At Brooklyn Signs, we fabricate awnings and canopies of all types. We offer storefront awnings that can be printed with your company logo and draw attention to your business. We also design outdoor canopies to cover patios and sidewalks to shelter customers from the elements. Our custom logos can be seen throughout New York City, with long lasting construction and multiple awning types.

Retractable and Stationary Awnings Makers NYC

An awning brings both practical and decorative benefits to your business. The right awning can make a storefront stand out and convey your brand with just a glance, while their size provides an opportunity for signs/displays. For restaurants and cafes, awnings offer the possibility of patio dining, and smaller awnings can protect people from the rain so that they congregate in front of your business.

Brooklyn Signs is the leading fabricator of custom awnings in NYC for decades. We can design awnings for any space and need, from commercial to personal use. We use high-quality suppliers so you can be assured that your awning will last for years with proper upkeep and storage. Give us a call at (718) 252-7575 to get a quote on a custom awning for your business.

Some of Our Retractable Awnings

Types of Awnings and Awning Customization Options

An awning is an outdoor structure that is installed at the front or side of a building. They consist of a sturdy frame with fabric or vinyl stretched over it. Businesses often use awnings to protect against weather, draw attention to a storefront, or showcase logos and graphics. Awnings can be fabricated in a variety of shapes to fit your needs and space. Popular awnings currently available from Brooklyn Signs include.
  • Storefront Awnings – These awnings welcome visitors to your business. Their large size also offers the perfect opportunity for showcasing your name and logo. Storefront awnings require a minimum width of four feet.
  • Patio Awnings – Great for business or backyard use, patio awnings can provide protection from sun and rain, as well as decorate your space. It is also possible to add sidings to your patio awnings so that your outdoor space can be used year-round.
  • Retractable Awnings – These awnings have a manual opening mechanism so the awning can be pulled out when it’s needed and stored when it’s not. These awnings have sturdy construction and can last for years when properly maintained.
  • Rollup Awnings – Similar to retractable awnings, rollup awnings can be rolled up and secured to your storefront, then removed and stored when not in use to provide more options for using your space.
Because they are needed to withstand the elements, we design our awnings to be stable and durable. We use high-quality brands like Cooley for vinyl and Sunbrella for weather-proofed fabrics. To further customize your awning, we offer three types of material:
  • Regular Vinyl – This opaque vinyl blocks light completely, making it a great option to protect from sunlight and heat. The vinyl is long lasting, easy to clean, and comes in a variety of colors.
  • Eradicable Vinyl – This material is used by many popular businesses in their awnings. Eradicable vinyl contains a top layer of vinyl with a white backing material. The top layer of vinyl can be chemically removed. The remaining layer allows light to pass through. Lighting can be installed behind the awning to help make it look like it is glowing.
  • Fabric – With many options from colors to stripes, you can find a fabric that matches your brand or aesthetic. Weather resistant fabrics like those from Sunbrella will last for many years without fading or wearing.

Beyond the practical and decorative purposes of an awning, it can also double as signage for your business. We can add your name, logo, and more to your awning. To print on your awning, we create custom stencils matching your design. Using these stencils, we can chemically treat vinyl awnings or paint fabric awnings to transfer the design and create a truly customized awning.

We also offer reskinning of existing awnings. A new cover for your awning will refresh the look of your business or patio. There is also the opportunity to add your business name or logo to your awning and use that valuable space to promote your brand.

Benefits of Awnings

Once you’ve chosen an awning that meets your needs and fits your space, we also offer local and countrywide installation services to make sure your awning is properly fitted. Awnings combine practicality and appearance. They can keep your customers and your storefront protected from the elements, while also drawing attention to your business. Some of the benefits of awnings include:

Weather Protection

Awnings offer much-needed protection from New York weather. They can provide shade in summer and protection from rain, snow, and wind. This makes it possible to use outdoor spaces throughout the year, as well as provides a buffer between your building and the weather outside.


In addition to choosing materials and designs, awnings can be fabricated in almost any size and shapes. Common shapes include concave, convex, domes, arches, and more. Options like retractable and rollup awnings allow for more flexibility and help protect awnings in off season weather. The customization is also great for branding, with custom colors and designs that make an impact with those walking by.

