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Coroplast Signs

Corrugated plastic, under the brand name Coroplast, is made by bonding extruded polypropylene sheets into a durable, twin-walled plastic. The resulting material is lightweight, versatile, and extremely durable.

Coroplast signs are most often seen as yard signs for election campaigns, real estate signs, advertising for contractor services, and directional signage. They are easy to install and can be made to stake into the ground, mounted on a wall, or as an A-frame board. While they are durable, Coroplast signs are lightweight enough to blow away if it gets too windy, so they should be brought inside during high storms.

  • Coroplast can be cut to any size, although common sizes are 12” x 18”, 18” x 24”, and 24” x 36”.
  • Different thicknesses of Coroplast are available ranging from 2mm to 10mm depending on the use of the sign.
  • Since it is a plastic, Coroplast is waterproof and weather resistant so it can be used for outdoor signage.
  • Coroplast is available in 14 different colors including white, black, blue, green, red, yellow, purple, and silver.
  • Because graphics are printed onto Coroplast using screen printing, a digital graphics file can be transferred directly to the sign.
  • Coroplast is a highly affordable material, making it a popular option for bulk sign orders.

Sintra Board Signs

Sintra board is made from extruded polyvinyl chloride (also known as PVC) that results in a rigid sheet that is durable, waterproof, and UV resistant. These signs work indoors and outdoors, and can last up to 10 years. Because the plastic material allows for vivid graphics, PVC boards are used to create high-quality event signs, restaurant menu boards, real estate signs, and museum exhibits.

Sintra board is more expensive than similar foam core or corrugated plastic signs, but offers additional durability and versatility for the price.

  • Sintra board will not easily scratch or bend even after extensive handling.
  • Using a CNC router and heat forming, Sintra board can be cut into any size or shape.
  • Sintra PVC is available in 3mm, 6mm, and 12mm thicknesses.
  • Sintra is available in white, black, grey, red, yellow, blue, and green, although white is most often used for printing.
  • Finishing options for Sintra board signs include matte and gloss lamination.
  • Sintra board signs can be created using direct digital printing to render graphics or photo mounting.

Aluminum Signs

Aluminum is a durable yet affordable metal. It is typically used in outdoor signage, although it also works well in abrasive environments like warehouses and factories. Parking signs, street signs, real estate signs, and company signs can all be made with aluminum. Aluminum has a natural luster that gives added vibrancy to the text or graphics printed on the sign. Because aluminum can scratch easily, it is best used in areas where it will not be often handled.

  • Aluminum signs are thin and lightweight, making for easy installation.
  • Aluminum sheeting for signs is available in 0.40”, 0.50”, 0.63”, and 0.80” thicknesses.
  • Aluminum is weatherproof and will not deteriorate under most chemicals, rust, or water.
  • Aluminum signs can be printed on both sides.
  • A reflective lamination can be applied to aluminum signs for use in low lighting areas.
  • Aluminum sign material is available in white, yellow, ivy green, and heron blue.

Acrylic Signs

Similar to glass in appearance, acrylic is a strong and highly customizable plastic sheet material. Those qualities, along with its affordability, have made acrylic one of the most popular signage materials. It is commonly used in retail stores and offices to display a business name or logo, but is also a good option for smaller office signs like room numbers, restrooms, and directions. Although they are resistant to wear, acrylic can scratch easily and should not be used outdoors or in excessive heat.

  • Acrylic can be custom cut into any shape, including letters, using a heat laser or CNC router.
  • Acrylic is available in transparent, opaque, and colored options.
  • Best for indoor use, acrylic is durable and easy to clean.
  • Acrylic has a glossy finish.
  • Printing on acrylic is done using screen printing or direct digital printing, so any graphic can be rendered on the sheeting.
  • Acrylic sign material is available in thicknesses from ⅛” to over 1”.

Styrene Signs

Styrene is made for expanded plastic to create a lightweight, flexible sheet. Because it is made of plastic, it is highly durable, resistant to water, scratches, and dirt. They are popular for displays at trade shows and conferences, as well as indoor promotional signage. Ink on styrene signs can fade in direct sunlight so care should be taken with placement and short-term use is best for outdoor styrene signs.

  • Styrene can be cut into any size or shape.
  • Available thicknesses for styrene sign material are 0.20”, 0.30”, 0.40”, and 0.60”.
  • Graphics printed on styrene are especially vibrant and signs can have a matte or gloss finish.
  • Styrene can be printed on both sides of the material.
  • Styrene posters can be rolled and stored in a packing tube when not in use.
  • Styrene is an affordable material.

Foam Board Signs

Made by sandwiching a layer of polystyrene foam between white clay coated paper or cotton archival paper, foam board is a rigid and affordable material. It is ideal for presentations, directional signage, events, and other places with a professional looking but temporary sign is needed. They can be wall mounted with adhesive or displayed on an easel.

Foam core should be handled carefully as it can be bent and excessive heat can cause warping.

