensional object. This design provides depth and can make the signage more noticeable and attractive.

  2. Materials: Common materials used for channel letters include aluminum for the back and sides (known as the “returns”) and acrylic or polycarbonate for the face. These materials are durable and weather-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor use.

  3. Lighting Options: Channel letters can be illuminated or non-illuminated. Illuminated options include front-lit (where the front of the letters is lit up), backlit or halo-lit (creating a glow around the letters), and combination-lit (a combination of front and back lighting). LED is the most common lighting source due to its energy efficiency and long lifespan.

  4. Customization: These signs are highly customizable in terms of font, color, size, and lighting options, allowing businesses to align the signage with their brand identity.

Customization Options

Once the returns are shaped, lighting is installed internally and translucent acrylic faces are then attached to the front. The acrylic faces can be created in any color. Customizations to the fonts and color make it possible to create channel lettering that promotes your brand. In some cases, it is even possible to turn a logo into a channel letter sign.

To ensure your sign is easily visible and eye catching, we offer a variety of different effects for channel letters. These include:

Front-lit Channel Letters

Front-lit channel letters have aluminum returns on the backs and sides with acrylic faces. The acrylic faces are lit with LED lighting or neon signs to showcase the lettering.

Halo Effect Lighted Letters

These channel letters use aluminum returns on the sides and facings, but have open backs. The light is projected on the wall behind the sign to create a distinctive halo effect.

Open Face Channel Letters

Reminiscent of an old school style, open face letters are made without the acrylic face, so the lighting tube is exposed. Typically, open face channel letters use neon for a classic look.

Front and Back-Lit Letters

This effect combines front-lit channel letters with the halo effect. Using aluminum returns and acrylic faces, these channel letters have open backs. The light both illuminates the acrylic faces and reflects on the wall behind the sign.

While channel letters have historically been lit with neon, many businesses now use LED lighting to illuminate their signs. LEDs are energy efficient and long lasting, making for a durable and more cost-effective sign. For those businesses seeking a more retro look, neon is always an option.

When designing a channel letter sign, it is important to consider the size and space available for the sign, as well as the coloring and typeface. Channel letters are often read from a distance and you want to ensure that yours will be easily visible.

Benefits of Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs boost your brand with high visibility and a polished look. They’re energy-efficient, durable, and customizable, making them a smart, cost-effective choice for any business. Their 3D design adds depth to your storefront, ensuring you stand out in the competitive urban landscape.


High Visibility

Their bold, 3D design ensures your business stands out, making it easily noticeable day and night.


Customization Options

Channel letters can be tailored in font, color, size, and lighting options to fit your brand’s unique style.



Made with high-quality materials, these signs withstand the elements, maintaining their look for years.

pro appearance

Professional Appearance

Channel letter signs give a sleek, upscale look, enhancing your business’s professional image.

energy efficient

Energy Efficiency

Often illuminated with LEDs, they offer bright lighting while being low on energy consumption and costs.


Versatile Applications

They can be mounted on various surfaces and designed to fit different architectural styles, offering flexibility in placement and design.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs



At Brooklyn Signs, we have over 20 years of experience crafting high-quality channel letter signs. Serving the entire NYC area, we specialize in delivering custom, durable designs tailored to each brand's unique identity. Our commitment to excellence ensures every sign stands out with style and substance.

full service

Full Service

From design to installation to repair, we will work with you to help you with your channel letter designs. We can collaborate to create a sign that showcases your company and reflects your brand. Then we can install the sign at your location whether that be in New York or beyond.



With endless options and technicians in house, we can create almost any design that you can envision for your company. Shapes, colors, and effects are carefully crafted to match your branding.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for Channel Letters

Located in New York City, Brooklyn Signs knows the importance of standing out. In addition to channel letters, we offer hundreds of sign types for your business to thrive.

We are here to assist you from the initial design to the final installation. We are licensed and insured so you can be sure of the quality. To get started with the design process, give us a call today.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Channel letters signs are internally illuminated and crafted using acrylic faces, aluminum sheets, and metal coil. They feature a wide range of available colors for acrylic faces. The LEDs used in these letters are sourced from renowned LED manufacturers like Sylvania Lighting and Sloans Led’s.
Yes, channel letter signs can be customized to display any form, including graphics, letters, numbers, and logos. The illuminated nature of these signs can make your logo more attractive to the public.
Various types of channel letter signs are available, including Halo Effect Lighted Letters, Front-lit Channel Letters, Front and Back-Lit Letters, Open Face Channel Letters, and more.
Yes, custom LED colors are offered. Customers can choose from a range of colors for their signs.
No, non-illuminated three-dimensional channel letter signs are not offered. However, a variety of illuminated channel signs are available to make brand logos eye-catching and attractive.
Materials used in channel letter signs include aluminum, steel, plastic, acrylic, LED, neon lights, metals, among others.
To begin the design and layout process for your channel letter sign, you can request a quote. A team member will contact you via email or phone to discuss your sign requirements. Graphic designers are also available to assist with design queries.
Channel letter signs are typically easy to install with the right tools. They are mounted on walls, and the wiring for the lights is situated behind the signs, connected to an energy source.
Yes, installation, repair, and maintenance services are offered. Customers can contact the service provider to avail these services.
Both types have their advantages, but LED lights tend to consume less energy compared to neon lights. LED lights operate at 12vDC, while neon lights come in tubes filled with gases and are more vulnerable to damage.
Channel letters come in different sizes and can be customized to your requirements. Standard sizes include 18”, 15”, 21”, and 24” letter height, with depths of 3”, 4”, and 12”.
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