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Corrugated plastic signs are a durable and affordable sign option used to share a variety of messages for businesses throughout NYC. Most popular with realtors and political campaigns, coroplast is used on products like yard signs, offering weather resistance and full vibrant color. At Brooklyn Signs, we offer low cost coroplast plastic signs, including the option to order in mass quantities for low costs.

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Drive through any residential area and you’ll see many corrugated plastic signs. Often used for yard signs, corrugated plastic is the material of choice for political campaign signs, promotions, for sale signs, security companies, and home contractors. They also work well in store windows to advertise sales and store closings.

Brooklyn Signs works with companies, organizations, and individuals to produce store signs, stake signs, and other corrugated plastic signs at affordable prices. We offer mass production options and rapid turnaround times to get you the signs you need. To start your order, contact us today at (718) 252-7575

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Types of Corrugated Plastic Signs

What Are Corrugated Plastic Signs?

Coroplast is a leading brand of corrugated plastic, and the one often used in plastic signs. This lightweight material is created from three layers of polypropylene plastic substrate bound together, similar to the process for producing cardboard but yielding a much more durable product. Coroplast is known for being:
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Common yard signs use Coroplast with a thickness of 4mm and a weight of 1.87lbs per square foot. Custom sizing is available, though our most commonly requested sizes are:

Signs can be printed in one, two color, three color, or full color using a UV resistant ink that is both fade resistant and provides color clarity. Photo realistic images render well on corrugated plastic, as do illustrations, text, and logos.

For mounting, corrugated plastic signs fit wired stakes that can secure the sign in the ground. Alternatively, these lightweight signs can be easily fixed to walls with adhesive or hardware.

Benefits of Corrugated Plastic Signs

Many companies, realtors, political campaigns, and even individuals rely on corrugated plastic for outdoor and indoor signage, especially when mass production or low cost is a requirement, although individual signs can be created as well. With so many potential uses, Coroplast yard signs are a great option if you need a durable sign. The benefits of Coroplast signs include:
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High Visibility

Plastic signs are often printed with vivid colors and designs, while their prime placement in heavily trafficked areas draw attention.


With most standard size signs weighing less than a pound, Coroplast signs are easy to transport, install, or hold as a corner sign.


Corrugated plastic can withstand water, wind, sunlight, and dirt, making them a good option for a weather-resistant sign. With proper maintenance, a plastic sign can last for two or more years.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs

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With over 30 years of experience in the sign industry, we know how to create signs that make an impact without hurting your budget.

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Fast Turnaround

With our efficient production process, signs can be printed with minimal lead time. We also offer fast delivery if you have an urgent timeline.

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Wholesale Pricing

Pricing on our signs is wholesale without excessive markups so that signs can be mass printed if needed without sacrificing quality.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for Corrugated Plastic Signs

Conveniently located in NYC, Brooklyn Signs serves customers throughout the five boroughs and New Jersey with all their signage needs. As a full service sign company, we also offer hundreds of other sign types and options. Our products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we take pride in providing the highest quality signs at affordable prices. Give us a call today for a quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Sizes vary based on your needs, but the standard size offered is 12 and 40 inches.
Typically, a yard sign lasts around two years or more, especially as coroplast, the material used, offers durability.
We provide corrugated plastic signs that fit wired stakes, securing the sign in the ground. Alternatively, signs can be hung using adhesive or hardware if they’re light.
Coroplast, the material used, is usually waterproof, ensuring durability even in harsh weather conditions.
Our yard signs are 4mm thick, weighing 1.87lbs per square foot, with sizes like 24” x 36”, 12” x 18”, and 18” x 24”. Custom requirements are also accommodated.
These signs are made of durable material that can withstand harsh sunlight and weather conditions without fading.
Absolutely! We take custom orders for color, font, and shape preferences. Contact us with your specifications, and we’ll deliver.
We utilize various materials including Corrugated Plastic, Coroplast, Acrylic, Aluminum, among others.
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