Trailer Wraps

When it comes to advertising, companies want to make a big impression. A vinyl trailer wrap or bus wrap takes a prominent vehicle and turns it into a branding tool. As a trailer truck or bus travels the country, a bold graphic on a custom wrap puts tempting graphics or company information directly in front of potential customers, turning a vehicle into more than just a means of transport.

Trailer wraps for Transportation Providers in NYC and Surrounding Areas

Many companies rely on billboards for advertising for their large scale and prominence. Like billboards, buses and trailers offer a large canvas for advertising. They also bring ads right to the customer on streets and highways, both regionally and nationally. Whether you want to advertise your own product or service on your trailer, or sell ad space on a bus, large vehicle wraps can transform your vehicle into a key marketing tool.

Brooklyn Signs is a 3M certified installer who can help you transform a trailer, bus, or other large vehicle with a custom printed wrap. No vehicle is too big and our designers can work with you to bring your ideas to such a large canvas. To learn more about our trailer wrapping services, call us today at (718) 252-7575.

Examples of Our Trailer Wraps

What Are Trailer Wraps?

Brooklyn Signs creates vehicle wraps and decals in all shapes and sizes. Our trailer wraps - along with our bus wraps and other large vehicle wrap products - are vinyl film that is place upon the surface of a vehicle to give it a custom, almost paint-like appearance.

For promotion on large scale vehicles, a design is printed onto high-grade vinyl film that is backed with adhesive. The vinyl is then installed directly to the trailer’s side. Vinyl wraps can be installed on:
  • Long-haul Trailers
  • Construction and Landscape Trailers
  • Moving Trailers 
  • Personal Trailers 
  • Race Car Trailers
  • Buses
  • Transport Vans
The vinyl film is made by 3M as part of their professional series or Avery Dennison, both known as the leading producers of vinyl wraps. Available in either 15oz or 18oz weight, 3M vinyl wraps are weather resistant so trailer wraps can withstand seasonal conditions and temperatures without deteriorating the appearance. Wraps can be customized in essentially any way, including:
  • Size – Wide-format printers make it possible to print seamless graphics on vinyl film up to 16’ tall, ideal for large trailers and buses. Partial trailer wraps and decals are also available to add a logo or smaller graphic.
  • Shape – Trailer wraps are custom cut to each vehicle’s size, making it possible to wrap any bus or trailer while taking into account windows, access panels, and other features. Additionally, partial wraps can be cut in any shape to accent a design.
  • Graphics – Because trailer wraps are printed with direct digital printing, any design can be transferred to the vinyl without losing color or resolution, including high definition photographs.
Our team of expert designers works with customers throughout the process to convert their graphics and ensign ideas to a wrap that will fit the specifications of their specific vehicle

Benefits of Our Trailer Wraps

Along with the mobility of vehicles continuously providing a new audience, large vehicle wraps are ideal for capturing customer’s attention. Some of their benefits include:

Eye-Catching Advertising

When coupled with vibrant graphics, a wrap on a bus or trailer is hard to miss. The size, motion, and bold design of the image naturally draws the eye, grabbing people’s attention even without them being aware of it.

High-Quality Vinyl

3M and Avery Dennison vinyl are both the best available on the market, meaning that graphics maintain their clarity while the white backing provides additional luminosity.


The vinyl and latex inks are designed to withstand outdoor conditions including rain, snow, sun, and dirt commonly found on trailers. Colors will not fade and the vinyl will not crack or warp for up to seven years.

Easily Removable

Trailer wraps can be removed quickly and without any damage to the vehicle or trailer’s finish when done properly by a professional.


Because of the extensive design and shaping options, trailer and bus wraps can work for any type of advertising or vehicle.

Both small businesses and large companies can capitalize on trailer wraps to take advantage of valuable advertising space.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs

Design Services

More than just a sign fabrication company, our team of designers know how to transfer your creative ideas to a large format trailer while taking the difficulty out of creating vehicle wraps.

Onsite Installation

We offer installation services for trailer wraps in our local Brooklyn headquarters. As a 3M certified installer, we can professionally install wraps on any size vehicle in 1 to 3 business days.


Serving NYC and NJ for close to 30 years. We are fully licensed and insured, and we have worked with a variety of clients and vehicles to create wraps that capture a business’s brand.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for Trailer Wraps

Trailer wraps are one of the ways that we create vehicle wraps for your business or personal use. With extensive experience in designing and printing vinyl trailer wraps, as well as satisfied customers throughout the country, we want to bring your ideas to life on the large canvas your trailer provides. For a consultation and free estimate on wrapping your trailer, give us a call or fill out our form online.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

What is Your Return Policy?

Your satisfaction is our goal. While we cannot offer returns on most custom products, we will accept any returns when it is our error, and we have created something outside of scope. Any time we have made an error, we will accept a return and discuss the idea of creating a new sign in its place. If you ever receive a broken sign, or you find that a sign isn’t working properly (such as a neon sign), please let us know right away.

What Signs Are Best For Indoors?

All signs last longer when they are inside of your property. Some signs, like neon signs and foam board signs, are almost exclusively meant for indoors. However, metal signs, vinyl signs, aluminum signs, wood signs, and nearly all the signs listed above for outdoor signs also work great as indoor signs depending on your needs.

What Signs Are Best For Outdoors?

There are many different signs that are durable enough for the outdoors. Some of the best materials include wooden signs, aluminum signs, plastic signs, and PVC signs. Banners and vinyl signs can also be great outdoors, but may not be meant to provide you with a permanent sign solution as the weather can cause staining and wrinkles. Many types of lighted signs, such as channel letters and light box signs, are meant for the outdoors.

What Are “Wraps” and How Do They Work?

Wraps are pieces of thin, self-adhesive vinyl. They fit on flat surfaces, such as metal and glass. They can come in black and white or full color, and they pop from whatever surface they are affixed to. We create primarily vehicle wraps and window wraps, branding your property, cars, and trucks and making sure that they provide you with a rolling advertisement that is designed to last.

How Can I Care For My Signs So They Last Longer?

Every sign has its own unique needs. Small metal signs need only be wiped down when it is dusty, and can withstand heavy cleaners. Banners can only be cleaned with gentle soap and water, and can only be rolled up – never folded – or they will have permanent creases and possibly damage the lettering. It is best to ask us after you order your sign, and we’ll gladly give you the information you need to continue to care for your sign.

What Are Sign Rentals?

Creating a custom sign takes time and effort. But not everyone needs a custom sign. Often we’re contacted by those looking for everything from common and unique signs that they can use for a variety of projects – from filming movies to creating a theme at weddings, and more.That’s why we have many different sign rental options available. We have unique bathroom signs, “OPEN” signs, grand opening signs, adult signs (for themed events, plays, and movies) and more. We can’t guarantee that we have every sign in stock, but we do have a huge selection of sign rentals to choose from. Contact us to find out If we have a sign available, and what it would cost to create the sign if we don’t.

Do You Offer Design Services?

Yes. If you have an idea, but need someone to design the sign for you, we can help. We have expert design services with decades of expertise that can create beautiful custom signs that are specific to your needs. We also work with legal and regulatory signs, and can create signs that are easy to read and long lasting.