Sign Repair

Although caring for your sign with cleaner or professional sign maintenance can extend a sign’s lifespan, no sign lasts forever. If the sign is already damaged or not functioning as it should, sign repair can bring a sign back to its best. At Brooklyn Signs, we offer sign repair and maintenance services to keep your displays looking great.

Your Local Sign Repair and Parking Lot Lights Maintenance Company in NYC

A sign that isn’t working well or has experienced too much damage can cost you customers. Maybe they can’t see your business because a light is out in your storefront sign, or your sign’s paint is fading, or you a sign has become broken or damaged in some way. No matter the issue, there are going to be situations where your sign needs repair.

As a sign repair company in NYC, Brooklyn Signs works with companies to repair all types of signs. We offer maintenance services on lighted and unlighted signs, and our full service design and fabrication team can replace signs in cases where repair is not possible. We also have the tools and experience to help with similar services, like parking lot light maintenance. To get a quote on your sign repair, call us at (718) 252-7575.

Types of Sign Repair Services

About Our Sign Repair Services and Support

Ongoing maintenance can extend the lifetime of a sign, but signs will occasionally need parts replaced. As part of our sign repair and maintenance, we can clean the sign, remove rust, replace bulbs and transistors, fix wiring, and refresh paint. Some examples of the types of signs that we can repair include:
  • Light Box Signs
  • Neon Signs
  • Channel Letter Signs
  • Storefront Signs
  • Parking Lot Lights
  • Pylon Signs
  • Painted Signs
  • Awnings and Canopies, etc

We use a cherry picker to safely reach and repair signs wherever they are installed. If a faulty sign cannot be repaired, our team can work with you customers to create a new sign or arrange a more advanced restoration. We have restored some of the most iconic signs in New York City, and are a full service sign company capable of replacing any type of sign or display you may have.

We are also a sign violation removal company and can take down any signs that have been improperly installed. Additionally, we offer parking lot lights repair services using our cherry picker.

Who We Are at Brooklyn Signs

Even with the most innovative fabrication techniques and highest-quality materials, we understand that signs don’t last forever. They need periodic maintenance, occasional repair, and in some cases, replacement. We also know that with the right repair, your sign can look as good as new year after year.

Whether they purchased the sign from us or another design company, our customers trust us for sign repair because we are:

Cleaning and Maintenance

Because of the cold harsh winters, hot humid summers — and even proximity to the ocean — in New York and New Jersey elements such as wind, moisture, salt, and extreme temperatures can cause damage and add grime or rust to even the sturdiest signs. Brooklyn Signs can accomplish a quick, affordable cleaning or repair for outdoor signage of any style or material in New York City, New Jersey, and Long Island. Whether light boxes, channel letters, metal, vinyl, or wood — our sign maintenance service covers it all to help your business look its best and stand out for the right reasons.

Lighted and Electronic Sign Repair

Electrical power surges, water, and wind can also wreak havoc on the highest quality electronic and illuminated signs. Brooklyn Signs has been replacing ballasts, lights, and wiring since before many of those reading this page was born. Always keeping the customer’s budget in mind, we are uniquely qualified to determine what’s up to code and salvageable and what needs replacing, either for aesthetic or safety reasons.

Neon and LED Repair or Conversion

“Is neon sign repair expensive?” is usually the first question asked by a business owner with an existing neon sign. At Brooklyn Signs, not only do we pride ourselves on our competitive prices and decades of experience as a neon sign repair shop — but we also work with you throughout the entire process to ensure that there’s no sticker shock or unpleasant surprises — whether it’s due to materials, labor, or attaining the proper sign permits. We can even retrofit older signs, such as a conversion from neon to energy-efficient LED, so the work actually pays for itself. Brooklyn Signs also repairs and upgrades existing LED signs in high, medium, or standard resolution.

If your sign needs go beyond repair or removal, Brooklyn Signs is a full service sign company, so we also offer design services, fabrication, and sign installation services.

Contact Us Today to Get Started for Sign Repair and Maintenance Requirements

Since our founding, Brooklyn Signs has made it our mission to be the go to sign partner for local companies in Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Jersey City, and more. Even if we didn’t design your sign, we can be on hand quickly to repair it. Our technicians can work around your schedule to get your sign functioning again without interrupting business hours.
Since we are confident in our work, our maintenance, repair, and installation services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

What types of Sign do you repair?

We have a team of professionals who can fix any sign for you from cleaning them for dust, removing rust from them, fixing the lights of the signs, refreshing paint, fix the wiring, and many more. Some of the signs we have repaired are Light Box Signs, Neon Signs, Channel Letter Signs, Storefront Signs, Pylon Signs, Painted Signs, Awnings and Canopies, and many more.

Do You repair neon lights?

We absolutely do. If there is a sign on your storefront, or in your store or restaurant or cafe or any other place that needs a neon signs light to be fixed we can repair that for you. We have advanced tools and equipment using which we make your sign as good as new.

Do you offer parking lot lights repair service?

We sure do. You can contact us for the repair of any type of light and we will do that for you. We use the best lights in the industry that last for many years if they are taken care of properly.

Can you replace one letter of my channel letter signs?

If your channel letter sign needs any type of maintenance that might include repairing the lights, changing the material that has gone rust, or damaged due to any type of accident, or if one of the letters of the design has been damaged on your sign we can easily replace that for you too.

Do you provide same day sign repair services?

Our team has been in the signs industry for many years and we know that sometimes there is an emergency situation where the customer needs their sign repaired or replaced the same day and that is where we come in. We do provide same day repair services to our beloved customers.

Do you provide sign installation services?

We have a team of professionals hired by our company. Not only do we have professional graphic designers, sign makers, and many other teams, we also have a team of professional installers that can easily install any type of sign for you and anywhere you put them to be placed.

What are your working hours?

Mostly there is a specific time that we work in and the days are specific to i.e. 8:00 am to 5:00pm from Monday to Saturday. But if our customers need their signs to be placed at night when there is no one in the building or store or any specific time of the day, we can arrange that for our customers too. Please contact us if you have further query, we would love to help you out.