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Paper Poster Frames

At Brooklyn Signs, we specialize in crafting high-quality paper poster signs, a traditional and effective solution for various advertising and communication needs. Our paper poster signs are made from a range of materials, catering to different requirements in terms of durability and finish.

Large Paper Signs Printing and Installation Services

Paper signs are perfect for promoting events, products, and services, and are commonly utilized in retail settings, trade shows, theaters, and educational institutions. With our advanced printing technology, we ensure vibrant colors and clear graphics, making each poster visually impactful and engaging.

Understanding the diverse needs of our clients, we offer customizable design options for our paper poster signs. Whether it’s for a short-term promotional event or a more permanent artistic display, our team at Brooklyn Signs is adept at delivering posters that combine creative designs with practicality.

Our posters are not only cost-effective but also easy to install and environmentally conscious, especially when made with recycled paper. We pride ourselves on providing versatile and high-quality paper poster signs that effectively communicate your message and enhance your promotional strategies.

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Our Paper Poster Signs Work

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What are Paper Poster Signs?

Paper poster signs are a traditional and versatile form of signage, typically made from various types of paper materials and used for advertising, information sharing, or decorative purposes. At Brooklyn Signs, we specialize in creating these signs, offering a range of options in terms of paper quality, from standard to more durable and high-quality variants, to suit different needs and preferences.

Paper signs are popular for their ability to effectively convey messages and promote events, products, or services. They are widely utilized in retail environments, at trade shows, theaters, and educational institutions, and for artistic displays like movie posters.

While they are ideal for bulk production and widespread distribution, their lifespan is generally shorter than more durable materials, and they are less resistant to environmental factors like moisture and UV light.

Technical Specs

For paper poster signs, we at Brooklyn Signs offer a wide range of customization options to cater to diverse needs and preferences:


Material Options


Large Paper Posters and Hand Painted Posters in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Signs also has fast turnaround options available. It’s why we’re frequently contacted for our event signs and graphics work. We create signs that are used at trade shows, red carpet events, movie premieres, and more. We also have supplementary products that can be used for these events, such as step and repeat banners, custom table cloths, custom banner stands and so much more. Our fast turnaround options are also available for Backdrops, Vinyl Banners and wall decals.

Poster Signs are popular!

Paper signs, blending classic aesthetics with modern printing, offer an economical yet professional signage solution. Their simplicity and adaptability make them ideal for a wide range of industries. With the capability to feature full-color graphics and various prints, they serve as a versatile choice for numerous applications.

Beyond these, paper signs find extensive use in going out of business announcements, café menus, and as hand-painted signs in restaurants and coffee shops. Their appeal lies in their ability to convey messages effectively and attractively.

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Political Campaigns

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Real Estate

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Bagel Shops

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Theatrical Productions

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Healthcare Facilities

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Gyms and Fitness Centers

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Art Galleries and Museums

Why Paper Poster Signs?

Brooklyn Signs, we understand their potential and offer a range of benefits to maximize their impact:
cost effective


One of the most cost-effective forms of advertising, paper poster signs deliver your message without straining your budget.
easy to install

Easy to Install

Sign installation is very easy with paper signs, as they simply need to be placed up with tape or putty and require no special time or skill. They are similarly easy to remove and dispose of.

Versatile and Customizable

Easily tailored to fit any promotional need, from vibrant graphics to impactful text, ensuring your message resonates with your target audience.
wide reach

Wide Reach

Ideal for mass distribution or high-visibility areas, they effectively reach a large audience, making them perfect for events, product launches, or sales promotions.

Quick Production

Our production process is straightforward, enabling fast turnaround times for urgent marketing campaigns.
easy update

Lightweight and Portable

Paper posters are easy to transport and install, making them convenient for use at various locations and events.

Order a Paper Sign Today from Brooklyn Signs

With the ability to do large format printing as well as small posters for dissemination, Brooklyn Signs is the best choice in New York City for all of your sign development needs. With our custom and experienced team, Brooklyn Signs is ready to print the custom paper signs that you need, all with our fast turnaround and affordable rates. Contact us today to get started.
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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Paper signs are made of paper and are affordable, especially suitable for larger prints.
Paper signs are cost-effective, can be hand-painted, and offer full-color fabrics with professional prints.
Yes, Brooklyn Signs offers various types of paper signs, including hand-painted signs.
Large format paper printing comes in various sizes like 8.5 x 11, 11 x 17, 17 x 21, 21 x 34, and more. Custom sizes are also available upon request.
While poster boards are typically used outdoors, paper signs are not weatherproof. Lamination might offer some outdoor durability, but it’s not guaranteed for long-lasting use outdoors.
Brooklyn Signs offers a variety of colors and fonts for paper printing, allowing customers to choose any color or font they prefer for their signs.
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