Aluminum Metal Signs

Metal is one of the most versatile, durable materials for flat signs. Whether used as a custom commercial sign or a building sign for an office, many people choose aluminum and other metal signs to take advantage of their clean features and professional appearance. Brooklyn Signs crafts many types of metal signs indoor and outdoor use, all customized to each client.

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For an attention grabbing sign that can last for years both indoors and outdoors, metal signs are a top choice. Aluminum signs are common in warehouses, car dealerships, retailers, car washes, and municipalities, though will also work wherever a long lasting, visible sign is needed. Other metals like brass make attractive signs for churches and offices that are looking for a more classic look.

Brooklyn Signs created hundreds of commercial signs and metal signs for individuals and organizations of all sizes. We have options available for almost every type of flat sign to create a design that matches your specifications, and can also provide feedback to suggest the metal sign that will work best for your needs. If you are interested in ordering a metal sign, call us today at (718) 252-7575 to get started.

Types of Rigid Metal Signs

What Are Metal Signs?

Metal, because of its strength and durability, is one of the better materials for rigid signs. It is long lasting, and comes with many different options available depending on the purpose and placement of the sign, as well as the desired look. Common metals include:

  • Aluminum – The most popular metal for outdoor signage, aluminum is lightweight, weather resistant, and highly durable while also being inexpensive.
  • Tin – For a classic look, tin signs are reminiscent of vintage advertising signs. Thought not moisture-resistant, tin signs will last for many years indoors.
  • Brass – These signs can be printed or engraved and give a classic, professional look. With some maintenance, brass will keep its sheen for years.

For aluminum signage, fabrication involves cutting thin, aluminum sheets to the size and shape necessary for the final design. The most common thickness for aluminum is .040”, although signs used outdoors may need a thicker width as aluminum is naturally flexible and could be bent by extreme winds depending on the sign’s dimensions. Aluminum signs are generally square or rectangular but can also be cut into nearly any shape using a CNC router.

Aluminum sheeting is available as raw aluminum or in a variety of factory painted colors. Raw aluminum enhances the color of designs printed onto it, so it makes an ideal choice for signs with vibrant graphics.

Printing onto aluminum signage is traditionally screen printing from a digital image using UV resistant inks for clear and fade resistant colors. Pantone color matching is available. Additionally, flat aluminum signs can be printed either single- or double-sided.

For finishing, the following options are available on aluminum signs:

  • Rounded Corners – On rectangular metal signs, corners can be rounded for appearance or to prevent sharp edges.
  • Gloss or Reflective Lamination – While aluminum is not reflective, we can laminate with a reflective coating or a high gloss coating.
  • Framing – Aluminum signs can be framed for installation. Framing also offers additional stability for larger signs.
  • Drilled Holes – For signs bolted directly into the wall, holes can be drilled at spaced intervals for installation.
  • Adhesive Backing – Smaller aluminum signs are light enough to be attached to the wall with adhesive backing strips, which can be provided.
If you have additional ideas for metal signage, we would be happy to discuss options. With an array of state of the art equipment, we can work with you to create custom metal signs beyond these options.

Benefits of Metal Signs

For durable and flat signs, many people turn to metal – especially aluminum. In addition to aluminum, tin signs and brass signs are also durable and maintain their size and look for many years when properly cared for. Despite its relatively low cost, aluminum offers many benefits as a sign material, such as:

Weather Proof

A good option for outdoor use, aluminum signs can withstand water, rust, molding, and UV light.

Chemical Resistant

Aluminum will not corrode in contact with chemicals, so aluminum signs can withstand factory, construction, and warehouse spaces where chemicals are present. Additionally, cleaning is easy as strong cleaners will not harm the material.

Long Lasting

Standard aluminum can last 3 years outdoors with proper care, and premium aluminum can last up to 15 years. When used indoors, aluminum signs can last at least 10 years.

Easy To Install

Aluminum signs are thin – usually less than 1” thick – making them lightweight and non-obtrusive. They can be mounted to most walls, sidings, and fences without taking up space or requiring extra stabilization.


Why Choose Brooklyn Signs


Fully licensed and insured, we offer more than just sign printing. Our team of expert designers can work with you to create and customize your metal sign. When your signs are ready, we also offer installation services in the NYC area.


Our entire production process happens in-house and integrates newer machinery. This makes it possible for us to manufacture signs efficiently and at better prices than many in the industry.


We have been fabricating signs in NYC for close to 30 years, so we know how the proper signage can capture a brand or effectively send a message.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for Metal Signs

If you need flat signs in NYC or NJ, Brooklyn Signs is a premier choice. We have been in the sign manufacturing industry for decades and offer high-quality craftsmanship and fast turnaround times. Our clients rely on us to be their go to sign partner, and our knowledgeable and professional team can also help you with hundreds of sign types in our inventory. To learn more about our services, contact us at (718) 252-7575

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

What is the recommended thickness for an aluminum sign?

There are different thickness that we recommend for specific sizes like for over 18" x 24", we recommend at least . 063" and for thicker signs we recommend 080".

What are the custom sizes you offer for aluminum metal signs?

These signs can be customised to any shape that you want. But the standard sizes that we recommend are 12"x12, 24"x6", 18"x24", 2'x2', 4'x4' and more.

What is the lifespan of an aluminum metal sign?

The life of the sign depends on how you take care of them. They can last from 3 years and even more when they are installed inside.

Can Aluminum Metal signs be Illuminated?

Yes, you can easily get illuminated aluminum metal signs. They can be backlit signs or frontlit signs. But please contact us so that we can help you with any particular query that you have.

Can I update my metal signs in case I change my business name?

Yes, we not only offer installation, repair and maintenance services, we also offer these services where you can get your sign updated too. Feel free to contact us to know our services and see if we can provide you with the particular services that you like.

How can I install my metal sign?

These metal signs are difficult to install as they are really heavy and require professional help. But we do provide a full installation guide to our customers with the order so that they can follow the instructions and install their sign.

Do you offer installation services?

Yes, we absolutely do. As these signs are difficult to install and it is work that should be handled by professionals, we have a team of professional installers who can easily install these signs for you.