Window Frosting

With Brooklyn Signs, we have the ability to use vinyl decals and wraps that give glass a natural frosted look – all in a way that is less expensive, removable, and can be customized depending on the property. Turn boring windows and glass into eye grabbing designs with our custom etched glass and window frosting wraps available right here in NYC.

Professional Installers of Window Frosting and Privacy Film

There is something about glass that is memorable. Custom glass has the ability to transform the exterior of a building, or even change the look of your seating area or bathroom door. It’s why so many people splurge for etched glass and frosted glass, which turn a clear window into a more memorable one.

But real frosted and etched glass can be pricy, and depending on the initial building construction it may be unfeasible. Luckily, you don’t need to replace your expensive glass in order to have that frosted or etched look. At Brooklyn Signs, we create what’s known as “window wraps” or ” window decals.” These are large signs that cover the entirety of a window (or glass) with a full color opaque or partially transparent print.

Traditionally, these wraps have been used to create large graphics that fit comfortably over the rest of the window. But they can also be used to perfectly mimic the look of decorative glass. By placing one of these wraps on top of the window, the window will look like it is a specialty glass, but the glass itself will remain untouched and unharmed.

That ability is why so many people turn to Brooklyn Signs to craft their frosted or etched glass wraps. Our designs are perfectly realistic, and no one will know that the glass beneath it is not frosted or carved. Contact us today at (718) 252-7575 to learn more

center frost on glass

Types of Window Frosting

Custom Frosted and Etched Glass Options at Brooklyn Signs

Window frosting and etching is printed on vinyl manufactured by companies that include 3M, Avery, and General Formulations, depending on the sign and use. The frosting is actually a print that is placed

flower design frosted on full glass
Both frosted and etched glass can be customized in a variety of ways. For example, some businesses use a frosted glass wrap that has their company name or logo designed completely transparent, so that the company name stands out against the frosted backdrop. Others use glass etching to make the glass look 3 dimensional. Most people use frosted glass for privacy, which is why they are commonly used in:
Etched glass is similar to frosted glass, except rather than frosting most of a window, the frost “look” is used to make glass looks like it has cuts. Because the size of the decal can be completely customized, these signs are not just used for exterior windows. They are often found in places that include:
The look itself can also be customized. To create the “Frosted” look, the print can be created with the following:

Whether you’re looking for frosted glass or etched glass, covering the entirety of the window or a small section of it, Brooklyn Signs has options and designs that will exceed your expectations.

Benefits of Window Frosting and Etching

Vinyl window wraps and decals have long been a popular type of signage. But it is these new design printing techniques that opens even more doors. Rather than a traditional sign, these prints now transform glass into something new and exciting. Some of the benefits of window frosting included:

Temporary/Easy to Install and Remove

These types of vinyl wraps require minimal installation experience depending on their size (we do offer sign installation for a nominal fee) and, when you’re done with them, you can remove it an the window is unharmed.

any shape

Can Cut Into Any Shape

Window frosting and etching can be cut into any shape, making it a versatile and effective for most types of custom signage ideas. It can also be printed into any shape, so even without fancy cuts it can still create a beautiful and fascinating design.


Etches or Frosts Glass Without Expensive Glass Cutting

Custom glass is expensive and permanent. These window wrap designs are temporary and inexpensive. Put them on, enjoy them, and then easily take them off or replace them in the future.


Provides Privacy

Frosted glass turns a professionalism of glass and windows into something that can provide privacy. It’s why it’s used around cubicles as office privacy film, around meeting rooms, and on the outside of storefronts.

low cost

Low Cost to Replace Signs, and More

While it provides that privacy, it is also not completely opaque. Even complete coverage window frosting lets in light, and other designs – like frosted vinyl lettering – lets plenty of light both in and out of your building.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs?

high quality

High-Quality Materials

Because Brooklyn Signs uses advanced technology and the best printing techniques, we are able to offer any type of frosted glass or etched window design or style that you can imagine.

Licensed and Insured

From our printing to our installation, we are licensed, insured, bonded, and able to confidently and carefully complete your custom window signage.
fast turnaround

Fast Turnaround

Our sign designers are more than happy to work with you to give you a sign that is exactly as you imagined, our printing team will do our best to create a high quality an fast design, and our installation team is focused on perfection and your satisfaction.

Order a Custom Frosted Glass Wrap with Brooklyn Signs

Windows and glass do not need to be dull or clear. Our glass covers make it possible to transform any window, glass, or mirror into something that captivates the eye. Based in Brooklyn and serving NYC, NJ, and beyond, Brooklyn Signs is available for both side design and sign installation, and can create the custom frosted and etched window wraps that your property deserves.

Give us a call today if you have any questions, and if you’d like a quote to get started with your order, please fill out our request a quote form at any time

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Window frosting is an adhesive film applied on glass windows to create a blurred effect, offering privacy while allowing natural light.
Any business can use window frosting, including banks, hospitals, lawyers, offices, gyms, brokerages, and more.
Window frosting decals can be removed easily but cannot be reused as they lose adhesion after one-time use.
Window films cannot be used on textured glass and won’t prevent condensation. They’re best applied on simple glass.
Frosting changes glass transparency to translucent, creating a cloudy look, while etching alters the film for decorative effects or text.
Yes, window films are easy to install and remove with specific techniques. Professional installation and removal services are also available.
The lifespan of frosted films ranges from 10 to 20 years or longer, depending on usage and stress on the film.
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