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Signs are more than just a means of communicating information. They can inspire customers, reinforce a brand, or even provide entertainment. At Brooklyn Signs, we create custom signs that do all three, as well as share a message for potential clients and visitors. Our custom signs are used by businesses and at events in Long Island, NYC, and beyond.

There are many famous sites in Long Island that people come to visit from all over the world, like Fire Island LightHouse, Gosman’s Dock, Camp Hero State Park and many more. With beaches, wineries, history, and more, it’s no wonder so many people are drawn to Long Island. Like any location though, quality and eye-catching signage is always relevant. Signs can attract people to a store or restaurant, advertise real estate, and decorate an event.

At Brooklyn Signs, we work with Long Island clients to provide signs for any purpose. Each of our signs is crafted specifically to suit your specifications, without the use of templates. With state of the art technology, an extensive inventory of materials and skills, and superior customer service, our clients have come to trust us to provide high quality signs they can’t get anywhere else. Start today by contacting Brooklyn Signs.

Long Island Sign Portfolio

Our Most Famous Sign Products in Long Island

If you have a specific idea in mind, we can make recommendations as to which material and customization options will work best with your design. In many cases, our expert team can suggest options to make your sign last longer and better capture attention, all while representing your brand. Each of our signs is handcrafted, based on the goals of your business. We customize signs to your design, changing the material, shape, size, color, and finish to create a truly unique sign. Signs are available for both indoor and outdoor, permanent and temporary use, with examples that include:
  • HDP Signs:- Building signs that are required by law in many buildings for the safety of residents, employees and other visitors. Some of the HPD signs include floor number signs, boiler room signs, smoke detector signs, fire safety signs and many more.
  • Truck Wraps:- Giving a new look to your trucks without using the expensive method ie getting your vehicle painted. Truck wraps give your trucks a new look in a very cost effective way. They can be used to advertise your brand and for many other purposes.
  • Truck Lettering:- Made with vinul, these letterings are used on a truck to advertise your brand name, company name, contact info and many other things.These truck letterings can be designed in any size, font, color that you want.
  • Wall Decals:- Giving a new look to your walls with a graphic, any quote or any logo that can be used to advertise your business too. Wall decals are a cost effective way to decorate your walls.
  • Aluminum Metal Signs:- Custom aluminum metal signs that are very durable, are light weight, and weather resistant too. They are used as outdoor signs for many stores, restaurants, cafes etc.
  • Office Signs:- Office signs are different signs that are made of materials like aluminum, glass, plexiglass, plastic and acrylic. These signs include floor number signs, name plate signs, egress map and many more.
  • Carved Signs:- The most traditional signs that give your stores or residents or buildings an antique look. These signs are carved on metals, wood, aluminum and other materials.
  • Light box Signs:- Electrically lighted sign that contains backlit film that embodies a printed image on the fabric giving the cinematic effect to the surrounding. These signs are a great way to attract customers.
The Sign Services that We Offer in Long Island

We take pride in creating lasting partnerships with our clients. From inception to completion, we are available to answer your questions, realize your ideas, and keep you signs looking their best every year. Visual advertising involves more than just printing a sign. To help you throughout the process, we offer services that you will not find with other sign shops. Our specialty services include:

Sign Design

With a team of dedicated designers, we can create custom graphics and plan signs that best represent the brand.

Sign Installation

Prioritizing durability and safety, our team can install signs at your place of business. We work around business hours to prevent interrupting operations.

Sign Repair

Even the best signs can need fixing during their service life. Our licensed technicians can quickly repair lit and unlit signage.

Sign Restoration

Classic, irreplaceable signs can be returned to new with restoration. We keep as much of your original sign as possible to maintain the authenticity and have the sign fixed quickly.

Sign Permits

To meet local building codes, zoning ordinances, and ADA regulations, many signs require permits. We offer permit filing to make this easy.

Why choose Brooklyn Signs as your Long Island Signage Company

Brooklyn Signs is a sign fabrication company with a proven track record. We have created thousands of signs over three decades and performed installations and maintenance for hundreds of companies. We know what works, both in terms of the signage that best promotes a business and making sure our clients are taken care of. Brooklyn Signs provides the fastest turnaround, We are a licensed and insured company that has been providing services in not only Long Island, but New York, Liden, New Jersey, Newark NJ, Elizabth NJ and many many more areas. Our local services are convenient for Long Island customers, allowing us to provide onsite services quickly. For sign fabrication, we also provide fast turnaround times, with some signs requiring as little as one day of the lead team.

Start Your Order Today with Brooklyn Signs

For restaurants, hotels, offices, and event planners, Brooklyn Signs is the number one choice for signs in Long Island. We work with both companies and individuals to design and install handcrafted, custom signs. For more information on what we do or to get started, contact us at (718) 252-7575 or by using the contact form on our website.