Floor Number Signs

Navigating any type of building is a challenge, even for those that live or work there. NYC also requires signs to help aid those that need help getting from point A to point B. At Brooklyn Signs, we create floor number, door number, nameplates, and related signs for building owners and property managers that need them, with enhanced customization options and ADA compliant designs.

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We all need help with direction. We need to know what floor where on, where the room is that we’re looking for, and how to get where we need to go. Part of that involves installing floor signs and number signs throughout the property.

Here at Brooklyn Signs, we have the ability to create signs that meet all government requirements, and yet can also be customized based on the style of your property. Learn more about our floor number signs, and all of our custom signage, by filling out our online order form or giving us a call today at (718) 252-7575 .

Floor Number Signs

Types of Floor Number Signs

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About Our Floor Number Signs

Number signs – such as floor number signs, apartment number signs, and door number signs – are a common directional sign in any commercial property or multifamily housing unit. Many are also a requirement from the NYC HPD department, which means that all properties need these types of signs in specific areas to comply with guidelines set out by the Department of Buildings.

While there are some requirements to these signs, including many that may need to be ADA compliant, they can also be customized to match your brand, or the style of your building interior. We can customize almost every component, including font, colors, size, and text, and the material options come in several different finishes:

We offer different installation options. When you make your order, please specific installation types which include attaching them to the wall with 3M VHB double-sided tape, or screwing them in using pre-crafted screw holes. Signs are made with fire-retardant material.

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Choosing us means gaining access to a wide range of signage services. From our top-notch sign design to our professional sign installation and maintenance, we offer a complete solution for your signage needs.

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Benefits of Floor and Door Number Signs

Floor number signs serve a practical yet often underappreciated role in multi-story buildings. Beyond simply indicating which level a person occupies, prominent floor designations provide a surprisingly wide range of advantages for regular occupants and occasional visitors alike. From enabling quick navigation to assisting emergency response teams, floor signs confer key organizational, safety and accessibility benefits.

Wayfinding & Navigation

Floor signs provide direction and help people easily identify which floor they are on or need to go to. This aids people navigating the building to find stairs, elevators, offices etc

Emergency Egress

In emergency situations or fire drills, floor number signs help guide occupants out of the building more efficiently by clearly marking exits and routes.


Large, high contrast floor signs can assist those who are visually impaired or blind in finding their way around. They support accessibility in multi-story buildings.

Enhance Brand Image

Prominently displayed floor signs contribute to a professional, polished look for lobbies and hallways. It makes the space appear more welcoming and organized.
safe & secure

Safety & Security

Floor signs enable first responders, firefighters etc. to quickly identify the location of an emergency call for faster response times.
less cost

Cost Effective

Floor number signs are relatively inexpensive to produce and install compared to the benefits they provide for navigation, emergencies, branding etc.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs for Building Signs?


Unique Customization

We are able to provide more customization options than a typical sign company, all without sacrificing any of the HPD or ADA requirements.

fast turn around

Fast Turnaround

We are able to get you these signs quickly, with rush delivery available and installation options for those that need them.


Premium & Durable Signs

Most door number signs are expected to maintain their appearance and location for years at a time. Because we use high end materials, are signs last.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for Door and Building Number Signs

Your floors, office rooms, apartment numbers – all of these needs to have a number or nameplate in order to make it clear where the rooms are and who the rooms are for. Brooklyn Signs makes the process for ordering signs easy, and makes it possible to order signs that are more in line with your business’s culture.

Brooklyn Signs is ready to create the office signs that your business needs, with both one time and ongoing sign services. Give us a call at any time with your questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Floor number signs are the signs containing the level number of the building you’re at. These signs help people to reach and find their desired location easily.

Floors number signs are just like other signs and can be fabricated from aluminum, plastic, acrylic, brass and many more.

There are different sizes available for these signs. Some of the standard sizes available are 3”x12”,3”x6”, 10”x11”, 8.5”x11, 8.5”x11” and many more.

Yes we do offer removal and installation of these floor signs.

We offer different types of installations like screwing them in using pre-crafted screw holes or attaching them to the wall with 3M VHB double sided tape.

Some of the finishes that we offer include black and white letters, white with red or black letters, brushed aluminum, brushed gold and many more.

The life of these signs depend on how you take care of them If they are well taken care of these signs can last years.

There are different customisation offers for the floor signs. We can offer you any size or design that you want.

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