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Floor Display Stands in Restaurants & Grocery Stores in NYC

Floor Display Stands in Brooklyn

You see floor stands every day. They are in the New York malls holding the directories, in restaurants announcing menus, in grocery stores announcing specials, and everywhere else. Floor stands are one of the most popular ways to get noticed, because they are directly in front of the eyes of the consumer, and no matter what type of floor stand you’re interested in, Brooklyn Signs is ready to help.

Uses of Floor Stands

Floor stands are large sign holders that can house different posters or signs as needed. They are very popular in places with a lot of foot traffic. For example, shopping malls often sell ad space in floor stands for shoes or jewelry, and also use floor stands to house their directory for easy access.

Because these stands also have removable signs inside, they can be used for any number of purposes.
For example:

  • Special Event – Floor stands may be used to announce a special event or show those walking by where the event is. Floor stands are often used in hotels, Restaurants as a way of announcing conferences.
  • Maps – For large businesses, floor stands are also a great replacement for maps. Many companies put them on the floor in various locations so that visitors know where to go next.
  • Sales/Items – Floor stands are also a great way to announce sales or special items in a retail store. The signs can be replaced as needed when sales are updated.
  • Selling Advertisements – If your store has floor space, floor stands are a great way to sell advertisements. They are large enough to be seen but take up little space on the store.

Floor stands are simply a great way to create a display that pops that can be seen directly at eye level by anyone that walks near your store. No matter what type of floor stand you need and no matter what size best suits your company, Brooklyn Signs can help you create a sign that really stands out.

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