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Styrene Sign Material

Styrene is made for expanded plastic to create a lightweight, flexible sheet. Because it is made of plastic, it is highly durable and resistant to water, scratches, and dirt. They are popular for displays at trade shows and conferences, as well as indoor promotional signage. Ink on styrene signs can fade in direct sunlight so care should be taken with placement and short-term use is best for outdoor styrene signs.

Applications of Styrene

Styrene material signs can be used as interior signs and exterior signs. These signs are affordable and are best for quality signs for events and expos. At Brooklyn Signs, we can provide your vibrant colors in the styrene material. You can also get numerous finishes in these materials. The styrene material can be cut to any shape – with our cutting routers and latest equipment we can cut this material to any desired shape, size, and design.

The applications of styrene are:

Features of Styrene signs

At Brooklyn Signs, we can provide you with various styrene sizes and thicknesses including styrene signs 0.02”, styrene signs 0.06”, styrene signs 0.03” and many more. We provide you styrene printing in custom colors. We provide you styrene posters and much more. Our experienced team can provide you a wide range of prospects for styrene signs. The styrene is a versatile and flexible material.

Long Life

The Sintra Board Material has a good life time. It can spend more than 10 years


It is a lightweight material, which is durable. You can use this material for interior and exterior signs.

Easily Moldable

The Sintra Board material can be easily and transformed into any desired custom shape.
The Sintra Material is heat formable and is chemical resistant. It has a lot of benefits. It is resistant to the dents and to the scratches. You can have custom shapes and size.
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