  • Foam board is lightweight and easily transportable.
  • Graphics are printed on foam board using direct digital printing and can be printed on one or both sides.
  • Foam board signs can have matte, matte gloss, or high gloss finishes.
  • Thicknesses for foam board include 3.175mm, 4.5mm, and 12.5mm.
  • Foam board is available in white, black, and a range of colors.
  • Foam core can be easily cut to any desired size or shape, even by the customer with a craft knife (though of course we are happy to cut your signs)

Neon Signs

Neon signs are a classic, eye-catching type of lighted sign. Authentic neon lights are made by shaping lead glass tubes and filling them with different gas mixtures to achieve the desired color when the gas is lighted by electrodes. Each neon sign is handcrafted, so they can be customized with any text and simple designs. Neon letters are fragile and the sign should be installed where it will not be damaged by accidental bumps or handling.

  • Neon signs can be used both indoors and outdoors and are visible from a distance even at night and in poor lighting conditions.
  • Neon is available in blue, gold, orange, pink, green, yellow, and more. We have access to many custom colors.
  • Depending on how often they are used, neon signs last for 5 to 15 years before needing maintenance.
  • Neon signs should be left on 24/7 to reduce energy use and wear on the sign’s transformers.
  • Neon lighting is almost as energy efficient as LEDs.
  • Neon signs can be routinely cleaned by first unplugging the sign and using a gentle brush like a feather duster.

Lexan Signs

Lexan is the brand name of polycarbonate sheeting material created by a chemical reaction between carbonyl chloride and Bisphenol A. This material is similar to glass or Plexiglass, although it has a high impact strength, meaning it is shatterproof and bulletproof for most weapons.

It is commonly used for lighted signs and automobile windows, but can be used for commercial signs, nameplates, or promotional signage. Despite its durability, Lexan does scratch easily.

  • Polycarbonate is highly durable, waterproof, and UV resistant.
  • When used for lit signs, Lexan transmits light better than materials like acrylic.
  • Lexan has a glossy appearance and comes in plain or textured surfaces.
  • Lexan is available in 0.060”, 0.118”, and 0.177” thicknesses.
  • Available colors for Lexan include clear, white, gred, green, and blue.
  • Lexan can be screen printed.

MDO Signs

Medium density overlay, also known as MDO in the industry, is made by thermally bonding a paper layer to plywood. The paper contains resin to make the panel weather resistant and smooth. Along with the resin overlay, a special veneer underneath makes these signs ideal for painting. MDO signs are often used for painted exterior signs or murals.

  • MDO signs are primed and hand painted on one or both sides of the sign.
  • It is also possible to mount lightweight signs to MDO as an alternative to aluminum composite.
  • MDO panels come in 4’x8’ sheets, although can be custom shaped like standard plywood.
  • The thickness of MDO panels is 1/2”.
  • MDO panels are heavy, making them best for permanent use.
  • When an exterior grade paint is used, MDO signs will last outdoors for several years.

Magnetic Sheeting Signs

Magnetic sheeting is created by binding vinyl to a magnetic backing that has a strength of 90lbs per square foot. Because they are semi-permanent and affordable, many businesses use the magnetic signs on vehicles for mobile promotion. If a vehicle has been recently painted or the siding is hot, a magnetic sign can damage the paint. Magnetic signs should also be removed during car washes.

  • Magnetic sheeting is lightweight, flexible, and durable.
  • Magnetic sheeting can be trimmed to any size or shape.
  • Magnetic signs will adhere to any flat iron, steel, nickel, or cobalt surfaces.
  • Magnetic sheeting is made in 0.30”, 0.45”, and 0.60” thicknesses.
  • The finish for magnetic sheeting can be glossy or matte, and plain magnet without finishing is also available.
  • Magnetic sheeting signs are wind tested, waterproof, and printed with UV resistant inks to ensure durability.

UltraBoard Signs

UltraBoard is the brand name and industry standard for rigid, all-plastic display board. The board is made from a polystyrene foam core held between two sheets of polystyrene plastic. UltraBoard signs are commonly used for permanent signage, including art works, museum exhibits, and commercial signs. UltraBoard is not recommended for outdoor use, but it should last for at least 5 years indoors.

  • UltraBoard is more durable than traditional foam board as it is resistant to scratches and warping, and the polystyrene surface is waterproof.
  • UltraBoard can be custom cut to any size or shape.
  • UltraBoard is available in 3/16”, ½”, ¾”, and 1” thicknesses.
  • Both the foam core of UltraBoard panels and the polystyrene plastic facing are available in white and black.
  • Screen printing and direct digital printing are used to transfer graphics to UltraBoard, although photo and vinyl mounting is also possible.
  • Colors and designs printed on the plastic surface have high vibrancy and clarity.

Dibond Signs

Dibond is the brand name of the industry standard aluminum composite material. This material is made by bonding two aluminum panels to a foam core, so the Dibond sheet is thicker than aluminum with only half the weight. Dibond material is commonly used for directional and traffic signage, but also sees use with company logos, restaurant menus, and art galleries. Signs are easily mounted to poles with brackets or can be bolted to a wall.

  • Aluminum composite is weather resistant to both hot and cold temperatures, waterproof, rustproof, and resistant to most chemicals.
  • Dibond can be precision cut by a CNC router to almost any shape.
  • The thickness of Dibond is 2mm, 3mm, or 4mm.
  • Graphics can be printed directly onto Dibond, either on one side or both, using UV protected inks.
  • Dibond is available in white, black, silver, copper, gold, blue, green, and more.
  • Outdoors, dibond signs can last for at least 5 years without deterioration.
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