Paper Poster Signs

Paper remains one of the most common and cost effective methods of sign development. While Brooklyn Signs offers everything from 3D lighted signs to neon signs to wood carvings, it is paper posters and other types of paper signage that are still frequently requested – often for those that need multiple prints on a budget or those that switch out signs frequently.

Large Paper Signs Printing and Installation Services

Paper signs are just that – signs printed on traditional paper. These effective, low cost signs provide many of the same benefits as other types of signage, but are perfect on a budget and great for those that are interested in larger prints. We are also able to offer hand painted paper posters, providing a unique look for every business.

Our sign fabrication team takes on projects both large and small – from a single small poster to a backlit, large format paper print. When you need paper sign printing in NYC, Brooklyn Signs is the best place to call. Fill out our online form above to get a free quote, or call us at (718) 252-7575 to learn more.

Sample Paper Sign and Poster Prints

About Our Custom Paper Signs and Hand Painted Posters

Paper signs are a classic look that combines the low cost and ease of paper with full color graphics and prints of a professional sign. Paper signs are simple, versatile, and perfect for a variety of settings. They can be used across essentially any industry, including:
  • Grocery Stores
  • Fast Food
  • Political Campaigns
  • Store for Rent
  • Broadway and Off Broadway Theater
  • Bagel Shops, and More

Paper and poster board are commonly used for going out of business signs, café menu signs, real estate paper signs, and many others. Our hand painted signs are popular in restaurants, coffee shops, and many other venues.

Posters themselves can also be a product.

People use our Brooklyn Sign affordable poster printing service to create products that they sell in their stores. Schools and universities use posters to advertise their plays. Real estate agents use paper signs to advertise commercial property rentals, and much more.

Our paper signs come with the following specifications and options:

  • Graphic Prints Or Hand Lettering
  • Economy Paper Or Professional Quality Archival Paper With A Lustre Finish
  • Traditional 18″ X 24″ And 24″ X 36″ Poster Or Large Size Poster Printing (6″ To 60″ Wide)
The quality of the paper can also change the quality of the print. Economical options still provide vibrant colors, but the professional quality paper provides an essentially flawless print that is exactly as the graphics we design and capable of neon colors. Signs can also be laminated for outdoor use.

Benefits of Paper Signs and Posters

There are many different types of signage now. But paper signs offer several benefits that are not often seen by other types of custom signage. These include:


Depending on the type of sign, paper signs can be printed for pennies in high quantities, giving you a beautiful sign to place across New York City.

Easy to Install

Sign installation is very easy with paper signs, as they simply need to be placed up with tape or putty and require no special time or skill. They are similarly easy to remove and dispose of.


When a sign is only going to be displayed for a short period of time, paper signs get the job done with a vibrant display in a high quality that will not hurt your budget.

There are also custom paper signs and cardboard posters that add additional quality to the final product. Because we are also able to offer large format printing, our paper sign printing company can create any type of poster or paper sign you may need.

Other Types of Paper Signs at Brooklyn Sign

Laminated Paper Signs

Most paper signs are for indoor use only, such as inside windows facing the outdoors. Laminated paper signs are covered in plastic, making it possible for them to last longer and be used outdoors.

Backlit Paper Signs

Paper is capable of letting some light through. In some cases, paper can be placed against a backlit surface to light up the sign day or night. Please contact us in advance if you want a backlit sign to discuss all options.

Hand-Painted Paper Signs

One of our favorite services, our in-house artists can create truly hand painted and hand lettered custom posters on paper and cardboard. These are affordable and useful in many different types of stores.

Order a Paper Sign Today from Brooklyn Signs

With the ability to do large format printing as well as small posters for dissemination, Brooklyn Signs is the best choice in New York City for all of your sign development needs. With our custom and experienced team, Brooklyn Signs is ready to print the custom paper signs that you need, all with our fast turnaround and affordable rates. Contact us today to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Can I Print a Research Paper or Poster Presentation?

Yes, absolutely. We often print research papers for university researchers and students. We can also provide prints for book binding if needed.

Can You Create Movie Posters?

If it's your movie we can absolutely create movie posters. We can also create posters for plays, including Broadway, Off-Broadway, and school plays.

How Long Do Paper Posters Last?

Paper can be fragile if not laminated. But it also doesn't necessarily age. Keep it away from hands, oils, and water, and it can last for months or years. But be careful not to have them handled too often or in a place with moisture. If you need a long lasting paper sign or poster, you may want to consider lamination, framing, or alternate materials.

Do You Do Small Orders?

Yes. We are happy to print even just one poster or paper. We do not have minimum or maximum orders.

Do You Provide Design and Installation?

Yes. We can help you with your poster design. If you need help with paper sign installation, perhaps because the sign needs to be placed higher up than you can reach with your own equipment, we can help there as well. Paper signs tend to be easier to install than other signage, however.