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Frequently Asked Questions

Office signs are basically signs that are displayed in the office buildings helping the employees or guests find their way or any place in the building.
Fabric lightboxes, also known as fabric light cabinets, are durable fabric boxes that are illuminated from the inside. They can also be double-sided and come in different sizes, shapes, and colors.
Exterior signs are the signs placed on the outside of stores, buildings, properties, businesses, and other places. They primarily advertise your brand and attract people to your business.
The choice of getting a sign is yours. Signs advertise your brand differently. Options include channel letter signs, carved signs, hand-painted signs, metal signs, posters, and more. Contact us for special design requirements.
Materials used include metal, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, LED, acrylic, fabric, vinyl, Dibond, wood, PVC, depending on the type of sign.
Consider weather conditions like rain and moisture before ordering an outdoor sign. We use weather-friendly materials, but please contact us for further queries.
Yes, at Brooklyn Signs, we offer installation services by our professional team to ease your process.
Various exterior signs include channel letter signs, banners, metal signs, aluminum signs, construction signs, awnings, lightbox signs, hand-painted signs, carved signs, sidewalk signs, and more.
We offer illuminated signs like neon signs, lightbox signs, LED signs, halo-lit, backlit, front-lit signs, and more.
We have a team of professional graphic designers to help you choose a great design for your sign.
The lifespan depends on the material and care. Properly maintained signs can last for years.
Yes, we offer repair, installation, and removal services for signs.
These signs, required on instruction sites by the government, ensure the safety of workers and pedestrians.
Contractor signs are used to keep passersby and laborers safe, providing information about the site, the contractor, work timings, etc.
Materials used include vinyl, PVC, acrylic, among others.
The time varies based on design and material, usually taking 2 to 3 weeks, but rush orders are available.
Yes, we repair, install, and remove construction signs.
The lifespan of the signs depends on the material that is used to make them. Some of the materials are more prone to damage than others.
Not all construction sites require construction signs, but they are required to have proper OSHA signage.
We offer different sizes of signage, but the standard sizes are 18” x 24” (Medium), 11” x 17” (Small), 8.5” x 11” (Letter).
Yes, some construction signs need permits, especially those installed on public property being constructed under government regulations.
We offer installation, repair, services, fast turnaround, rush orders, and more.
DOB (Department of Buildings) signs are required on construction sites, including Work in progress signs, sidewalk closed signs, building construction sites, and more.
Besides work in progress signs, we offer Hard Hat Area Sign, Building Construction Signs, Construction Regulation Signs, Sidewalk Closed Signs, What’s Going on Here Signs, Reflective Signs, and more.
We offer different materials for DOB signs, considering the construction site’s conditions. Materials include Metal, Styrene, and coregulated plastic.
Yes, signs in good condition can be used for other construction sites.
Signs required inside construction sites include DOB Fire extinguisher sign, Floor Number, ROOF ACCESS AUTHORIZED PERSONS ONLY, Exit Signs, DOB NO SMOKING WORK SITE PER FDNY SECTION 1404, and more.
Signs need placement at Entrances to buildings or structures under construction or demolition, indoor or outdoor areas where people gather, sliding and swinging gate openings, and other access points.
Customization is possible but within certain conditions regarding height, colors, and readability.
Scaffolding signs provide advertisement and safety for ongoing construction projects. They cover work in progress and control access.
We offer various types like large format banners, barricade wraps, fabric banners, mesh banners, and more.
These signs serve multiple purposes, including advertisement, safety reminders, privacy for workers, and storefront banners.
Yes, we provide installation services in several areas by professional installers.
Generally, these signs don’t require permits if placed on property owned by the site’s owners. Public property installations may require permits.
We offer different sizes, typically large format to cover construction building fronts.
Finishing options include Glossy and Matte Finishing, lamination, seamless printing, and grommets.
Yes, we offer removal services alongside installation.
Demolition signs are placed at sites being destroyed to warn of potential dangers due to noise, debris, dust, and harmful materials.
Interior signs are installed inside buildings, such as offices, restaurants, cafes, or other businesses.
