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Office door signs are a directional tool, used across businesses, apartments, universities, government offices, and throughout NYC. They can be custom or standard, indoors or outdoors, metal, colorful, or clear, and are frequently made with easy to remove material that can be switched out at any time. Order yours today from Brooklyn Signs.

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Every office, along with every professional building, benefits from nameplate signs. These office door signs and room numbers help guide traffic, making it easier for those on a property to know where they are going and get there comfortably. Depending on the office type, they may also be an employee or tenant satisfaction tool, helping an office space feel like their own. Brooklyn Signs is the local choice for custom printed, engraved, and cut nameplate signs. We can also help you with sign design, and can deliver these signs fast for easy installation. Start your order today by filling out our online form or give us a call at (718) 252-7575 for more about our nameplates and other signage.
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Types of Metal Letters

Order Professional Nameplates from Brooklyn Signs

Nameplates are a type of sign commonplace in most offices. These signs are an invaluable tool for helping label and identify rooms, offices, and buildings. They are also often used as apartment number signs. They can be used indoors or outdoors depending on the material, and can be designed to be ADA compliant. The standard size nameplate is 2″ x 14″.

Name Plate Direcor
These signs, however, do not necessarily need to be designed to meet any standard requirement. Some businesses choose to have larger or smaller nameplate signs. Others may want to consider a unique typeface, design, or even material. Most signs are made of one of the following:

Most nameplates are engraved onto these materials, but they can also be cut lettered and digitally printed. They can have colors, they can have backgrounds – there are opportunities for companies to brand themselves using more custom nameplates that match the look of their buildings.

While these signs can be placed on mounts that are screwed into the wall, other office door signs use double sided VHB tape. The tape is removable, so if you need to change a sign over a door, there will be no harm to the underlying door finishes.

Benefits of Office Door Nameplate Signs

Nameplates have always been a sign of professionalism, frequently used in office complexes to identify offices, and as door signs across numerous industries to provide room numbers or information to incoming individuals. Some are also required by the HPD Signs, such as boiler room signs, which are expected to be clearly identifiable in the event of the emergency. For door signs that may be at risk for the elements, there are also outdoor-safe door signs that will withstand rain, snow, and moisture. All of these signs are also easy to clean and, depending on the material, may be fingerprint resistant. These signs have several advantages, including:

Modern and Customized Look​

Standard nameplates already have a modern appearance that is seen throughout buildings in NYC, especially in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Because they can also be customized, they are often a net positive to the appearance of your property.



Door numbers are often more permanent, but traditional name plate signs can be removed or replaced without damaging the door or wall. This is an advantage in areas where change is common.​


Door signs are important for the efficiency of a building. It is necessary for those visiting a property to be able to find who they’re looking for quickly. Office door signs provide that, and are thus a critical tool in the flow of people within your building.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs


Your Signage Partner​

Signs are not a one time occurrence. That is especially true of nameplate signs. We hold onto your information so that we can be a bit more of a partner in your success, able to create signs as needed with a fast turnaround.



Without any sacrifice in quality, we are able to maintain our low costs by staying more efficient and utilizing more advanced technology. It’s why we are one of the highest rated sign companies in New York City and tri-state area.


Licensed & Insured Sign Company

As a sign company that has been around for over 30 years, we have all the necessary credentials to make sure that we are offering you the best service and to guarantee our support.

Industries We Work With

Name Plate Signs provide a clear and elegant way to display identification and information, essential for various professional settings.

At Brooklyn Signs, we craft these signs to meet the specific needs of different industries. In corporate environments, they offer a polished and professional presentation of names and titles, ideal for office doors and desks. Retail spaces benefit from their use in personalizing the shopping experience and guiding customers to the right departments or staff.

 Our focus is on providing Name Plate Signs that are not just functional, but also align seamlessly with the aesthetic values of each industry.

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Name plates have long played an important role in the office world. Today, they remain a critical tool for identifying different businesses and offices through any type of complex.

Brooklyn Signs is able to create these signs with a quick turnaround, great pricing, and the ability to provide customization that is ideal for matching the look of your business. Learn more about our sign services or contact us today for a quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Name plates basically identify a person, product’s or a place’s name. These signs are invaluable tools to identifying offices, rooms, and buildings. These come in different sizes and shapes. These serve a commercial or an informative function.

These signs can be used in a variety of places such as universities, colleges, schools, offices, banks, building owners, hospitals, hotels and many more.

There are many different sizes that we offer. You can get these signs made in any size or shape that you want but, the standard size nameplate is 2″ x 14″.

We offer a wide range of nameplates. They include stainless steel nameplates, aluminum nameplates, brass nameplates, bronze nameplates, nickel or zinc nameplates and more.

Yes, we offer nameplates for doors, buildings, and to be placed on tables of professors, office employees and many more.

Yes, most of the nameplates have engraved letters on them. Woods, acrylic and metal are usually engraved to make these signs.

Yes, nameplates are a great way to brand your logo as logo give a great first impression they can help you attract customers too.

Yes, nameplates are a great way to brand your logo as logo give a great first impression they can help you attract customers too.

Yes, we have a great team of professional graphic designers who can help you make the designs for your nameplates.

Yes, we have a great team of professional graphic designers who can help you make the designs for your nameplates.

These signs are placed on mounts and usually screwed on the walls but we also have office door signs that use double sided VHB tape. The tape is harm free and completely removable so you can your sign any time you want easily

Yes, Brooklyn Signs is a custom company so we take custom orders from our customers and make sure to provide them the type of sign they imagined.
Yes, Brooklyn Signs is a custom company so we take custom orders from our customers and make sure to provide them the type of sign they imagined.
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