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In the city that never sleeps, your business should stand out day and night. Brightly lit illuminated sign cabinets can grab customers attention from across the street or even across a parking lot. They can be hung at your storefront, mounted in a window display, or even transported to events. At Brooklyn Signs, we can create the custom sign cabinets you to showcase your graphics and brand.

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When you want to capture a customer’s attention for your business or display, a lightbox stands out. Storefront light box signs can be printed with your company name and logo so customers can locate you both day and night. These signs, sometimes called LED sign cabinets offer maximum visibility for outdoor use while indoor lightboxes can brighten up your window display.

Lightboxes are a customizable and convenient way to showcase your brand and share information, and at Brooklyn Signs, we have produced light box signs in New York and beyond for decades. We offer services to design, install, and repair these signs and have worked with shopping malls, retailers, restaurants, medical offices, galleries, and more. Call us today at (718) 252-7575 to discuss your signage needs.

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Types of Light Box Sign Cabinets

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What Are Light Boxes?

The term “light box” sign can be broad. They are best described a box uses lights behind a printed graphic to illuminate the sign, making it both eye catching in the day and visible after dark. Depending on the need, an illuminated sign cabinet can be designed for indoor or outdoor use:

Indoor light box signs use a box made of acrylic or plastic and print the graphic on fabric or translucent acrylic. They can be lit with either a fluorescent light or LEDs for maximum brightness and efficiency. While they can be installed permanently, indoor light boxes are also light enough to transport.

Outdoor sign cabinets are designed for durability to allow them to withstand harsher weather conditions. The cabinet for an outdoor light box is made of aluminum (to resist rust) and the graphic is printed on acrylic. To increase brightness, these signs use outdoor LEDs or rows of fluorescent lights, which help them stay visible even in low lighting.

Custom Lightbox Sign Cabinets

Light boxes are available in 3” and 4” deep profiles. Thin profile sign cabinets minimize the space required for the sign and make them more lightweight for convenience. When designing a sign cabinet, there are a variety of different options for installation and display. These include:
illuminated pole sign

Illuminated Pole Cabinet Sign

Pole illuminated signs can be larger than other light cabinets, making them visible from further away or allowing space for several different business names.

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Hanging Cabinet Signs

Popular for displaying a company name or product offering, sign cabinets can be suspended from a bracket on the building’s face. They hang over the walkway and offer increased visibility from both directions.

wall mounted signs

Wall Mounted Signs

Both indoor and outdoor sign cabinets can be installed directly to almost any flat surface. They can be used to label a storefront or for a flashy indoor display.

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Window Display Cabinets

Light cabinets can be mounted or hung in windows to display products and business information to passerby.

As the face of an illuminated sign cabinet is acrylic or fabric. Any graphic can be printed and used for the sign face. This can include company name and logo, custom graphics, product photos, or industry related imagery. Graphics can be rendered directly onto the acrylic or fabric to maintain color quality and sharpness.
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Benefits of Light Box Signs

Illuminated sign cabinets are an attractive way to draw customers to your business or display. With following benefits, many companies in New York City and beyond rely on light box signs to draw people to their businesses and highlight their products. In cities like NYC with so many people walking, a light box makes it easy to catch people’s attention and help them find your business at any time.


Bright LEDs and fluorescents make your sign stand out. Even at night, a light box sign can be visible from a distance. When used indoors, sign cabinets stand out across a room to bring people to a display.


Each light cabinet is custom built to exactly match your needs in terms of size, graphics, placement, and lighting type. As experienced sign fabricators, we are happy to talk to you about your specific ideas or provide feedback and design as needed.

Energy Efficient

Light boxes are an effective way to make your business stand out without high costs. Especially when using LED lighting, light boxes draw limited power and are long lasting which means cost savings for your business without sacrificing impact.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs

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Not only does Brooklyn Signs design and fabricate light box signs, we also offer installation and maintenance services. Our experienced team can safely install a light box sign at your location. Additionally, though our signs are designed to last, they might need small components replaced or a graphic refreshed as time goes on and we are always able to assist.

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We use only the best quality metals and electrical equipment in our sign cabinets. This includes UL listed electronic components, insulated wiring of the thickest available gauge, and water proofed connections to ensure the longevity and safety of your light box sign.

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Brooklyn Signs has been serving New York City and beyond for over 30 years. We know how important it is to make your business stand out and believe our sign options will help you do so. We stand behind our products and offer guarantees on all of our electronic signs for the first year.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for Light Box Signs

Whether you are interested in having a new light box sign designed or repairing an existing sign, Brooklyn Signs is ready to work with you and turn your idea or goal into a sign visible from the street. We serve not only all five boroughs, but also Long Island, Jersey City, and more.

Our knowledgeable, in house design team can also create hundreds of other types of signs to meet your needs. Give us a call today to get a quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Light box signs are a great way to attract customers to your business. As these signs are made of light, they make your business standout, attract customers, and draw them to your stores. They are very easy to read and can be made in any type of design that you want. As they use very little power, they can advertise your brand 24 hours a day too.
We use different types of materials for our light box signs that include metal, aluminum, plastic, acrylic, and many more.
We offer different sizes for light box signs, the standard sizes include 2′ tall – 8′ tall and 2′ wide – 10′ wide. You can also get your signs customized to whatever size that you like fit for your store.
We use LED lights and fluorescent light in our signs. You can choose from any light that you want to be installed in your sign.
We use 4100°K and 6500°K for our light boxes as lower color temperatures (2700K) indicate ‘warmer’ colors of orange and yellow, and higher color temperatures (6500K) indicate cooler colors like blue and white.
We offer different types of lightbox signs that include Hanging, Window Display, Wall Mounted, Pole Illuminated, and many more.
As these signs require professional installation tools and techniques, we have professionals in our team that can install these signs easily for you.
If you want to change a light panel yourself it will take a lot of time and might harm your light box. At Brooklyn Signs we do offer maintenance service for our signs you can contact us to obtain these services.
Yes, we make light box signs for outdoor as well as indoor. You can get a special light box sign made for your interior too.
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