Interior signs include DOB signs, wall wraps/decals, magnetic menu boards, and more. We make various types such as menu boards, Fabric Light Boxes, Office Signs, Canvas Printing, and more.
Sidewalk closed signs should be placed at the beginning of closed sidewalks, at leading intersections, and wherever a sidewalk closure occurs.
Materials vary for different interior signs, including plastic, acrylic, metal, aluminum, vinyl, stainless steel, and more.
Yes, we offer customization for sizes, colors, and materials for sidewalk signs.
Absolutely, we have professional installers for sign installation.
Sidewalk Signs typically use inserts around 24″ – 28″ wide, and a suitable font is Highway Gothic, recommended for sidewalk and road signs.
You can keep your signs clean by wiping them with a non-abrasive dry or damp cloth. Avoid using clothes that might harm the sign.
These signs usually do not require maintenance as they are installed on construction sites. However, they should be cleared periodically to remain visible to passersby.
We typically use metal such as aluminum, stainless steel, steel, as well as acrylic and vinyl for these signs.
You can send us a quote for the desired product. A team member will then contact you via email or phone to guide you through the ordering process.
Yes, A-frame signs are suitable for sidewalk closed messages as they are portable, withstand wind, and are durable for frequent transport.
Standard sizes for these signs include 18×24, 24×18, 30×24, 24×32, 24×36, 24×48, and 32×48. For A-frame sidewalk signs, the standard size is 24” wide by 36” high.
Required safety signs depict behaviors and actions to comply with safety and health regulations in public areas or construction sites, especially in hazardous places.
We offer various safety signs like No Smoking Signs, Danger Signs, Construction Site Signs, Hard Hat Required Signs, and more.
Safety signs should be placed to warn of potential hazards, unsafe areas, provide safety instructions, and mark immediate danger spots.
Materials used include NiteGlo Rigid, Rigid Plastic, Self-Adhesive Vinyl, Reflective Aluminum, Face Adhesive Vinyl, and others.
Yes, we can easily connect you with our graphic designers that can help you figure out a perfect design for your signs.
Safety signs can range from 1.5” x 0.75” to 36” x 48”. Larger signs are advisable for readability from a distance.
Yes, Brooklyn Signs accommodates custom orders to provide customers with their desired sign types.
We have templates prepared based on OSHA policies but also accept custom templates from customers.
Mandatory PPE signs, construction site safety signs, safety prohibited signs, hard hat requirement signs, and construction site rules signs are necessary on job sites.
We aim for the fastest hand delivery in the industry to ensure quick installation.
Yes, our professional installers can ensure proper installation in the right places to avoid any fines.
Office signs include wayfinding signs, wall murals/decals, directory signs, floor number signs, door signs, ADA signs, and more.
We create various signs like metal signs, plastic signs, ADA signs, Standoff signs, floor number signs, name plates, egress maps, HDP signs, wall decals, among others.
Channel letter signs are internally illuminated, handcrafted signs made with acrylic faces, aluminum sheets, and metal coil, offering a wide range of color options for faces.
We use materials such as acrylic, PVC, foam, wood, metal, laminated metal, and others.
Yes, we can create different types of illuminated office signs.
There’s no specific size limit. You can order signs in any size suitable for your office.
Yes, as a custom signage company, we make signs in different sizes, shapes, and colors as per customer requirements.
Yes, we can use various materials based on customer needs, but please contact us to confirm material availability.
You need to provide the design, preferred material, urgency for delivery, and any specific requirements.
Yes, our professional graphic designers can help create a suitable design for your office signs.
We provide installation guides with all our orders. You can take care of your signs by cleaning them regularly with a non-abrasive dry or damp cloth. For thorough cleaning, you can use dishwashing soap too.
Metal letters are signs made of metal, available in different types of metals. They’re used to enhance the look of an office, building, or any other space.
Metal signs are used to advertise brands, offices, or stores. Their shiny surface makes them easily noticeable and helps attract customers.
We use aluminum, copper, stainless steel, brass, and various other materials to make these signs.
Rusting depends on the environment and maintenance. In a humid environment for an extended period, metal signs can start rusting.
