Ultraboard Sign Material

Ultra board is a heavy-duty, all-plastic panel used for vivid prints and high-use displays. The ultra-board is composed of a dense foam at the outside, which can be used for printing. The two types of Ultra Board are Ultra Board Aluminum and Ultra Board Core. Ultra Board Aluminum Is the best alternative to the metal. If you don’t want to go with the metal signs, you can go with the Ultra Board aluminum signs.

The Ultra Board core are the foam panels which are rigid and smooth and for mounting photos and prints in frames they are the ideal choice. The Ultra-board signs have a lot of characteristics – such as they can be used for the long term and they are water-resistant. The ultra-boards can be hand-cut or die-cut. The ultra-boards are of high-quality and can be used for permanent signage.

If you are looking for the highest quality boards, then ultra-boards are the answer. The ultra-boards claim a high-impact polystyrene surface.

Applications of Ultra Boards

The ultra-boards come in a range of thicknesses. The color of the ultra-boards is either black or white. But you can also get a combination. The thicknesses you can select according to your requirements. You can get custom sizes in ultra-boards which can be used for large signs and be cut to any size and desired size. You can also use the ultra-board signs for advertising purposes by getting eye-catching graphics and pictures on it.

Applications of Ultra Boards are:
  • Wall Art
  • Aisle Markers
  • Retail Signage and much more

Benefits of Ultra Boards

The ultra-boards offer a lot of versatility, you can use different tools to cut the ultra-board such as a Circular saw, a router, scroll saw, etc. The ultra-boards are also flexible for printing, you can use them for digital printing, screen printing, photo printing, etc. The ultra-boards are easy to install – because they are light-weight. You can install them as hanging signs – which means you can hang them from the ceiling. Other benefits of Ultra Board are:

Sturdy material for indoors

The Ultra board material signs are perfect for indoors . They are very strong and affordable and can be used for indoors as an ideal choice.

Light-weight and versatile

The Ultra board material is a light weight material but it is very strong, you can use it’s signs for Outdoors too. But for indoors it can last for a long time.

Resistant to tearing

The Ultra board Material signs are strong. They can not be teared apart easily. You can use them as various signs. They are durable and affordable.

On the Ultra board material, we can also print you the logos of your brand and any other graphics. And we can cut it to any shape so that it could fit your space. The Ultra board material signs are affordable and durable.

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The ultra-board materials provide your signs attractiveness. You can use them for advertising your brand – by printing your brand’s name, logo, and your brand’s product’s graphics on them. They are an affordable way of advertising. You can get them and use them for a long time. To know more about ultra-boards and other signs contact us at (718) 252-7575.