Acrylic Sign Material

Similar to glass in appearance, acrylic is a strong and highly customizable plastic sheet material. Those qualities, along with its affordability, have made acrylic one of the most popular signage materials. It is commonly used in retail stores and offices to display a business name or logo, but is also a good option for smaller office signs like room numbers, restrooms, and directions. Although they are resistant to wear, acrylic can scratch easily and should not be used outdoors or in excessive heat.

Application of Acrylic​

Acrylic Material signs are made of a plastic sheet that has a glossy finish, also known as Plexiglass. If you want a high-tech look for your signs then Acrylic Material signs are an ideal choice. These signs are highly durable and you can get them in custom colors and they can also get them as illuminated signs. There are many applications of acrylic, some of them are:

Benefits and Installation of Acrylic Material​

The major benefits of acrylic Material signs are that they can be easily shaped to any desired shape and size. You can get them molded according to your requirements and with the CNC Cutting routers and other tools, we can help you get the finest acrylic signs. They come with a glossy material – and they are very durable which means they are easy to clean.

Acrylic Material signs installation consist of some of the following methods.

Using Glue

As Acrylic is a light weight material, Acrylic Material signs can be attached anywhere using glue and they will not fall apart.


The Acrylic material signs can be hanged with ceiling, without having a fear they will tear your ceiling or they will fall.


The Acrylic signs are self supporting. If not required, They can stand without support and they are portable.
Acrylic is a lightweight material that makes it easy to be transported anywhere it is needed. There are very low risks of acrylic to damage or break – when dropped. All these features of acrylic make them best from much other signage. At Brooklyn Signs, we make sure that you invest in the right signs.
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