Magnetic Sheeting

Magnetic sheeting is created by binding vinyl to a magnetic backing that has a strength of 90 lbs per square foot. Because they are semi-permanent and affordable, many businesses use magnetic signs on vehicles for mobile promotion. If a vehicle has been recently painted or the siding is hot, a magnetic sign can damage the paint. Magnetic signs should also be removed during car washes.


The magnetic sheets we provide you are of great benefits. They can be used in different places and they are very easy to install. We provide you a variety of adhesives options and different shapes, sizes and designs. You can use these signs for:

Benefits of Magnetic Signs

The magnetic signs offers a range of benefits. You can use them in different places as different signs. We offer you a range of different customization options. Some of th benefits of Magnetic signs are:


The magnetic signs made with our sheets are built to last for a long time. They can be used for both interior and exterior uses. And they are resistant to all the weather conditions.

Easy to use

The magnetic signs made with our magnetic sheets are very easy to use and they attract people with their magnetic nature. You can place them outdoors without any need of assistance.


The magnetic signs are very versatile. You can use them anywhere easily for different purposes. As they are of magnetic nature, they can stick anywhere and play a great role in multipurpose use.
There are many more other benefits of magnetic signs. They are the cost-effective advertising tools. If they are used correctly they will pay a great role in enhancing your sales.
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