Lexan / Polycarbonate Sign Material

Polycarbonate also known by the name of Lexan in the industry is a very tough plastic material, which provides many advantages. Polycarbonate material is a naturally transparent amorphous thermo plastic.

But they can be customized to a number of colors. Polycarbonate material is used to make a number of use full applications because it has high resistance, it is used to make bullet proof glass.

Uses of Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate has a high stability and high-impact strength. The polycarbonate material comes in a thickness of 3/16” but our team at Brooklyn signs can provide you with custom thicknesses and designs and sizes. We can print full color and graphics on your polycarbonate material signs. They can be used for:

Benefits of Polycarbonate

The polycarbonate material is a very strong material, it can be used for a long time and if used carefully, the old panels can be reused. If placed outdoors, polycarbonate take years to turn yellow. It is a sturdy material which can be customized according to your requirements for any type of signs. Some of the benefits of polycarbonate are:


Polycarbonate is half of the weight of glass but it is stronger than glass. Polycarbonate has nearly about 250 times higher resistance impact then glass. You can buy polycarbonate in different grades.


The polycarbonate signs are resistant to the weather conditions. Without shrinking they can spend a long time. Polycarbonate does not turn yellow quickly and it does not get scratches easily, which makes it durable.

Easy to clean

The polycarbonate signs are easy to clean. You can clean them with a microfiber. Polycarbonate is highly resistant to chemical reactions, so it can be cleaned using high impact chemical cleaners.

At Brooklyn signs, we can offer you full color printing on the polycarbonate. We can engrave any information in it and can cut it to any shape with our CNC Cutting routers. It is a unbreakable material.

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