Decal Installation

Vinyl decals are the ultimate branding tool. Small decals fit perfectly in windows and glass. Larger window, vehicle, and wall wraps can turn a large empty space into a vivid one. Decals are affordable, vibrant, and long-lasting. But getting the perfect placement when installing them can be a bit difficult. Brooklyn Signs is a certified installer of vinyl decals who can install decals on a variety of services for a long-lasting and perfectly placed display.

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Affordable and versatile, vinyl decals are a popular choice for promotion, information, storefront signage, and more. Decals are available in any size and design and can be installed on windows, walls, floor, and even vehicles. They are semi-permanent, so they can be easily replaced and reinstalled when updates are needed.

Brooklyn Signs is a full service sign company in NYC offering decal installation. We work with clients from small businesses to corporations on window decals installation, walls decals installation, and vehicle decals installation. For those that need decals, we also offer design and printing using high quality 3M vinyl. Let us know your needs by giving us a call at (718) 252-7575.

Types of Decal Installation

About Our Decal Installation

As a 3M certified installer, our team can professionally install vinyl decals with the industry standard process. Using designated tools, we can adhere decals with either the:
  • Wet Method – Using a soap solution, we make both the decal and surface wet. This allows the decal to slide during application so that it can be correctly positioned. Once the decal and surface dry after a few hours, the decal will adhere.
  • Dry Method – Similar to a sticker, decals are peeled and stuck to the intended surface. This is the easiest method, but needs precision to ensure the decal is placed properly.

With both methods, we carefully remove any bubbling or warping and create smooth edges for a more seamless appearance. The vinyl sign types we install are:

  • Window Decals
  • Floor Decals
  • Wall Decals
  • Vehicle Letting
  • Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl decals can last for several years. Those used as floor graphics often wear more quickly because of foot traffic. Floor and window decals can be easily removed by customers, but we are also available for removal services if it is time to refresh your decals.

For vehicle decals installation, we use the 3M process for installation and removal. This ensures a smooth and durable application, as well as protects the vehicle’s paint and finish from damage.

Who We Are and Why Hire Brooklyn Signs for Decal Installation?

We have been creating and installing signs in NYC for several decades. Our certified technicians can install decals in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, Bronx, Queens, and New Jersey. With such a reach, our decals can be seen on local shop windows, store and museum floors, office spaces, and moving throughout the city on trucks and vans.

Wall Decal Installation

We can surely install decals on your walls – whether you want to install decals on your restaurant’s walls, office walls, school walls, or on some other walls – we can install them for you. The wall decals provided by Brooklyn signs are versatile and they can be easily installed and removed.

Gold Leaf Decals

The gold leaf decals are installed on your windows. You can get them installed on the windows of your store-fronts, retailer’s windows, Office windows, and on other paces windows too. At Brooklyn Signs, You can also have Sliver leaf decals, Etched glass, and much more.

Glass Decals

The glass decals consist of your glass doors and your windows. You can get the decals installed on your office windows and glass doors, on your retailer’s windows and glass doors, on your house’s windows and glass doors. We offer you a variety of options – from which you can choose.

We want to create and install signs that draw attention to your business. As a sign manufacturer, we believe the right sign and professional installation can attract the right customers to you. When working with you, we promise friendly and professional service. We plan around your schedule with after hours installation and quick turnaround available so your business experiences the fewest interruptions. When you trust us with your store, vehicle, and signs, we treat them as if they were our own.

Get Your Walls, Windows, and Vehicles Wrapped in Our Decals Today!

Whatever your signage needs, Brooklyn Signs is ready to be your partner. We are a full service company, offering design and printing services as well as installation. If needed, we can create eye-catching vinyl decals for your business. To schedule an installation or get more information, contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Do you only offer sign installation or decals too?

We not only install the signs for our customers, we also install different types of decals too. The decals are sensitive to installation as they are made of specific design and are glued to the walls or windows so they require precision and care. Our team of installers is an expert in this kind of work. They can easily install the decals for you in a very professional manner that will give your walls or windows a new brighter and attractive look.

Hi, I have to update and reinstall my sign, can you help me?

We sure can. You can contact us easily using our contact or via email and we can help you out in whatever manner we can. If you want your sign to be reinstalled we have the professionals for you who can do that for you easily.

What type of decals installation services do you offer?

We can install any particular type of decal that you want. They may include truck decals, floor decals, wall decals, window decals, vehicle lettering etc.

Do you provide event graphics installation services?

Events are a place where you get to make a good impression on your guests and we know how important they can be so we are here to help you in this matter. Our team of professionals can easily install any type of graphics that you want for your events so that it can make your event even more enjoyable.

Can I install floor decals myself?

Yes you can. Floor decals are not really difficult to install if you have the right tools and know-how to install them. But before installing any decal you need to keep in mind to clean the surface very thoroughly and then apply them on a dry surface. All of the products come with a written guide on how to install the specific sign. You can follow the instructions and install the sign yourself.

What if I need to remove my decals?

If you want the decal removed you can contact us easily because not only do we install the decals we also offer services to remove them. But if you want to remove them yourself you can do so by applying heat at one corner of the decal using a hairdryer or any other equipment that won’t light the sign on fire and then remove it slowly.