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Whether your business is fully on the road – a food truck, delivery service, or transportation provider – or you simply use your vehicle for getting to place to place, a wrap can make your vehicle your company’s best marketing tool. A custom designed, full color vinyl wrap adds a vibrant graphic to your truck or automobile for an eye-catching ride and a more professional appearance.

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A vehicle wrap takes your company truck, car, van, or bus and makes it more than just transportation. With a bold graphic at an affordable cost, a wrap turns your vehicle into a rolling advertisement for your company, sharing your brand wherever it goes. Vehicle wraps are semi-permanent, so they look professional and will last for years. However, if you need to make an update or want to change the design, the process is as simple as printing and installing a new wrap.

With innovative technology and the skills to create any vehicle graphic, Brooklyn Signs can customize the look, size, and shape of vehicle wraps. Any model of car, truck, SUV, or trailer is a prime canvas for a wrap or decal.

Types of Truck Wraps and Decals

Quality Wraps and Lettering for Any Vehicle

Vehicle wraps are vinyl covers that fit and adhere to the exterior of your vehicle. Vehicle wraps can be made to fit essentially any type of vehicle. Because they are printed on vinyl, they can be customized into essentially any colors or designs. Full coverage wraps are available to completely cover a vehicle, while partial wraps can contain just a name, logo, or smaller image. Almost any size and shape is possible, which is why we are able to provide products that include:

  • Truck WrapsAny vehicle can be turned into an advertising tool with a vinyl wrap. Many companies use vehicle graphics on box trucks to display company or product information to regional customer, while long distance trucking can carry a message to a national audience.
  • Food Cart WrapsFull and partial wraps on food trucks can be used to display a brand, highlight menu items, and attract customers.
  • Trailer WrapsLarge vehicle wraps turn trailers, long haul trucks, and buses into travelling billboards, taking your brand around town and across the country.
  • Truck LetteringA good choice for a company name, contact details, or DOT numbers, vinyl lettering and vehicle decals are cut from vinyl in the desired font and size. Many colors of vinyl are available, and this affordable option allows for easy installation and removal.
  • Van WrapsDelivery vans, transportation vans, and contractor vans can be wrapped with industry specific graphics to show your company’s products and services. Vinyl wraps on minivans, SUVs, and crossovers can also promote your business or designate fleet vehicles.


We can also create vehicle wraps for any kind of car or fleet vehicle, including custom wraps for personal cars that eliminate the need for repainting.

Truck wraps are made from high quality Avery Dennison or 3M professional series vinyl film. This industry standard material is known for its durability, lasting through any temperature or weather without warping, fading, or cracking for up to 7 years.

Graphics also print onto vinyl with color clarity and sharpness, making it possible to render everything from text to logos to high resolution photography on vinyl wraps.

Who We Are - Brooklyn Signs

Over the years, Brooklyn Signs has become a leading sign company in NYC and beyond, known for high-quality products and unbeatable customer service. We are confident in our signs and back all of our products with a written 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We work with companies of all sizes and have created custom vehicle wraps for food trucks, delivery companies, long haul trucks, taxi services, and home businesses. Customers in NYC and NJ rely on us for vehicle wraps because we are:

3M Certified Installers

Brooklyn Signs can install vinyl wraps on any vehicle. With professional installation, you can be sure your vinyl wrap will be free of bubbles, tears, and warping. If it’s time for a refresh on your wrap, we also offer removal services without damaging the vehicle’s finish.


We offer more than just sign fabrication. A team of expert designers is on hand to assist you from the beginning from creating your graphics to translating your creative ideas onto a vehicle. Creating a vehicle wrap can be challenging, but our team has the experience necessary to make the process easy.


We have been creating signs and vehicle wraps for over 30 years and know how to bring out your brand in signage and the importance of memorable impressions. It is our mission to help companies succeed.

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If your business uses any vehicles – whether it’s one van or an entire fleet – don’t let that valuable space go unused. Your vehicles can be key advertising space, working like mobile billboards to bring your products and services directly to the customers. A vinyl wrap can be large and vibrant or neat and professional. Either way, a wrap transforms a vehicle from simply a means of transport to a branding tool.

Vinyl vehicle wraps also help generate sales, offsetting the capital cost of your vehicles when you consider that you already pay for fuel, maintenance, and mileage. By using that available space to attract potential customers, a wrap gives your vehicle a second purpose and can quickly pay for itself.

At Brooklyn Signs, our team works with you from design to printing to installation, and even beyond. We are available for small repairs and removal services when needed, so you can keep your vehicle looking sharp for many years. With our professional and friendly customer service, we treat your vehicle with the care and attention you expect for your company’s most valuable assets. To set up an onsite consultation and get a free, no cost estimate on a wrap for your vehicle, give us a call at (718) 252-7575 or fill out the contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

How Long Does a Vehicle Wrap last?

The life of the vehicle wraps depend on the environment that they are placed in and how well they are taken care of. But, their expected life span is five years or more.

What vehicle wrapping options are available?

There are different types of vehicle wraps that are available for you. Some of them are food cart wraps, van wraps, trailer wraps, truck lettering, truck wraps and many many more.

What are the sizes for your vehicle wraps?

The sizes of the wraps depend on the size of your vehicle. For example for a big sized truck you will need 37.44” by 24.96”, for a small truck you will need 101” x 96” etc.

What type of vehicles do you wrap?

We wrap different vehicles for our customers that include vans, minivans, trucks, food trucks, trailers and many more.

Will removing the vehicle wraps damage the paint?

Vehicle wraps do not damage your vehicle in any form if they are taken off carefully by applying heat to them using a hairdryer or any other equipment that won’t lit the wrap on fire.

Why should I use vehicle wraps and not the paint?

Using vehicle wraps is much easier than paint especially for the people who like to change the look of their vehicle occasionally. They do not get damaged easily as compared to paint. They are cost effective and will only cost a fraction of the money that you pay for your paint.

Do you offer temporary and permanent vehicle wraps?

Yes, we offer both temporary and permanent vehicle wraps. You can get them easily by contacting us and requesting your quote.

Do I have to wash my vehicle before wrapping?

It is necessary to clean the surface before putting up the wraps. The reason behind this is that when you put on the wraps on a dusty or grainy surface it causes the wrap to lose its adhesion and it won't stick to the vehicle.

Do you offer custom color vehicle wraps and decals?

Yes, we absolutely do. You can order the wraps in any color, shape, size that you want and we will make that for you.

Do you offer partial wraps?

Not only do we make full coverage wraps, we also make partial wraps to cover a certain part of your vehicle and enhance its look.

Do you offer vehicle vinyl removal services?

We sure do. We know it is not really easy to install and remove these decals as it takes time and a lot of effort, so we have a team of professionals who can easily do this for you.