Sintra Board

Sintra Board Sign Material

The sintra board material is light weight material yet rigid and it is the branded name which is used for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) board which is the industry leading PVC Board company for nearly about more than 20 years. It is a composite material which is good for both indoor and outdoor uses. The sintra boards are made of ascetically PVC in a homogenous sheet and it has a low gloss matte finish.

Applications of Sintra Board Material

The Sintra Board material is the most trusted PVC brand Leader and it is the most bright and whitest PVC Board material in the market. It is a lightweight material and is durable and we can use this material to make a wide range of signs. Some of the applications of sintra board material are:

  • Exhibits
  • Trade shows and etc.

Features of Sintra Board Material

At Brooklyn Signs, we provide you the signs with nearly all types of materials. You can get any type of material with its own unique features. The Sintra board material can be easily formed into any shape which is desirable. Some of the features of Sintra Board materials are:

Long Life

The Sintra Board Material has a good life time. It can spend more than 10 years.


It is a lightweight material, which is durable. You can use this material for interior and exterior signs.

Easily Moldable

The Sintra Board material can be easily and transformed into any desired custom shape.

The Sintra Material is heat formable and is chemical resistant. It has a lot of benefits. It is resistant to the dents and to the scratches. You can have custom shapes and size.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs?

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If you want to get the sintra board material signs, you can contact us. Our team can provide you all the custom shapes, colors and designs in this material. You can have 12 mm, 1” and 2” white PVC for your signs. Our team provides you the best cutting and much more.

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