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NYC is a city always under construction. With temporary banners on scaffolding and other construction barriers, companies can use that valuable advertising space on a large scale. Barricade wraps and scaffolding wraps help block off construction, protect works and the public, and offer opportunities for promoting your business – all on a product that was necessary to work on the job site.

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Imagine displaying your company or product on a banner as tall as a building. Scaffolding wraps are temporary banners with a huge impact. With scaffolding and construction barriers in high traffic areas, companies can install temporary banners to promote a building or renovation project, advertise a product, or let people know about potential safety hazards in the construction site. Barricade wraps can be customized for your project and their large scale will stand out even in NYC.

Brooklyn Signs has worked with construction companies, contractors, and building owners to provide impressive wraps and banners. We have the equipment and experience necessary to create professional looking banners for customers in Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, and Jersey City and we would be happy to work with you to develop your next wraps. Call us today at (718) 252-7575 to discuss your project.

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What Are Scaffolding Wraps

Scaffolding and barricade wraps are used to cover ongoing construction projects, both to block public access and views of the worksite. In addition to safety concerns, barricade wraps also provide plenty of space for advertising. These wraps are best used for:
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Protection – Barricade wraps work both as a physical barrier and a means of safety signage. Many construction companies choose to print warnings such as “Keep Out” and “Hard Hat Required” on barricade signage to remind workers and pedestrians to be alert.

Privacy – A wrap can block unsightly construction projects and provide workers with a means of reducing distractions from onlookers.

Promotion – The large canvas of barricade wraps makes them ideal for advertising. Though they are temporary, barricades are often used in high traffic areas, ensuring plenty of impressions. Signs can promote the project or incoming business. Alternatively, this valuable real estate can be sold to other retailers for marketing.

Storefront Labels – If scaffolding will block a storefront for an extended period, a wrap can be printed with the business name and logo so it can be located by customers.

Barricade wraps are made of durable white vinyl. As a 3M authorized manufacturer, our vinyl is weather-resistant and will last for the length of the construction project. Vinyl for wraps is offered in 13oz and 18oz weights. Heavy weight vinyl is strong enough to withstand most weather conditions while lighter weight vinyl works well for interior construction projects. This vinyl works well for graphics and printed images maintain color clarity and sharpness.

Customization Options

Due to the size of scaffolding wraps, we use specialized machinery to make large format printing possible. This makes it possible to create wraps up to 16 feet high without sacrificing image or color quality. We can print any graphic, including illustrations and photographs, onto a barricade wrap. In addition, we also offer the following options for customization:

Seamless Printing 

Our specialized large format printing makes it possible to print the design to the edge of the wrap, leaving it without a border for a clean look.


For easy and balanced hanging, we can install grommets along the edge of the barricade wrap. Grommets are spaced at two feet so weight can be evenly distributed throughout the connection points. The available colors for grommets are white, black, and silver.

Glossy and Matte Finishing 

We offer both glossy and matte options for vinyl finishing. Matte finish prevents glare and dirt when shown in photos while a glossy finish can make the details and colors of the banner more vivid.


While our 3M vinyl is heavy duty and will last through most conditions, lamination can add additional weather protection. This is especially useful if a project is expected to be lengthy or during more inclement weather.

No matter the scale or location of your project, we have customization options to produce a barricade wrap that meets your needs, and we’re happy to consult with you to help you address your scaffolding wrap goals.

Benefits of Scaffolding Wraps

Safety is of the utmost importance during a construction or renovation project. When combined with the high-quality printing offered by Brooklyn Signs, a barricade wrap can be an essential tool in your project. These fence banners and mesh scaffolding wraps in NYC (among others) are also affordable, easy to clean, and rust proof. While a simple fence can provide some safety, scaffolding and barricade wraps off additional benefits such as:
Eye Catching

Eye-Catching Appearance

Wide format printing and high quality graphics are guaranteed to be noticed by passerby, providing the perfect opportunity to generate excitement for the project or promote a brand.


No matter the location or space, we can create a wrap for it. We have installed wraps on scaffolding, fencing, buildings, drywall, and more.

Safety Measure

Whether you choose to print safety information on your scaffolding wrap or merely use the wrap as a physical barrier, a barricade wrap can help keep workers and the public safe around hazardous construction sites.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs



We have been fabricating signs in New York City for more than three decades and are experienced with large format printing. You can be confident that our scaffold wraps will look professional and be ready for you on time.

high quality


As with all of our materials, we use the highest quality of vinyl available for our wraps. This 3M vinyl will maintain its look over the lifetime of your project.

Full Service


In addition to design and fabrication services with our in house team, we also provide delivery and installation of banners. Expedited delivery services are available as well

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for Scaffolding Wraps

Brooklyn Signs will work with you from the initial idea to the final installation. We have an in house design team who can help bring your ideas to life, no matter how big they might be. Our services are fully licensed and insured so you can trust your banner signs will be made to your expectations.

Additionally, we can create hundreds of other types of signs for your project and are happy to recommend options to find signs and displays that work for you. To discuss your ideas, give us a call today.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Scaffolding signs provide advertisement and safety for ongoing construction projects. They cover projects to display work in progress and block access.

We offer various types of scaffolding signs, including large format banners, barricade wraps, fabric banners, mesh banners, vinyl banners, and more.

These signs are crucial for upcoming buildings as they serve multiple purposes. They provide safety signage like “Keep Out” and “Hard Hat Required,” offer protection and privacy for workers, and can also function as storefront banners.

Yes, we provide installation services in several areas such as New York, New Jersey, Brooklyn, and more. Our professional installers can handle the installation for you.

Generally, scaffolding signs placed on property owned by the owners do not require permits. Permits are typically necessary for signs placed on public property.

We offer scaffolding signs in various sizes, often in large formats to cover the front of construction buildings.
We offer multiple finishing options such as Glossy and Matte Finishing, lamination, seamless printing, and grommets.
Yes, we not only offer installation services for these signs but also provide removal services.
Demolition signs are placed at sites undergoing demolition to caution workers and passersby about potential dangers like noise, debris, dust, vibration, and hazardous materials.
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