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Staten Island, a borough of New York City, may be very different from Times Square when it comes to advertising, but visual promotion is no less important here. Custom store signs draw attention to a business, and the physical presence of a sign makes its message more memorable. As Staten Island companies continue to grow, Brooklyn Signs has become the top choice for local businesses looking to market themselves with custom signage that makes an impact.

Famous for is Staten Island Zoo, The Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden with many beautiful features, art galleries and many more. Regardless of the fact that Residents of Staten Island love to live in a Modern Era, Traditional signs still play an essential part in getting a customer’s attention, helping them find you, and giving them something to remember about your business.

From major retailers to sole proprietorships to restaurants, signs remain many companies’ best marketing tool – and for good reason. When designed well, signs are visually appealing, showcase a brand, and send a message to customers.

Brooklyn Signs offers comprehensive sign fabrication, sign installation, and sign repair services in NYC. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have become the premier sign company for businesses of all sizes in Staten Island.

Staten Island Sign Portfolio

Our Most Popular Signs in Staten Island

With a variety of materials, the latest technology, and years of experience, each of our signs represents a unique opportunity to bring your brand to life. We can customize any of our signs to your exact specifications. Some examples of our signs include:
  • Wall Wraps:- The best way to give your walls a new look occasionally, wall wraps play a huge role in making your rooms, offices, stores and many other buildings look remarkable and eye-catching.
  • Window Frosting:- A way to have privacy in your offices as well as designing your glass doors and windows in a great way. Window frostings provide an attractive and eye-catching with added privacy used by many offices, residential areas and many more.
  • Fabric Light Boxes:- A great way to have your brand advertised using a metal or plastic or acrylic box with light panels of neon or LED with fabric covering the sign. Lighting your whole store even at night.
  • Blade Signs:- Hanging signs outside the storefronts, a cost-effective way to attract foot traffic. These signs are made of wood, aluminum, and other metals used by many stores, cafes, restaurants etc.
  • Metal Signs:- Metal is a good option for durable, utilitarian signs like street signs and building signs, although it can also make for attractive storefront signs, plaques, and office signs.
  • Channel Letters:- Illuminated signs used by pubs, restaurants, cafes, bars, stores, malls to advertise your brand even in dark nights. They are the best signs to grab the attention of your customers.
  • Yard Signs:- Small advertising signs that can be placed in yards, or anywhere else on the property by the property owners. These signs are usually made of aluminum, metal, wood etc.
  • Office Signs:- Office signs that include nameplate signs, floor number signs, boiler room signs, safety signs and many more. These signs play an important role in making the best impression on your customers.
Depending on the location and purpose of the sign, certain types of signs will prove more noticeable and a better fit for space. When you let us know about your project, we can work with you to determine which type of sign will suit your requirements.
Additional Sign Services that We Provide in Staten Island:

Like our signs, all of our services are backed by a written guarantee so you can feel confident you are getting the best service without hurting your budget. In addition to printing high-quality and attractive signs, we are Staten Island’s choice for their long-term signage partner because we offer complimentary sign services to help you with any type of display. We can assist with your signage needs throughout the life of your sign and even beyond. To meet each client’s needs, we provide:

Sign and Design

To ensure every sign is unique while also fulfilling its purpose, we offer design services to help businesses realize their ideas while keeping them tailored to their brand.

Sign Installation

Our installation team is licensed and insured, capable of installing any type of sign. We are also a 3M certified vinyl installer. Whatever your sign, we can professionally mount, wire, or adhere it.

Sign Repair and Maintenance

Whether we created the sign or not, we offer repair and maintenance to keep signs looking new and functioning. We also offer restoration for iconic signs that need a touchup.

Sign Permits

Our sign permit filing service ensures you have the permits your sign needs on time and in order. We have site surveys available as well to ensure legality of the sign.

CNC Cutting

A CNC router makes it possible to customize materials like never before. Our CNC router can shape, etch, and carve materials from wood to metal to plastic.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs as Your Signage Company?

Brooklyn Signs has provided sign fabrication, sign installation, and sign repair services to NYC since 1989. We have developed a reputation for high-quality signs, fast turnaround times, and friendly customer service, all while providing some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

We are confident in our products and services, and back all of our work with a written satisfaction guarantee. Not only do we serve in Staten Island, but we also are able to provide services in Long Island, New York City, Bronx, and many more. Our goal is not only to provide quality signs and convenient service but to help make your business or event all it can be when it has the right signage.

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With local expertise on advertising on Staten Island, Brooklyn Signs is the ideal choice for developing impactful signage for new and existing businesses. Whether you too are a long-time resident, or your company is looking to expand into this growing market, we have solutions that will help your business thrive. Call us today at (718) 252-7575 or use our contact form to get more information on our services or set up a consultation.