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We specializes in custom signage that resonates with the local business landscape. We understand the unique demands of Edison’s market, offering tailored solutions for businesses big and small. From eye-catching retail displays to sleek corporate signs, our team is dedicated to boosting your brand’s presence and engagement in Edison’s diverse community.

Custom Sigange Company in Eidson NJ

Signage makes our life much easier, they play a critical role in capturing people’s attention, and when those in Edison, need a sign, they turn to Brooklyn Signs – a custom signage company that is the choice of hundreds of customers. We are a Full Service Sign Company in Edison NJ that manufactures, installs, designs and repairs your signs.

Edison is a very famous city- named after Thomas Edison; the great American Inventor. It is a very beautiful city and If you have strolled through Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Tower and Museum there, you might have seen the tower that has shining light – telling you about the famous discovery of Thomas Edison that was a “fluorescent light bulb”.

Moving further, you might also have seen a metal plate engraved with the dedication of the place to this great inventor. Then, as you move further inside, you would have found other signs too including, floor signs telling you which floor you are at, wall decals having different graphics, Wayfinder signs telling you which direction you should move in and many more. Not just this particular place, many other places also have different types of signages for your help. Every city needs signs and sources to navigate through. This city is also full of different types of signages that help you find your way through.

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Our Popular Sign Products in Edison

Specializing in both indoor and outdoor signs, we cater to the diverse needs of local businesses with our expert sign fabrication services. Whether you’re looking for eye-catching storefront displays or professional interior signage, our team crafts each sign with precision and care. We focus on creating durable, high-quality signs that not only capture your brand’s essence but also withstand the dynamic Edison environment.

Aluminum Metal Signs

Aluminum Metal Signs

The signs that are the best for outdoor and indoor use. Giving your building, store and extravagant look that can help you attract many customers. These signs are being used by many businesses like cafes, restaurants, malls, stores and many more.

Paper Signs

Paper Signs

The most cost effective signs in the ease of paper with exceptional graphics and radiant colors provide many different types of benefits. They are good for on budget and people who are interested in large format printing.

Plastic Signs

Plastic Signs

Made from plastic or acrylic are often used as company signs, office signs, storefront signs, advertising signs, door signs, and many more.

Wall Wraps

Wall Wraps

The best way to give your walls a new look occasionally, wall wraps play a huge role in making your rooms, offices, stores and many other buildings look remarkable and eye-catching.

Hand Painted Signs

Hand Painted Signs

The most traditional way of getting your signs made. The most special thing about these signs is they give you a sense of belonging that they were thought of and get painted by you and no one can copy that style or design from you.

Channel Letters

Channel Letter Signs

The illuminated signs that are used by bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes and many other businesses are a great way to attract customers to your businesses. These signs are also called three-dimensional signs and are great for outdoor and indoor use.

Carved Signs

Carved Signs

Traditional signs that give your stores, buildings or homes a unique look. These signs are made with extra care using new technology tools to make them extra special for our customers.

Window Signs

Window Signs

Windows signs include many signs like window decals, window wraps, hand-painted signs and many more. These signs are a great way to attract different customers to your business and also add some privacy factors to your store too

Office Signs

Office Signs

Office signs that include nameplate signs, floor number signs, boiler room signs, safety signs and many more. These signs play an important role in making the best impression on your customers.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs as your Edison Sign Company

Opting for Brooklyn Signs as your signage partner in Edison, NJ, means aligning with a team that combines in-depth local knowledge with unparalleled creative and technical expertise. We understand Edison’s unique business environment, enabling us to tailor custom signage solutions that are visually stunning and strategically effective. Our expertise in crafting both indoor and outdoor signs guarantees quality and impact. Brooklyn Signs is dedicated to providing high-grade, personalized signage that elevates your brand and connects with the Edison community, ensuring your business makes a significant impression in this dynamic New Jersey market.

The Sign Services We Offer in Long Island

At Brooklyn Signs, we design and fabricate signs for companies all over the East Coast, and we install our products across New York and New Jersey. If you are in need of comprehensive sign installation services in Edison, we will happily travel to your property, install your sign, and make sure it is secure and functioning properly.

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Sign Design

We specialize in custom sign designs that capture New Jersey’s unique brand essence. Our team works with you to create visually impactful designs that effectively communicate your message.

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Sign Fabrication

Our sign fabrication blends artistry with precision, utilizing advanced technology and quality materials to create durable, eye-catching signs for New Jersey’s diverse settings.

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Sign Installation

We provide thorough sign installation services across New Jersey, ensuring safe, prominent setup and professional display in any location.

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Sign Restoration

Revitalize old signs with our restoration services, expertly preserving their character while enhancing durability, perfect for New Jersey’s varied landscape.

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Sign Repair

Our efficient sign repair team addresses wear and tear quickly, restoring your signage to optimal condition for continued effectiveness.

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Sign Permit

We navigate New Jersey’s sign permit process, managing legalities to ensure your signage complies with local regulations.

Get Your Custom Sign Made Today!

Our services cover every step of your sign design and manufacturing needs. No job is too big or too small for our team of highly trained technicians, and our turnaround times are the quickest in the business.

We offer maintenance services, repair as well as installation services with the help of a great team of installers. We also have a team of professional graphic designers who can help you make the best designs possible.

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