Office Signs

Within a standard office building, there are hundreds of signs. There are directional signs with room numbers, arrows, or restroom information. There are logo signs to brand a business. There are emergency signs, HPD signs, ADA signs, and more.

At Brooklyn Signs, our experience with custom signage makes us the best choice to assist you with any office sign you may need – from the promotional to the directional to the legally required and everything in between. Contact us today for a free quote.

Your Local Sign Makers Serving NYC and Surroundings

Each corporate office depends on signs. As soon as you walk into your office or building there are lobby signs that tell people where they are, and reception area signs often branded with a logo behind them. As you move through the office there are signs giving you directions and motivation signs for employees. Wall signs and letters can sell products and services, and some signs are used for nothing more than decoration.

But within these signs is a story. You’re selling your brand. You’re trying to market yourself to customers – or employees – showing them that you’re the best choice for their investment. You’re using what are usually custom office signs to give off an impression to the viewer. That’s why it’s so important to have a partner in your success that can work with you on establishing signs for your brand.

Sample Office Signs

metal letters

Metal Letters

Custom Wall Mounted Plastic Letters

Plastic Letters

Stand off Signs

Standoff Signs

ADA no smoking sign

ADA Signs

Metal Plaques

Metal Plaques

wall decal

Wall Decals

Name plates

Name Plates

floor number signs

Floor Number Signs

paper poster fames

Paper Poster Frames

Affordable and High-Quality Office Signs for Your Business or Office

Our signs are customizable down to every last detail. Most people contact us for that sleek, corporate look that captures attention. But what's most important is your brand identity - the signs that will help people see your company the way that you hope it will be seen. Whether the style you’re looking for is modern or vintage, large or small, wood or metal, we have the materials for you. Our signs are high quality but affordably priced. Our popular sign options include the following:
  • Metal Letters – Metal letters make great standoff signs that are easy to clean, and can be backlit or otherwise highlighted to draw attention to its profile.
  • Door Plaques – Door plaques can be both standard and customized, and designed inside of devices that allow you to slide new names in and out.
  • Acrylic Signs – Acrylic signs have a popular glossy look that come in multiple colors and can be crafted in both large and small sizes.
  • HPD Signs – Many buildings throughout NYC have certain required HPD signs. Brooklyn Signs is experienced in developing this type of signage, and keeps supplies on hand.
  • Egress Map – Every office space needs a map to help people navigate the different rooms and options. We can create a custom egress map in 3-dimensional, lighted, or other formats.
  • Plastic Letters – Plastic letters are a fast, affordable way to add letter signs to your property. Each one can be crafted with essentially any typeface.
  • Standoff Signs – Standoff signs are easily installed on walls to, as the name implies, stand off the wall to give the appearance of depth. You can also add lighting for better effects.
  • ADA Signs – Every building needs to have ADA appropriate signage, including brail on its directional signs. We are familiar with ADA requirements in NYC.
  • Name Plates – Nameplates help employees feel important and also provide a service for those inside of the office. We have both standard and custom nameplates possible.
  • Wall Decals – Unused wall space is a missed opportunity. We have wall decals and wall wraps that can provide both marketing and decoration.
Every sign we create is catered to your specific needs, with customization ability that allows us to create even 3 dimensional or lighted signs as needed.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs


State of the Art Fabrication

We are not simply “sign printers.” We can fabricate almost any type of sign you can envision for your office, from unusually shaped signs to light-up signs. The only limitation is your imagination.

Licensed and Insured

We have all the appropriate licensing and insurance. Our technology is up to date, and the people we employ are as committed to your satisfaction as you are. Brooklyn Signs is a professional sign maker.

Custom Partner

You have a brand and a corporate culture. We are able to be your partner for any type of sign you want, and as we get to know you and what you offer, we can provide custom signs that match that business personality.

Brooklyn Signs Can Help With All Your Business Signage Needs

Operating in New York City, our signs are everywhere from Manhattan to Staten Island, Queens, the Bronx, and Brooklyn (naturally). But our client base extends from New York to New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We believe that good quality signs don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Our mission is not just to create and sell products, but build a relationship with your business for years to come. No matter what event, product, or service you need a sign for, we’re here to help.
To learn more about our office signs, give us a call at (718) 252-7575 for a free quote. Our experienced team of graphic designers are happy to work with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

How Much Do Corporate Office Signs Cost?

With so many types of signs available, it is not possible to give an estimate without knowing the details of your project. But keep in mind that we have no minimum or maximum signage requirements. So some projects may be as small as a few dollars. Others may be more.

I Need ADA or HPD Signs. Can You Help?

If you know you need ADA and/or HPD signs for your building, but you're not sure what to do next, let us know. We have so many years of experience working with these types of signs we can often give you guidance on what you need to create them.

Can You Copy an Existing Sign Style?

Almost always, yes. We have tools that can craft and recreate almost any type of sign. It may help to have a copy of the sign available however for reference.

Can You Help with Sign Installation?

Yes. We are able to provide both sign installation and sign design. We can also provide sign repair if that is ever needed. Our sign installation services are only available in NYC and parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.