Durable and Long Lasting

With proper care and cleaning, an awning can last for several years. Fabrics that include acrylic, like those from Sunbrella, are resistant to fading, weather damage, and mold. Other materials can have a PVC coating applied to protect them from the weather. Storing your awning properly when not in use can also extend its lifespan.


Why Choose Brooklyn Signs


Based in NYC, we are conveniently located near all five boroughs no matter where you may be in the city. We’re family owned and operated, and happy to travel to your location to install or reskin your awning, saving you time and money.

Licensed and Insured

Fully licensed and insured, we can work with you to make sure your awning meets guidelines and has any required permits. We have experience designing awnings to stay within city codes.


We work with high-quality suppliers like the Cooley Group, Sunbrella, and Dickson to offer only the best materials for our awnings. This means your awning will be durable and expertly constructed so that it lasts for years at a time.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for Custom Awnings

Whether you have an existing awning that needs reskinned or are looking to fabricate a new awning, Brooklyn Signs can help you create a display that matches the quality of your business.

We can work with you to design, build, and install your awning, and we’re happy to provide you with feedback and consulting to make sure that it exceeds your expectations. We are also able to provide vestibules and other sign types to make sure your business has what it needs to attract customers to your storefront. Call us today at (718) 252-7575 to get started, or fill out our online form for a free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

What is an awning?

Awning is the structure that is installed outdoors. They consist of a frame that has a fabric or vinyl sheet stretched over it. Most of the businesses use these awnings to protect their stores, or any other business. They can also be used to get the attention of the customers by getting your logo printed on them.

What types of Awnings do you offer?

We offer different types of awning that include, retractable awnings, roll up awnings, patio awnings and storefront awnings and many more.

What Material Options do you use for awnings fabrication?

There are different materials that you can choose from. They include regular vinyl, fabric, eradicable vinyl, and much more.

Can Awnings be illuminated?

Yes, the illuminated awnings are called the lighted awnings. These awnings can be made by adding the backlights to the awnings. The lights for these awnings are usually LED or fluorescence.

How long do Retractable awnings last?

The frame that is the part of the retractable awnings on which the fabric or vinyl is stretched can last for more than twenty years if you take proper care of it. While the fabric or vinyl is more sensitive to weather conditions might need to be changed after 10 years or before. The life of these awnings all depends on how you take care of them.

Do you offer Awning installation services?

Yes, these awnings are very easy to install but we do offer installation services so that you don’t have to go through the hassle yourself.

How wide should an awning be?

The width of the awning depends on where you want it to be installed. If you want to install it on your window then you should measure the width of your window and add 5 inches or more to both sides and get your awning made of that size. But a standard width of window awning is from 2” to 3’10”.

What is the difference between a canopy and awning?

The main difference between these two is that a canopy is usually freestanding with posts that support it with a roof of fabric whereas an awning is basically made of fabric or vinyl and is attached to a roof or a window through.

How do I choose the right awnings type?

You can keep in mind some factors before you pick an awning these factors may be the amount of rain that falls in your area and if that awning can withstand harsh weather conditions. Check if the awning that you want to choose is suitable for the purpose that you want it installed. Keep in mind to choose such a type of awning that can stay for years without any particular damage.

Do you offer custom color for awnings?

Yes, we do offer custom colors for our awnings. But also keep in mind that some of the colors fade in sunlight so choose the color that does not fade quickly.

Can I use my business logos on my awnings?

Yes, awning can be a great way to advertise your brand. You can get your logo or any graphics on your awning that will draw the attention of passersby and help you attract more customers.

Are the awnings waterproof?

Most of the awnings that are made are weather-resistant as they are placed outside where they are going to be in contact with rain, sunlight, and harsh weather conditions. Some of the awnings are also designed to be waterproof and help you protect your storefront, windows, and patio from harsh weather.

How do I clean my Awning?

You can clean your awnings with a soft brush using a dish wash solution with lukewarm water. And then rinse it thoroughly until the soap is removed.