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Plastic letters are an affordable, long lasting sign available here at Brooklyn Signs. They can match your logo or any typeface. They can be placed on walls, and provide a 3-dimensional or crisp look that is water resistant and easy to mount. At Brooklyn Signs, can create custom plastic letters and logos in nearly all sizes, colors, and styles.

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There is something special about custom lettering. Letter signs, which can act a type of branding tool or be used as directional signage, are three-dimensional signs easily mounted indoors on walls throughout your building or office. They are used at corporate office complexes, legal firms, hospitals/medical offices, tech companies, and many other types of businesses.

And because each one can be custom cut, they are great for creating 3D logo letters and other modern and eye-catching signage that can be displayed throughout your property. Learn more or start your design today contacting Brooklyn Signs at (718) 252-7575

Plastic Letters Sign

Types Of Plastic Letters

Plastic Letter Doyade

Our Plastic Letter Signs and Laser Cut Letters

We specialize in crafting high-quality acrylic letters, a popular and cost-efficient alternative to metal lettering. Our acrylic sign material is widely used across various professional settings due to its versatility and striking three-dimensional appearance. You’ll find our work enhancing reception areas, adorning the walls of medical offices, marking rooms in hospitals, and even throughout city buildings.

To create these precise and aesthetically pleasing letters, we employ different cutting techniques based on the thickness and style required. For simpler designs, especially those thinner than 1 inch, our state-of-the-art CNC machine is the perfect tool. It’s ideal for crafting both standard letters and inverse letter signs. Our common sizing options include:

For thicker signs, particularly those 1″ or more, we utilize a laser cutting machine.  Our laser-cut letters are renowned for their sleek, professional look, perfect for making a bold statement in any business environment.

Benefits of Plastic Letter Signs

Brooklyn Signs, as a sign fabricator, can create almost any type of sign you can imagine, including 3-dimensional letter signs out of many different materials. But plastic letters do have many benefits. These include:



Plastic is an affordable material. The process we use to craft your letters also efficient and designed to reduce manpower. Organizations that are on a tight budget or need to add letter signs throughout a building find that acrylic is an affordable way to provide that professional look without sacrificing quality.

fast turn around

Durable and Long Lasting

Acrylic is a type of signage that is designed to last. It has an average lifespan of X years when property maintained, and while it is not weatherproof, it is easy to clean and resists decay. You can expect your letters to maintain their look for many years when property cared for.

Full Service

Easy Installation

Plastic letter signs can be easily installed onto almost any flat surface. The installation process can be completed with minimal handyman experience, and we can provide a template and hardware as needed. Note that we also offer local and countrywide installation.

Customization Options

For businesses that are looking for support, our sign designers can use common typefaces like Ariel, Brush Script, Clarendon, Futura, and Helvetica, or we can integrate the personality of your brand to create something more custom.

Typeface / Design

Our tools make it possible for us to cut logo letters into plastic even if they are designed solely for your business. We can also create logos, which is why these same techniques are used for wall logo signs.


Acrylic, even more so than other types of sign materials, can be crafted in almost any color – and potentially multiple colors. We can match any PMS color to customize the look to your brand. This makes the signs more vibrant, helping to improve the impact and branding of the sign.

Standoff / Flush

Signs can also be made as pin mounted letters, which stand off the walls to create a sharp shadow, or they can be close to flush against the wall.

Industries We Work With

Our Plastic Letters at Brooklyn Signs offer versatile and cost-effective signage solutions for various industries. For corporate settings, these durable letters create a professional image on office exteriors and lobbies. Retailers favor them for vibrant, eye-catching storefront displays that captivate customers.

In hospitality and education sectors, Plastic Letters provide a durable yet stylish option for signage. Their adaptability and affordability make them ideal for various applications, ensuring each industry’s signage needs are met with precision and efficiency.

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Event Planners

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Marketing Companies

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Tech Companies

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Why Choose Brooklyn Signs



Brooklyn Signs has been serving the NYC community for over 30 years. We are licensed, insured, and know how to create lettering that transforms the look of your property without hurting your budget.

full service


Because we are full service sign fabricators, we are also able to help with sign design and sign installation. In addition, if we think another material or style may benefit your lettering choices, we have the tools and equipment necessary to create it.


Partner in Your Signage Needs

Once we’ve ordered with us once before, we can store your information to help you create new signs right away when needed. We also have fast turnaround options available depending on our schedule.

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Plastic signs are one of several letter signs that we can create. But these acrylic display letters are by far one of our most popular, especially in places like Manhattan, Jersey City, Queens, and the Bronx where professionalism is key.

With easy installation, easy removal, and a classic appearance that can be customized to your needs, our plastic letters are the right choice for your business. Contact us today to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Plastic letter signs are three dimensional letters used for exterior and interior signage purposes. These signs are more cost efficient and customizable than other signs. These signs are very versatile and also provide 3D shape that pops on the wall.

These signs are made with different plastic materials like acrylic and PVC.

No, plastic letter signs are interior signs so they can’t be used as outdoor signs. Plastic is not a suitable material for outside as it cannot adhere to different weather conditions.

These signs come in different sizes. Some of the custom sizes that we offer are: 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4” 1/2”, 1” and more. If you’re looking for some other size, let us know please.

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