Fabric Light Boxes

Fabric light cabinets, also known as light box signs, have been a part of the New York City retail market for years. At Brooklyn Signs, we are proud to make these products to help enhance the atmosphere of your business. When you’re looking to market a product or create an ambiance, try our affordable fabric light box signs today.

Fabric Light Boxes for Events & Retail Store Displays

The purpose of signs to attract attention and share a message. Inside any type of store or restaurant, the goal is to help either sell a product, provide easy to read information or enhance a brand.

Fabric light boxes are one way that companies utilize lights and color to make an interior sign pop. These signs, which are made of fabric, are placed over an LED light box that can hang on a wall, be displayed on a shelf, or be placed elsewhere around the interior of the building. Some are even placed inside protective cases to face outdoors as well. Our sign company uses silicone edge graphics to create a seamless look.

Types of Fabric Light Boxes

Fabric Light Box Features

Our fabric light cabinets are customizable. Fabric light box signs are illuminated with bright white LED lights. They can be one sided or two sided. They may be designed in portrait mode or landscape mode. All fabrics are printed with 3M inks, along with UV processing for long lasting design. The frame of the light box itself comes in different sizes, but is available of a thickness of only 1/16" for those that want a practically seamless image. Additional customization options include:
  • Cabinet Depth: 3″ to 12″
  • Height: Up to 10 ft
  • Length: Any – No limitations
  • Lighting: Traditionally GE LEDs. Other lighting options available
  • Washable fabric

LED sign cabinets can also have several custom colors. Our lightbox signs are light-weight and easily customizable. Choose from any number of sizes, colors, brightness, and different styles of finishes.

NYC Industry Uses for Fabric Light Box Signs

These signs are used across almost any industry with in-person shoppers. It has benefits for companies looking to build up their brand and expand their customer base. These illuminated fabric signs can be found throughout New York City, in industries that include:
  • Clothing Stores
  • Chain Retail Stores
  • Trade Shows
  • Real Estate
  • Art/Galleries
  • Office Décor
  • Travel
  • Restaurants and Dining
Fabric signs are replaceable, which also makes them useful for businesses that have changing specials or advertisements. Fabric light box signs are a cost effective, energy efficient, long lasting option with multiple sizes available to match your store’s décor.

Fabric Light Box Sign Benefits


Our light box signs are made with LED lighting. By using only 20-30% of power that most other signs do, this makes them both cost efficient and more environmentally friendly. No fancy tubing or other electrical parts are required. You can also customize the level of “brightness” you want – something you can’t do with fluorescent signs. Our fabric is also highly durable, with minimal upkeep required to keep it looking fresh and new.


Unlike glass, plastic, or other popular sign materials, fabric doesn’t allow for glare that makes the text difficult to read. You can easily view the sign from any angle, in any kind of light. Fabric, more so than other materials, is better for displaying colors, as the detail comes through more clearly. Because we can print in full color graphics, this allows all colors to pop.


If you’re like many businesses, you need to change your sign up often. Once you have the light box, we can create numerous affordable signs that you can use to replace your current display any time you need to, all with the same durable material.

Have Brooklyn Signs Craft Your Fabric Light Box

Brooklyn Signs provides more than just affordable signs. We create signs that are eye popping, always according to your exact needs. Brooklyn Signs is your sign partner, able to create not only your fabric signs but any other signage that you need. We can keep your information on file as well for future fabric prints as needed, speeding up the process considerably.
In addition, we have complementary services to meet the needs of your business. For example, if you need sign installation or sign repair, we can provide it to you right away – often within 24 or 48 hours. We’re here to be your full service signage manufacturer, no matter what fabric sign service you need. If you’re ready to learn more about our signs, or you’d like to order your fabric light box, please contact us today to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

What are fabric light box signs?

Fabric lightboxes are also known as fabric light cabinets are durable fabric boxes that are illuminated from the inside. They can also be double-sided. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

What are these signs made of?

These signs are made of fabric, all fabrics are printed with 3M inks, along with UV processing for long lasting design, with aluminum and LED lights.

What is SEG graphics?

Silicone edge graphics that use a high-resolution dye sublimation printed graphic on fabric finished with silicone strip edge. This edge is then inserted in the framework of the pop up stand.

Is there any standard thickness for these signs?

These signs come in different sizes and thickness. The standard thickness for these signs is 1/16" for those that want a practically seamless image.

What are the customizable options available for these signs?

The customization options include lighting: traditionally GE LEDs. other lighting options available, washable fabric, cabinet depth: 3″ to 12″, height: up to 10 ft, length: any – no limitations and more.

What material is used for their manufacturing?

We use different materials in our Fabric Box signs that include fabric, LED, aluminum, metal frame and more.

Which industries use these signs?

A lot of industries use these signs that may include; art/galleries, office décor, travel, restaurants and dining, clothing stores, chain retail stores, trade shows, real estate and many more.

What are the advantages of using these signs?

These signs have many advantages over other signs like long lasting, durable, endurance, clarity, replaceable etc.

Do you offer installation services?

It is very easy to set up these signs but we do offer installation services for all type of signs.

How long do the led lights last?

LED lights are long lasting lights as they only consume 20 to 30% electricity. There life span is approximately 50,000 hours.