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When it comes to advertising, companies want to make a big impression. A vinyl trailer wrap or bus wrap takes a prominent vehicle and turns it into a branding tool. As a trailer truck or bus travels the country, a bold graphic on a custom wrap puts tempting graphics or company information directly in front of potential customers, turning a vehicle into more than just a means of transport.

Custom Trailer Wraps and Graphics in New York City

Many companies rely on billboards for advertising for their large scale and prominence. Like billboards, buses and trailers offer a large canvas for advertising. They also bring ads right to the customer on streets and highways, both regionally and nationally. Whether you want to advertise your own product or service on your trailer, or sell ad space on a bus, large vehicle wraps can transform your vehicle into a key marketing tool.

Brooklyn Signs is a 3M certified installer who can help you transform a trailer, bus, or other large vehicle with a custom printed wrap. No vehicle is too big and our designers can work with you to bring your ideas to such a large canvas. To learn more about our trailer wrapping services, call us today at (718) 252-7575.

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Our Fleet Graphics Work

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What Are Trailer Wraps?

Trailer wraps offer a dynamic combination of style and functionality for anyone owning or managing trailers. These custom-designed vinyl coverings not only give your trailers a unique aesthetic but also shield them from environmental damage and wear. Ideal for both individual owners and commercial fleet operators, trailer wraps provide a creative and protective solution for your vehicles.

Custom trailer wraps are an invaluable marketing tool. They transform trailers into mobile billboards, broadcasting your brand and message wherever they go. Their durability and ease of maintenance make them a cost-effective and hassle-free option for keeping your fleet both protected and visually appealing.

Industry Leading Trailer Wrapping Solutions

As a leader in trailer wrapping services, we ensures a hassle-free experience for our clients.

At Brooklyn Signs, our comprehensive approach to trailer wrapping begins from the very first consultation, where we meticulously understand your branding needs and vision. Our team of experts works closely with you, crafting a custom design that reflects your brand’s unique identity. We ensure a collaborative process, with continuous communication and adjustments to align the final design perfectly with your expectations.

Once the design is finalized, our skilled technicians employ advanced printing technology for vivid and precise graphics. The installation is executed with precision and care by our experienced team, ensuring a flawless application. 

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Why Brooklyn Signs?


Design Services

More than just a sign fabrication company, our team of designers know how to transfer your creative ideas to a large format trailer while taking the difficulty out of creating vehicle wraps.

Onsite Installation​

Onsite Installation

We offer installation services for trailer wraps in our local Brooklyn headquarters. As a 3M certified installer, we can professionally install wraps on any size vehicle in 1 to 3 business days.



Serving NYC and NJ for close to 30 years. We are fully licensed and insured, and we have worked with a variety of clients and vehicles to create wraps that capture a business’s brand.

Transform your Trailer today!

Take advantage of every mile with Brooklyn Signs’ trailer wraps.

Reach out to us today and let’s discuss how we can extend your brand’s reach far and wide. Your mobile billboard awaits!

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

You should always use a nice sponge or a soft clean cloth to clean your wrap. Rinse it with clear cold water, then use a silicone squeegee or chamois to remove water and finish by drying the vehicle with a cloth to minimize stains.
Trailer wraps are made of vinyl, a durable material that can easily last for years with proper care.
Trailer wraps are primarily made of vinyl with adhesives at the back. The addition of PVC strengthens the vinyl, contributing to the durability of these wraps.
Brooklyn Signs, being a custom signage company, offers customization for trailer wraps, providing options for any color, size, graphics, or design that you require.
The sizes of trailer wraps depend on the vehicle’s size and the desired coverage. The standard size for trailer wraps is 6×12, but it can be adjusted based on your needs.
Brooklyn Signs provides installation services, and typically, wrapping a vehicle takes 2 to 6 days based on its size.
Yes, you can wash your trailer after wrapping, using a soft sponge or cloth with cold water and then drying it off with another cloth.
Wraps usually don’t cause damage to vehicles if removed using proper techniques and tools.
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