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Foam Board Sign Material

Made by sandwiching a layer of polystyrene foam between white clay-coated paper or cotton archival paper, foam board is a rigid and affordable material. It is ideal for presentations, directional signage, events, and other places with a professional look but a temporary sign is needed. They can be wall-mounted with adhesive or displayed on an easel. Foam core should be handled carefully as it can be bent and excessive heat can cause warping.

Applications of Foam Board signs

At Brooklyn Signs, we can print any graphic, image, and any other design on the foam board material. We can also print the graphics and cut the foam board signs to your required designs, shapes, and sizes. These signs are highly customizable. The foam board signs are available in various thicknesses and we can print them on one or two sides.

The applications for Foam board signs are:

Benefits of Foam Board signs

The foam board signs are light-weight and portable. They are easy to display signs which can be single or double-sided printed. You can variously install these signs using Velcro and many other ways. At Brooklyn Signs, we provide you 3/16 printed signs, ½ foam board signs, and many more custom options you can get from us. We can print custom small and large sizes for your foam board signs.

Some of the benefits of foam board signs are:


The Foam board signs are very portable. This material signs can be transported from one place to another easily.


The foam board signs are very lightweight, Which makes them easier to transfer and they look good when displayed.


The Foam Board material signs can be customised in any desired shape and in any desired color.
The Foam Board material is a flexible material, which can be cut to any shape easily. These features of foam board make them perfect for any kind of customisation. You can get them in any design, size and in any color.
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