Work In Progress Signs

The NYC DOB has required and recommended signs for construction companies in New York. Brooklyn Signs has created hundreds of these signs, and is familiar with both the laws and regulations that the Department of Buildings requires, and has everything you need to create signs that meet those needs. Rush orders available.

We Make All Types of Job Site Signs for Contractors

In the field of constructions, signs are critical. They’re used for safety. They’re used to share information to those that may need to be informed of your work. In many cases, the signs themselves are so important that they are required by the NYC Department of Buildings.

Brooklyn Signs has long been familiar with the DOB sign requirements in NYC, as well as those in other cities and states. We are able to create the demolition signs, “Work Area Ahead” signs, and other types of displays that are needed both for liability purposes and regulatory purposes. Start your order today by calling us at (718) 252-7575, or by filling out our online form.

Types of DOB Signs

What Are The Necessary DOB Signs?

The New York City Department of Building (NYC DOB) requires specific types of signs to be placed at each construction site. For example, before even starting construction, every contractor must put up a Work in Progress Signs - sometimes called a WIP Sign - on any side facing the street (corner lots require at least 2 signs). There are also many other types of DOB signs, including:

  • Hard Hat Area Sign
  • Building Construction Signs
  • Construction Regulation Signs
  • Sidewalk Closed Signs
  • What’s Going on Here Signs
  • Reflective Signs, and More
Many warning signs are required depending on the project, and some signs may not be specifically required by the DOB, but are still important safety signs for both legal and ethical reasons. Many construction companies consult the list of OSHA construction signs that are used on these types of projects to get a better idea of the signs needed. At Brooklyn Signs, we have several decades of experience with construction signs and can also direct you to those that you need.
We offer several different materials for these safety signs, including:
  • Metal
  • Styrene
  • Corrugated Plastic

Metal signs are fire retardant, which is often important for construction projects. Customization is possible, but DOB signs must have certain heights of the letters, readability, and specific colors (for example, a specific blue PMS color for the Work in Progress sign.

Because of our experience in the field, we can help you design these DOB signs so that they match New York City requirements.

Benefits of DOB Signs from Brooklyn Signs

Brooklyn Signs, as a full-service sign manufacturer, is available to assist with DOB signs, OSHA construction regulation signs, fence signs, and others. We are also able to offer rush orders, and have the ability to come and install or deliver the signs in most of the NY and NJ area for those contractors that are too busy to send someone to pick the sign up. We also create marketing and advertising signs, but in the world of construction, we’re aware of the requirements and challenges that contractors face. It’s why our signs are made with features that include:

FR Rated Durable Aluminum

Anti-Graffiti an UV Protective Coating

Optional Reflective Material (for Safety Signs)


Why Construction Contractors Choose Brooklyn Signs

Fast Turnaround

All of our signs are available with a fast turnaround to get to you in time for your construction project. We also have rush orders available and delivery if needed.


Brooklyn Signs is a licensed and insured sign maker, so you can trust that your sign is being crafted with care and with the level of quality needed to meet your construction needs.


We have sign design services, sign fabrication services, sign installation services, and more, so any sign you need – including other signs beyond DOB signs – we can create it.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for NYC DOB Signs

Serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Jersey City, Staten Island, and more, Brooklyn Signs is available to assist you with any sign related need. Our DOB signs are all designed exactly as the law requires, and we can help with design in case you need help managing the project.

Let Brooklyn Signs help you with your construction signs today. Give us a call to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

What are DOB Signs?

DOB(Department of Buildings) are the signs that are required on the construction sites. These signs include Work in progress signs, sidewalk closed signs, building construction sites, and many more.

What types of DOB signs are required for the construction site fence?


What other types of work in progress signs you offer?

Other than work in progress signs we offer Hard Hat Area Sign, Building Construction Signs, Construction Regulation Signs, Sidewalk Closed Signs, What’s Going on Here Signs, Reflective Signs, and more.

What materials do you use for DOB signs?

We offer many different materials for DOB signs as these signs are for construction sites the materials are used keeping in mind the damage that can be caused to them. The materials include Metal, Styrene and coregulated plastic.

Are DOB signs reusable?

Yes, the signs can be used for other construction sites too if they are in good condition.

What are the signs required inside a construction site?

The signs that are required inside the construction sites include, DOB Fire extinguisher sign, Floor Number, ROOF ACCESS AUTHORIZED PERSONS ONLY, Exit Signs, DOB NO SMOKING WORK SITE PER FDNY SECTION 1404, and more.

Where to place DOB Signs?

The signs are needed to be placed in certain areas like, Entrances to any building or structure under construction or demolition, At any indoor or outdoor areas on the construction sites at which persons congregate, All sliding and swinging gate openings, and any other openings allowing for access to the site by persons 01׳ vehicles, etc

Can we get customized DOB Signs?

The customization of these signs is very much possible but there are certain conditions like they should have a certain height of letters specific colors and readability.

What are the Sizes available for DOB Signs?

We offer different shapes of signs that can be rectangular, diamond-shaped or square-shaped and the standard size we keep is 36 inches or less. But we do make larger or smaller signs for our customers and shapes too.