Dibond Signs

When you need a sturdy sign that can withstand the elements while still showcasing your creative ideas, Dibond signs are a great solution. The aluminum composite signs are lightweight and won’t bend, rust, or fade. They can be used outdoors to direct traffic or display your wall menu. Their crisp colors also make them ideal for printed graphics and promotional signs.

Custom Rigid Contour Cut and Printed Dibond Signs

Choose a material that will last without sacrificing creativity with a Dibond sign. Dibond consists of a flexible polyethylene core bonded on either side by aluminum. The result is a rigid sheeting that can last outdoors for years. Dibond has been the material of choice for parking and directional signage, but also works well for wall menus, promotional graphics, art galleries, and personal use.

Because Dibond signs can be printed with any graphic, you can share your logo, menu, or newest product with customers. Endless customization options mean we can create a sign that matches your creative vision. Call us today at (718) 252-7575 to discuss your design.

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Types of Dibond Signs

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What are Dibond Signs?

Dibond signs are a sturdy and flexible signage solution, ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. Made from aluminum composite material (ACM), they consist of two aluminum sheets bonded to a polyethylene core. This composition offers a thicker, more robust alternative to standard aluminum signs, while still being lightweight for easy installation.

At Brooklyn Signs, our Dibond signs leverage the strength and smooth surface of ACM for high-quality, vibrant printing. We offer customization in shape and size, ensuring each sign meets specific branding requirements. Dibond signs are perfect for various applications, from storefronts to trade show displays, offering durability, visual appeal, and cost-effectiveness.

Custom Dibond Signs Printing

At Brooklyn Signs, we excel in creating custom Dibond signs that bring your unique vision to life. Our printed Dibond signs are perfectly tailored to your design needs, showcasing your graphics with stunning detail and unmatched color accuracy. With us, the customization possibilities for your Dibond signs are limitless, ensuring that each sign we produce is a true reflection of your brand and message.

Contour Cut Dibond Signs

These signs can be made in any shape. We can even include holes in the interior of the sign. Using a CNC router, we can cut the Dibond into the needed shape with perfect precision.


Dibond is available in a variety of finishes. The standard pre-painted polyester offers a luster. Brushed metal finishes are also possible and provide an industrial, textured look to the design.


Installation Options

Because Dibond is lightweight, these signs can be easily mounted to drywall or a stand. It is also possible to add grommets so the sign can be hung.

Why Dibond Signs?

Whenever you need a permanent sign that can withstand tough environments, an aluminum composite sign will continue to look professional year over year. Dibond signs have long been one of the preferred sign materials for a variety of different outdoor (and indoor) signage. Some of the benefits of dibond signs include:
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Made from aluminum composite material, Dibond signs are highly resistant to wear and tear, weather elements, and corrosion, making them ideal for long-term use both indoors and outdoors

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Despite their strength, these signs are surprisingly lightweight, facilitating easy transportation and installation.


High-Quality Printing

The smooth surface of Dibond is excellent for digital printing, allowing for sharp, vibrant graphics and text that don’t fade over time.

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We can cut Dibond signs into almost any shape or size, offering unparalleled customization for unique design needs.

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Versatile Applications

Suitable for a wide array of uses, from retail and corporate signage to artistic displays and event signage.


Professional Appearance

The smooth surface of Dibond is excellent for digital printing, allowing for sharp, vibrant graphics and text that don’t fade over time.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs

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Located in the heart of New York City, Brooklyn Signs has been providing signs to the community for more than 30 years. We know the city and are convenient no matter where you are located.

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By keeping our processes entirely in house, we can provide signs more quickly and at a lower cost than many other sign fabricators in the area. Our signs can transform the look of your business or property without breaking your budget.

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In addition to printing Dibond signs, we offer design, installation, and restoration services. We can also recommend and create signs in many different styles and materials if another sign type will better meet your needs.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for Dibond Signs

From design to installation, Brooklyn Signs will work with you to bring your creative ideas to life. In addition to Dibond signs, we offer hundreds to sign types to suit your needs. 

We are licensed and insured so you can be assured we will provide high quality signs. To start the design process for your Dibond sign, give us a call today at (718) 252-7575.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Dibond signs are made of flexible polythene core bonded with aluminum on either side. Lightweight, durable, used in advertising or displays. UV resistant and stable in various temperatures.
Dibond is durable, lasting 10+ years in harsh weather, resistant to fading and decomposition. Lasts even longer when used indoors.
Yes, Dibond allows custom printing and cutting into desired shapes and designs.
Sizes are customizable, standard offering includes 244cmx122cm.
Dibond signs offer durability, long-term use, stability, weather resistance, among other advantages.
Yes, Dibond signs are waterproof, rot-proof, rust-proof, and chemical resistant.
Yes, Dibond signs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use for extended periods.
Clean using a soft brush with dishwashing soap or a non-abrasive cloth, then dry with a soft, dry cloth.
Clean using a soft brush with dishwashing soap or a non-abrasive cloth, then dry with a soft, dry cloth.
Dibond itself is not magnetic, but it can be made magnetic by using certain materials, such as metal in the board.
Yes, Dibond signs can be illuminated using neon or LED lights, but for specific requirements, contact the provider for assistance.
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