Aluminum is usually recommended, but other materials are also suitable for making metal letters.
Yes, these signs are made waterproof, ensuring that the color and carving won’t get damaged with water.
Keep your sign away from a humid environment and clean it often with a dry or damp cloth.
Their lifespan depends on maintenance. With proper care, they can last for years without significant damage.
Plastic letter signs are three-dimensional letters used for interior and exterior signage. They are cost-efficient, customizable, and provide a 3D effect on walls.
These signs are made with different plastic materials like acrylic and PVC.
No, plastic letter signs are primarily designed for interior use and aren’t suitable for outdoor conditions.
Plastic signs can last for years without significant damage if properly maintained.
As they are made of plastic, they are cost-effective due to the efficiency of the manufacturing process.
Yes, modern CNC machines can cut these signs into any shape, size, or style as needed.
They come in various sizes like 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”, 1/2”, 1” and more. Custom sizes are available upon request.
Standoff signs are mounted on walls and provide a three-dimensional effect, ideal for brand advertising.
They are used in offices, banks, shopping malls, hospitals, and more, mostly mounted on walls.
Standoff signs are made of various materials like glass, acrylic, dibond, plexiglass, metal, aluminum, and more.
Yes, request a quote, and a team member will assist in choosing a sign according to your needs.
Yes, various finishes like brass, polished aluminum, brushed aluminum, matte black, glossy black, gold, green, yellow, stainless steel, and more are available.
They provide steady mounting, customization options, a 3D design that captures attention, easy cleaning, and more.
Screw caps include screw washers, standoff mounts, and drywall anchors, ensuring secure wall hanging for the signs.
Sizes include 2′ x 3′ for lobby signs, 8.5″ x 11″ for office doors, but customization to any size is possible.
Yes, professional installers are available to assist with the installation of these signs.
ADA signs are installed to assist people with disabilities in navigating public areas easily.
The standard size is typically 18 x 18 inches, with specific placement guidelines for accessibility.
Tactile signs are designed for blind people, readable through touch, featuring Braille, raised pictograms, symbols, or prints.
Different shapes (rectangular, diamond-shaped, square-shaped) are available, with standard sizes of 36 inches or less, but customization is possible.
Specific and consistent placement on the wall with the door is recommended for these signs. If no space is available, mounting on the nearest adjacent wall is suggested.
The signs should last as long as you take care of them properly. These signs are necessary for buildings and should be maintained at all times.
ADA signs are customizable, but there are ADA law conditions. Some materials used include brass, bronze, copper, and high-end plastic.
Metal plaques are tablet signs usually made with metal, providing a unique aesthetic feel compared to other signs. They are used on doors as Name Plates, on Memorials, Awards, outdoors, and more.
There are various types of plaques: naming or dedicating rooms/buildings, providing employee awards, creating damage-proof directional signs, memorial plaques, donor plaques, dedication plaques, and more.
These plaques are weather-resistant, durable, and resistant to aging and decay. With proper care, they can last for years, possibly decades.
You can polish the signs after a few months or clean them with a cloth to retain their shine.
Plaque sizes vary; standard size is 70 x 30mm, but small, medium, and large sizes are available.
Any font is acceptable, but many designers prefer Sans Serif, Arial, Helvetica, or Bebas for large signs.
Yes, we provide this service. Contact us to update your sign.
Material options include brass, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, and more.
Common colors include brass, silver, bronze, and others, customizable to match your theme.
Sign thickness ranges from 1/8th inch to 1/2 inch, thicker material adding durability.
Standard signs have two lines, but more lines and letters can be added as needed.
Yes, pictures/logos can be added to metal plaques for personalization.
These signs are used in federal buildings, universities, courthouses, commercial properties, and various industries.
Nameplates identify a person, product, or place’s name, serving a commercial or informative function in various sizes and shapes.
They can be used in universities, offices, hospitals, hotels, and other settings.
Various sizes are available, but the standard size is typically 2″ x 14″.
Stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, nickel, zinc, and more types of nameplates are available.
Yes, channel letter signs can display logos or any customized graphic.
Yes, nameplates are offered for doors, buildings, and tables.
