Banners Printing

Large and eye-catching, vinyl banners have the benefits of large signage without the high cost, and have become one of the most popular signage options among businesses and individuals alike. The graphic options are endless, and banners can be printed with a company name, product image, or message. Brooklyn Signs is a vinyl banner printing company in NYC and works with customers in both New York and nationwide.

Same Day Banner Printing for NYC and Surrounding Areas

When you want to grab people’s attention, few signs work better than a vinyl banner. Banners are often designed to be large and, when printed with the right graphic, are hard to miss even from a distance. They are also easy to transport and ideal for outdoor use, making them a popular choice for events, parades, and schools. They are a common sign choice for events, announcing a store opening, advertising a sale, or sharing a temporary message.

Brooklyn Signs offers vinyl and mesh banners for any purpose. All of our banners are handmade and customized to your specifications. When you let us know the purpose of your sign, we can offer specific recommendations. For those needing design assistance, our graphics team can help design your banner to meet your business’s goals. To discuss your signage needs, give us a call today at (718) 252-7575.

Different Types of Banners Printing

About Our Vinyl Banners

With unlimited size and graphic options, banners are one of the most customizable signs available. They are ideal for temporary use, and can be installed in both indoor and outdoor locations. Depending on the sign’s use, several materials can be used:

  • 13 oz Vinyl Banners – Our standard economy vinyl banners are durable, weather resistant and perfect for short term promotions.
  • 15 oz Vinyl Banners – Our premium vinyl material is heavyweight and great for outdoor areas where winds are blowing above 20 miles per hour.
  • 18 oz Premium Banner – Our ultra premium banner material is 18 oz and mostly used to wrap awnings and tent.
  • Mesh Vinyl Banners – Ideal for outdoor use, mesh vinyl permits air to flow through the banner and makes this a great option for areas where wind might be a factor. These banners share the same benefits as standard vinyl in terms of waterproofing, durability, and image quality.

The vinyl or PVC itself is white to ensure bright, clear colors in printing regardless of the graphic used. Additionally, graphics for banners designed for outdoor use are printed with a UV protected ink to prevent fading or discoloration.

Vinyl banners can be made in any custom size desired. For larger banners, specialized wide format printers are used to reproduce images up to 16’ wide in a single printing.

Here are a couple of banner finishing options, It all depends where you will be using the banner.

  • Grommets – We can install grommets around the edges of the sign so the sign can be hung from a fence, building, or stand. Standard size grommets are available in black, silver, and gold.
  • Pole Pocket – Banners can have a pocket sewn into the top and bottom or sides to allow for mounting on poles or a frame.
  • Flush Cut – We can cut the banner exactly by the edges and can be installed by using push pins, Velcro or adhesive double sided tape.
Banners are cost effective for short term promotions, which is why vinyl banners are used for events and one time parties. As a vinyl banner printing company in NYC, we’re familiar with the different needs of each type of banner and are available to provide consulting to make sure your banner meets your vision. We have UPS shipping for those out of NYC, and rush orders are welcome.

Benefits of Our Custom Banners

When looking for a temporary, small or large-format sign, banners continue to be used by businesses, event planners, and individual customers because they are able to offer several benefits that include the following and In addition to these benefits, the affordability of vinyl banners has made them popular with Events, Schools, community spaces, Fairs, Real Estates, and churches.

Eye Catching Printing

Graphics are printed directly onto vinyl by large machines. These machines take your design while maintaining cmyk or pms colors and line clarity in both photographs and illustrations. With endless design options, a banner can capture viewers’ attention.


Banners can be printed and cut to any shape with scissors. For example, printing a silhouette of a human and then cutting that shape with a scissor. This method is called print and cut to shape banner printing.


Banners can be printed and installed quickly, offering the perfect temporary signage solution. When not in use, the banner can be easily removed, rolled (inside out) and stored for future events. When well cared for, banners can last for years at a time or be easily disposed of at the end of an event.


Our banner materials are waterproof and will not fade indoors. Even outdoors, banners will continue to look sharp for an extended time. If we know how a banner will be used, we can also make recommendations as to the best materials to increase durability.


Why Choose Brooklyn Signs for Vinyl Banners in NYC?

Quick Turnaround

Brooklyn Signs welcomes rush orders and is one of the few sign manufacturers that offers same day printing. We also have fast delivery available so you can have your banner installed when you need it.


We use state of the art graphics printing machines which produce large banners. If you are a sign company, graphics designer or a business who needs wholesale banner printing with large quantities then feel free to contact us. Let us offer you our best price.

Color Matching

With close to three decades of experience in Graphics printing, Brooklyn Signs knows the importance of Pantone color matching system. Our state of the art printing machine and software can optimize the colors.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for Banners

Located in the heart of NYC, Brooklyn Signs provides vinyl banners to customers throughout the five boroughs, as well as delivery services to anywhere in the USA and Canada. As a full service sign manufacturer we offer other types of signs which are interesting and demanding such as Backdrops and a lot more.
With exemplary customer service, you can trust us to be a partner in your signage needs. To learn more or get started, give us a call at any time or fill out our online form.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

What is a vinyl banner?

Vinyl banners are banners that are mostly used outdoors for advertisement purposes. They are the multipurpose banners that are found mostly everywhere advertising outside a store or on a window telling you about a new event and for many other purposes.

What material do you use for vinyl banner printing?

The most common material used in banners is vinyl. As vinyl is a very durable material for outdoor use and it can adhere to harsh weather conditions and is very cost-effective.

How long do vinyl banners last?

As vinyl is a very durable material. These signs can last from 3 to 10 years or even more. It all depends on how well you store them and take care of them.

Do you offer same day vinyl banner printing?

We do take rush orders from our customers and also do same-day delivery. But it also depends on the kind of design and print you want. Please contact us to see if we can help you with your order.

What vinyl banner sizes do you offer?

The size of the banners depends on you. You can get them in any size you want but the standard sizes of the banners that we offer are 2’x4’, 3’x5’ and 4’x8’. The sizes for the banners are really limitless.

Do you offer custom color/font and graphics for vinyl banner printing?

We are a custom signs company that takes custom orders from our customers. You can order any type of design, font or color that you want on your banner and we can print that for you.

What banner finishing options do you offer?

We have different types of banner finishings but the most common ones are matte and glossy finish, grommets, hems, pole pockets and more.

Will my vinyl banner fade in the sunlight?

Vinyl is a very sturdy material so it can be used in water as well as sun. Also if you get a banner with special UV-resistant fading it won’t fade in harsh sunlight.

How Can I install my vinyl banner?

Vinyl banners are very easy to install as they can be hung using ropes or can be pasted to the wall using tapes, hang them with bungee cords, or more.

Do you offer outdoor installation services?

We do offer installation services to our customers so that they don’t have to do the hard work themselves. Not only do we offer the installation services we also offer repair and maintenance services. You can also contact me for any further queries.