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Every wall represents an opportunity. Blank walls can be decorated with some sort of wall decals, which adhere to walls seamlessly to look like they’re naturally painted on. Decals can letters, logos, Inspirational Quotes and graphics, and can be full color, black, or white. Each one is custom cut to the exact specifications of the design file. Learn more or get started with Brooklyn Signs.

Contour Cut Stickers and Lettering for Sheet Rock Walls

Most properties have blank walls. Those blank walls provide a potential canvas for businesses and homeowners to decorate with words, logos, and other designs. Each one can be custom created, unique to your business and property in a way that helps them stand out from other walls.

Here in NYC, your local decal makers can be found near you at Brooklyn Signs. We create vinyl decals and cut lettering that enhances the appearance of your walls, all for affordable rates and fast turnaround. Learn more by contacting Brooklyn Signs at (718) 252-7575 or use our online form to get started.

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Types of Wall Decals

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What are Wall Decals

Wall decals are sometimes known as wall stickers, wall lettering, and depending on the size and content of the design. Decals can be designed to be either permanent or removable. On the back of each decal is an adhesive, which makes it possible to glue the design onto a wall or drywall.

Once applied, the design blends seamlessly into the texture of the wall, making it look almost like it is painted on. Designs can also be CAD cut, which is capable of creating essentially any shape – the lettering or design is sent to a machine, called a plotter, which is able to read the shapes and lines and cut through a path. These plotters are large, capable of cutting up to 60″ (5 feet) on either side.

Brooklyn Signs also uses devices that are capable of more customization options than some types of wall decal printing companies. We can create:

Our matte black decals are especially popular, as are our more stock vibrant colors. We also have decals that can be written on like chalkboard or dry/erase boards.

Decals also do not necessarily need to stick directly onto a wall. It can be placed on any glossy painted, smooth polished wooed, doors, and other serfaces. Our standard decals are made with Avery 2611, 6-8 mil, which is known for its vibrant prints and durability.

Our removable decals can be removed without any adhesive residue left behind. While wall lettering is especially common, there are no limitations with the types of prints you create. Your custom wall decals can be logos, pictures,  lettering signs, graphics, and anything else you may envision.

Product uses include, but are not limited to:

There are very few limitations for this type of sign, which fits as both décor and as marketing/advertising on any empty wall. Brooklyn Signs also provide vinyl related graphics and signs i.e. vinyl banners, floor decals, backdrops signs, and other event related signs.

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Benefits of Wall Decals

Our wall graphics extend beyond aesthetics, serving as a dynamic branding and marketing tool for businesses. They offer a cost-effective solution for elevating brand presence and creating engaging, immersive environments for customers. 


Aesthetic Appeal

Wall decals can dramatically transform a space, adding color, texture, and design elements without the need for painting or wallpapering.



They offer a high degree of customization in terms of size, color, design, and message, allowing for personalization to fit any decor or branding requirement.

apply & remove

Easy to Apply and Remove

Wall decals are generally easy to install and can be removed without damaging the underlying wall surface, making them ideal for renters or temporary decorations.

less cost


Compared to traditional wall treatments like paint or wallpaper, wall decals are often more affordable and require less labor to install.



Suitable for a wide range of environments, including homes, offices, retail spaces, and public areas.


Easy Maintenance

They are easy to clean and don’t require special maintenance, unlike painted walls or wallpaper.

Our Wall Graphics Printing Services

installation & removal

Installation and Removal Service

Brooklyn Signs is licensed, bonded, and insured. We are available to install, and remove decals throughout NYC, as well as Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, Jersey City, NJ, and other areas of New York and New Jersey.

fast turn around

After Hours and Overnight Options

We can also create these wall decals with a very fast turnaround, and have the ability to assist with installation day or night so that the new design is in place when the office or home is empty.

full service

Full-Service Help

Brooklyn Signs is a licensed, insured, and bonded sign company that is available to help with whatever your sign design needs may be. If you need supporting signs for your wall decals, or help with your design, we’re there to assist you.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for Wall Decals

Whether you’re looking for a small vinyl decal for your kitchen, or a large wall decal that extends edge to edge in your store, Brooklyn Signs is able to create it all with the highest quality material and some of the most competitive pricing available today.

Contact us at any time to get started, or give us a call if you have questions that need to be answered before we can start on your design.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Wall Decals are the vinyl wraps that get affixed to your walls easily. They are like wall tattoos and wall stickers – you can get any graphic printed on the vinyl material and they can be cut to any shape.

Wall Decals are made up of vinyl, which is a durable material. These decals can last for years – depending upon the environment in which they are applied.

It’s easy to apply wall decals, no hardwares are required. You have to remove the backing of the decal and apply it carefully on the plain wall making sure that no bubbles pop-up. Keep pressing the wall decal, towards the wall as you continue applying.

Their removal is easy as their installation. Scratch one corner of the decal and apply some heat with a hair dryer, it will help the vinyl decal loosen it’s adhesive strength. Once you notice that it’s coming off the wall remove it carefully.

Yes, we do offer decal design and installation services. We have expert graphic designers that can help you with any type of required design. And a team of professional installers, that can install your decals.

Yes, you need to make sure that your wall is and clean.

Yes, we offer custom sizes and shapes for your decals. You can get them in 30 x 50 cm, 60 x 100 cm and even 100 x 100 cm large enough. Contact us for the size and shape you require. We will help you out.

Window decals are the signs that cover partial or full windows. These signs can be used to decorate the windows or can be used for advertisement purposes too.

Wall decals are usually water resistant but if they are in constant contact with water or a humid environment, they might not last long. You need to take care of the decals by cleaning them daly for any dust and also make sure to clean your window l before installing them.

Yes, it is not difficult to install or remove these decals; they just require a special technique. And we are here to provide you with our services so that you don’t go through any hassle yourself.

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