Most nameplates have engraved letters made from wood, acrylic, or metal.
Halo Effect Lighted Letters, Front-lit Channel Letters, Front and Back-Lit Letters, Open Face Channel Letters, and more are available.
Yes, a range of LED colors is available for customization.
Yes, nameplates can display logos or pictures.
Yes, professional graphic designers can assist with designs.
No, non-illuminated three-dimensional channel letter signs are not offered.
Signs are usually mounted with screws or harm-free double-sided VHB tape for office doors.
Materials used include aluminum, steel, plastic, acrylic, LED, neon lights, metals, and more.
Professional installers can install nameplates without damaging walls.
Materials include metal (aluminum, bronze, brass, copper), acrylic, and more.
Typically mounted on walls, these signs require the right tools for installation.
Installation, repair, and maintenance services are provided.
Both have their benefits, but LED signs consume less energy and are more durable.
Various sizes can be customized; standard sizes include 18”, 15”, 21”, and 24” for letter height.
Floor number signs help people locate specific building levels easily.
Materials include aluminum, plastic, acrylic, brass, and more.
Various sizes are available, including 3”x12”, 3”x6”, 10”x11”, and 8.5”x11”.
Yes, installation and removal services are provided for floor signs.
An awning is an outdoor structure with a fabric/vinyl sheet over a frame, used to protect and attract attention.
Types include retractable, roll-up, patio, and storefront awnings.
Materials include vinyl, fabric, eradicable vinyl, and more.
Yes, lighted awnings use backlights, usually LED or fluorescence.
Frames can last 20+ years with proper care, while fabric/vinyl might need replacing after 10 years.
Yes, these awnings are very easy to install, but we do offer installation services so that you don’t have to go through the hassle yourself.
The width of the awning depends on where you want it to be installed. For window installation, measure the window’s width and add 5 inches or more to both sides. Standard widths vary from 2 inches to 3 feet 10 inches.
A canopy is usually freestanding with posts that support it with a roof of fabric, whereas an awning is basically made of fabric or vinyl and is attached to a roof or a window through.
Consider factors like the amount of rain in your area, durability against harsh weather conditions, suitability for the intended purpose, and longevity.
Yes, we do offer custom colors for our awnings. Choose colors that do not fade quickly under sunlight.
Yes, awnings can display logos or graphics, serving as a way to advertise and attract more customers.
Most awnings are weather-resistant, designed to withstand rain, sunlight, and harsh weather. Some are specifically made waterproof to protect storefronts, windows, and patios.
Clean your awnings with a soft brush using a dish wash solution with lukewarm water, then rinse it thoroughly until the soap is removed.
Vestibules, also referred to as restaurant entrance enclosures, are set up outside restaurants or storefronts. They provide wind protection and maintain warmth.
Yes, we offer installation services for vestibules to assist customers.
Yes, we offer vestibules in any size, shape, or color. The minimum standard size is 5 feet wide and 7 feet long.
A foyer is a lobby or waiting area, whereas a vestibule acts as a buffer between the outside and the inside.
Some people install vestibules seasonally, while others do it permanently. It depends on your preference.
The vestibules are built with 1” steel tubing for stability, covered with weather-resistant fabric.
We provide over 50 color choices for vestibules, matching your building’s aesthetics.
Windows are not necessary, but we recommend installing them for visibility. High-quality vinyl or plexiglass windows are available.
We offer fabricated vestibules, and pre-fabricated options might be available. Confirm the availability based on your needs.
Installation options include screwing them in using pre-crafted screw holes or attaching them to the wall with 3M VHB double-sided tape.
Materials used include fabric, glass, vinyl, and more.
Finishes offered include black and white letters, white with red or black letters, brushed aluminum, brushed gold, and many more.
The life of these signs depends on how well you take care of them. With proper care, they can last for years.
Yes, various customization offers are available for floor signs. Any size or design can be offered based on your requirements.
Wall Decals are vinyl wraps that easily adhere to walls, similar to wall tattoos or stickers. You can have any graphic printed on vinyl and cut it to any shape.
A blade sign is projected on storefronts or attached perpendicular to normal traffic. It’s a great way to attract customers to your business.
