Standoff Signs

Standoff signs provide a clean, polished way to brand office spaces or guide your clients and guests from the lobby to specific departments and offices. These wall signs will stand out because they are mounted to your wall with brackets, giving the signs more depth and adding a 3-dimensional appearance. Brooklyn Signs will customize your standoff signs to reflect your company’s professional culture.

Office Lobby Walls and Entrance Standoff Signs

Brand your corporate space with acrylic signs to fit any wall. Standoff signs can act as reception area signs that show off your company logo and offer a warm welcome to guests. They can be designed clear so that the logo, text, or information reflects on the wall. They can also be opaque or printed with custom colors.Used often as directional signs and professional office signs, these displays make a great first impression. Brooklyn Signs has crafted custom wall signs for decades. Call us at (718) 252-7575 to talk about how this type of sign can help you grow and promote your brand.

Standoff Options:

Acrylic Panel Standoff Signs

Types of Standoff Signs

Standoff 3D Design Captures Attention

Customized Standoff Signs and Wall Mounted Signs

Standoff signs are customizable in many ways. The dimensions of these signs can vary considerably. Our most common size request is 2′ x 3′, especially for lobby signs. But we can create these standoff wall signs as much as 48″ tall (4 feet) and 120″ wide (10 feet). That size space opens the door for more unique logos, text, or other graphics. They can also be designed small, as little as a few inches tall and wide. If you’re looking for an office door sign, our 8.5″ x 11″ custom sizing is more traditional.

Most of our standoff signs are created using acrylic plastic – plexiglass – which not only has a sharp appearance but is just as durable as our metal signs. Acrylic wall signs are weatherproof and maintain their colors for years. They can be cut into any shape to fit your design. All of our acrylic signs are either 1/4 into or 1/2 inch thick.

Technical Specifications

If you prefer a wall mounted metal sign, we will traditionally use dibond, an aluminum composite. Dibond is as lightweight and durable as acrylic and is used to make traffic signs. Indoors, it is often more customizable than other types of metal. However, we can talk to you about your preferences and your goals with customization.Most of the appearance is found in the finish. We offer several finish options for our standoff signs including:




clear acrylic standoff sign bright night

Benefits of Standoff Signs

Standoff signs are only one type of custom signage that we can offer for wall decorations, directional signage (floor numbers signs, office doors signs), or to provide information to those that view the sign. But they are one of the more popular ones, at least in the professional world. Some of the benefits that these signs have include:

Standoff signs are also trendy in the corporate world, and tend to add to the modern design that most companies are trying to achieve.

Why Order Standoff Signs from Brooklyn Signs


Licensed and Insured

We are fully licensed to provide professional signs, including those that meet DOB code. We are insured, and can safely provide installation and support for any of our clients, giving you peace of mind.



We are a full service sign fabricator, that is able to design and create signs that no one has ever completed before. Our customization capabilities are second to none, with advanced technology to create unique signage.

better service

Better Service

Whether it’s our sign designers, our sign fabricators and printers, or our sign installers, you have a partner in your success and someone that you can turn to any time you need signs created fast.

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Standoff signs are one of our many custom office sign options we have available here at Brooklyn Signs, the leading sign company in NYC. But they’re one of the few that provides that professional and clean appearance that helps showcase your company’s brand the way you want it to be seen.

Brooklyn Signs is ready to provide the custom signage you need for your office space. Give us a call today at (718) 252-7575 or fill out our online form for a free quote.

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Standoff Sign FAQs

Standoff signs are those you see mounted on the walls. It is a sign that is hung drilling holes in the walls. The way these signs are mounted give off a three dimensional effect that is a great way to advertise your brand.

These standoff signs are used in many places like offices, banks, shopping malls, Hospital and many other places. They are mostly mounted on the walls.

These signs are made of different materials like glass, acrylic, dibond, plexiglass, metal, aluminum and many more.

Yes, you can request a quote and a team member will contact you and help you choose your sign according to your needs.

Yes, we offer different types of finishings like, brass, polished aluminum, brushed aluminum, matte black, glossy black, gold, green, yellow, stainless steel and many more.

You can send us a quote for the type of product you want, then a member from our team will contact you via email or phone and will guide you throughout the ordering process so you can easily get your sign made.

There are different sizes of signs that we offer 2′ x 3′, for lobby signs, 8.5″ x 11″ for office doors etc. But these sizes are standard signs and can be customised to any size you require.

Screw caps include screw washers, standoff mount, and drywall anchor. They are placed at every corner of the sign to make it hang safely on the wall.

Yes, we have professional installers who can help you install these signs easily.

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