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Mandatory Contractor Signs in NYC

Mandatory Contractor Signs in NYC

Construction signs are needed on every job. Some are mandated by the city. Others are there for liability, directional, or marketing purposes. Brooklyn Signs creates every type of contractor job site sign that may come up with your project, and can provide rush ordering when needed. For every type of construction sign, turn to Brooklyn Signs.
Construction Sign

Different Types of NYC DOB Related Signs for Contractors

Indoor signs may drive sales. But outdoor signs are what get you noticed. Storefront signs, fence signs, exterior wall signs, and other custom signage are what capture attention from the street and help people find your store or learn more about your products and services.

Whether it’s OSHA safety signs, construction fence signage, traffic signs, or something else, Brooklyn Signs is able to craft it. Contact us today via our online form for a quote, or give us a call at (718) 252-7575 to learn more about our services.

Types of Construction Signs

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About Our Custom and Standard Construction Signs

Contractors, especially those in the construction field, use many types of signs. In many cases, these signs are required during construction by city and state law. Some signs can be customized. Others have to meet very specific standards with limited variation between the sign types. Brooklyn Signs has been crafting construction and contractor signs for decades. We’re intimately familiar with the needs and requirements of the local area, including the laws and regulations, so that we can design for you a sign that matches those requirements. Examples of our construction signs include:
We have Road Closed Signs, Osha Safety Signs, Hard Hat Area Signs, Construction Area Signs, Sidewalk Bridge Signs, What’s Going on Here Signs, and many others. We have optional reflective material, including 3M reflective engineering grade, prismatic, and diamond grade. Depending on the type of sign and the project requirements, we can use materials like .40, .63, and .80 aluminum, as well as wood, vinyl, plastic, and all of our traditional sign materials. We’re also a complete, full service sign company, which means that if you have a sign that is less traditional, we can create it using our advanced sign manufacturing technology. We offer rush orders with hand delivery available upon request, and we can provide installation from our licensed and insured staff.

Where Construction Signs Are Used?

Sidewalk Closed Cross Here Sign

About Us at Brooklyn Signs

Brooklyn Signs is a licensed and insured construction sign fabrication company. We create signs for safety, construction fence signage, and other construction and contractor related purposes. Our signs are used by contractors, architects, demolition teams, scaffolding companies, property owners, and for any buildings under renovation. Our clients choose us because we are able to offer:
fast turnaround
Fast Turnaround

Things move quickly in the construction world, and it’s important to partner with a company that can provide fast turnaround as needed, along with delivery and installation.

top tier

We’re familiar with city rules and ordinances. We have templates for those signs that have specific requirements and can provide 100% custom signage when there are fewer restrictions.


We are able to craft any type of sign in essentially any size, shape, and color. We are able to be your single source for all of your construction signs, so that you do not have to manage multiple 3rd parties as you try to get all the signs you need.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for Construction Signs

Brooklyn Signs is able to offer sign consultations for those contractors that are not clear on their signage requirements, and we can get started right away for any standard sign that a company needs. We make our signs weatherproof and durable when needed, and if you’re looking for a sign to help your business (such as for marketing and advertising), we can help there as well.

After almost 30 years creating construction signs, Brooklyn Signs is the best local choice for the signs that you need. Give us a call today at any time or fill out our form to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resource

Mandatory contractor signs are the signs that are required on the instruction sites by the government so that they can keep both the workers and the pedestrians safe. These signs may include; work in progress signs, demolition signs, sidewalk closed signs, NYC DOB signs, scaffolding signs and job site safety signs, and more.

These signs are basically used by the construction sites and by law to keep the passersby and the laborers safe. These signs contain information about the entranceway, information of the site, the name of the contractor, the work timing, and more.

There are many materials used in these signs that include vinyl, PVC, acrylic, and many more.

The time period of getting these signs made all depends on the type of material design that you require. They usually take 2 to 3 weeks to make, but we do take rush orders too.

Yes, we do repair construction signs and not only just provide the repair services but we also offer installation services and removal services too.

The lifespan of the signs depends on the material that is used to make them. Some of the materials are more prone to damage than others.

Not all construction sites require construction signs but construction sites are required to have proper OSHA signage.

We offer different sizes of signage but the standard sizes that we offer are 18” x 24” (Medium), 11” x 17” (Small), 8.5” x 11” (Letter).

Yes, some of the construction signs need permits as they are installed on the public property as the property is also being constructed under the government.

We offer installation, repair, services and with that we offer fast turnaround, rush orders and other services.
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