Wall Decals, made of durable vinyl, can last for years depending on the environment where they are applied.
Note down your sign requirements regarding color, material, style, or any specific details. Then choose the style that fits your requirements best.
Peel off the backing of the decal and carefully apply it to the wall, ensuring no bubbles. Press the decal against the wall as you continue applying it.
Scratch one corner of the decal and apply some heat with a hairdryer. Once it loosens, carefully remove it from the wall.
Wood, metal, and plastic are available as they are suitable for exterior use.
Yes, design and installation services are offered by expert graphic designers and professional installers.
Yes, ensure that your wall is clean before installing decals.
Yes, professional graphic designers can assist in designing the best sign for your business.
Yes, custom shapes and sizes are available, with a standard size of 30″ to 50″ for a rectangular blade sign.
Yes, custom sizes and shapes are offered for decals. Contact for sizes like 30 x 50 cm, 60 x 100 cm, or 100 x 100 cm.
Install signs by screwing them onto the storefront wall or by hanging them on a special pole.
Use a soft brush with a dishwashing solution and lukewarm water. Dry it with a non-abrasive cloth.
Paper poster frames or snap frames have spring-hinged edges, making it easy to open on all sides for changing signs or art.
The life of blade signs depends on the material chosen, weather conditions, and care. They can last for years if properly maintained.
Frames are available in sizes like 2×3, 3×4, 4×4, and more.
Yes, frames or inside boards can be purchased separately.
Light box signs attract attention, are easy to read, customizable, and consume minimal power for 24-hour advertising.
Materials include metal, aluminum, plastic, acrylic, among others.
Yes, professional installers can assist in installing paper poster frames.
Standard sizes range from 2′ tall to 8′ tall and 2′ wide to 10′ wide, with customization available for your store’s needs.
These signs usually come in different colors that include silver and black. But they can be customized in other colors if you want to.
Acrylic, PVC, Aluminum, metal, and many other materials can be used to make these signs.
These signs can easily be taken care of. You can keep them clean by dusting them with a non-abrasive cloth.
These signs are the most widely used form of signs. As they come in different sizes, shapes, and designs, they can be easily used in homes, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, stores, offices, and many more.
Yes, we are a certified sign company and have been working in this field for a very long time, so we have all the knowledge about what type of signs are required to be placed and where. Please contact us and provide us complete information so that we can help you out with your query.
We use LED lights and fluorescent light in our signs. You can choose from any light that you want to be installed in your sign.
We use 4100°K and 6500°K for our light boxes, as lower color temperatures (2700K) indicate ‘warmer’ colors of orange and yellow, and higher color temperatures (6500K) indicate cooler colors like blue and white.
We offer different types of lightbox signs that include Hanging, Window Display, Wall Mounted, Pole Illuminated, and many more.
These signs are made of fabric, all fabrics are printed with 3M inks, along with UV processing for long-lasting design, with aluminum and LED lights.
As these signs require professional installation tools and techniques, we have professionals in our team that can install these signs easily for you.
Silicone edge graphics that use a high-resolution dye sublimation printed graphic on fabric finished with silicone strip edge. This edge is then inserted in the framework of the pop-up stand.
If you want to change a light panel yourself, it will take a lot of time and might harm your light box. At Brooklyn Signs, we do offer maintenance service for our signs; you can contact us to obtain these services.
Yes, we make light box signs for outdoor as well as indoor. You can get a special light box sign made for your interior too.
These signs come in different sizes and thicknesses. The standard thickness for these signs is 1/16″ for those that want a practically seamless image.
We are a signs company that has been in business for many decades now. We have plenty of different types of signs that we offer, some of them include wall wraps, wall decals, office signs, floor number signs, HPD signs, DOB signs, banner signs, banner stands, yard signs, aluminum metal signs, carved signs, window frosting, window decals and many many more.
We sure do. Not only do we make signs for our valued customers, but we also offer installation services for the signs. With installation services, we also offer sign repair and maintenance services too. Our professional can provide you any type of service regarding your sign. Feel free to contact us if you have any further queries.
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